Remy Auberjonois

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Birth Name: Remy-Luc Julian Michel Auberjonois

Place of Birth: U.S.

Date of Birth: January 21, 1974

*paternal grandfather – Swiss-French
*paternal grandmother – Russian, German, Scottish, English, French, Italian/Corsican, distant Tatar
*mother – Ashkenazi Jewish

Remy Auberjonois is an American actor. He is the son of actor and singer René Auberjonois and producer and writer Judith Helen Mahalyi. His sister is actress Tessa Auberjonois. He is married to actress Kate Nowlin.

Remy’s paternal grandfather was Fernand Auberjonois (the son of René Victor Auberjonois and Augusta Grenier). Remy’s grandfather Fernand was born in Valeyres-sous-Montagny, Jura-Nord vaudois District, Switzerland, and was a Cold War-era foreign correspondent and Pulitzer Prize-nominated writer. He was of Swiss-French descent. René was a Swiss post-impressionist painter, and one of the leading Swiss artists of the 20th century. He was the son of Gustave Auberjonois.

Remy’s paternal grandmother was Princess Laure/Laura Louise Napoléone Eugénie Caroline Murat (the daughter of Prince Michel Anne Charles Joachim Napoléon Murat and Hélène Macdonald Stallo). Princess Laure was born in Paris, France. Prince Michel was born in Oleksandrivs’k, Luhans’ka oblast, Ukraine. Prince Michel’s father, Prince Louis Napoléon Murat, was born in Paris, the son of Napoléon Lucien Charles Joseph Murat, who was born in Milan, Italy, of French and Italian [Corsican] ancestry; and of Carolina/Caroline Georgina Fraser, who was an American, from Charleston, South Carolina, and was of Scottish, and possibly other, ancestry. Lucien’s parents, Remy’s greeat-great-great-great-grandparents, were Joachim-Napoléon Murat, a Marshal of France, Grand Admiral or Admiral of France, and King of Naples during the First French Empire, and Caroline/Carolina Bonaparte, who was a younger sister of Napoleon I of France. Prince Michel’s mother, Remy’s great-great-grandmother, was Eudoxia Michailovna/Mikhailovna Somova, Princess Orbeliani, a noblewoman, who was born in Oleksandrivs’k, Luhansk Oblast, Ukraine, of Russian, and distant Tatar, ancestry. She was the daughter of Mikhail/Mihail/Michail Alexandrovich Somov and Maria Pavlovna Shirinskaya/Chirinsky/Schirinsky-Shikhmatova/Chikhmatov/Schichmatov.

Remy’s great-grandmother Hélène Macdonald Stallo was American, from Cincinnati, Ohio, and was the daughter of Edmund Kittredge/Kitbridge Stallo, whose parents were German, from Oldenburg and Bavaria, respectively, and of Laura Beatrice McDonald/MacDonald, whose father was Scottish and whose mother had English ancestry.

Remy’s maternal grandfather was named Dave/Dksidkriu Mihalyi/Mihaly. Dave was a Romanian Jew.

Remy’s maternal grandmother was named Elsa Perlmutter. Elsa was a Hungarian Jew.

Each of Remy’s grandparents was born in a different country, something that is fairly rare. Actors Hart Bochner, Raymond Cham, Jr., Noah Emmerich, Lily James, Stephen Lang, Jessica Lange, Logan Lerman, Robert Morley, Brett Pierce, Ben Rosenfield, Andy Samberg, and Wallace Shawn, musicians Tom Cochrane, Paula Cole, Alex Pall, and Jeff Stinco, politicians Nick Clegg and Ricardo Maduro, and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, are others whose grandparents were born in four individual countries.

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  1. madman says:

    Maybe he’s not famous enough, but his grandparents were also all born in different countries; Switzerland, France, Austria-Hungary, and Romania.

  2. andrew says:


    his 4th great-grandparents were Joachim Murat and Caroline Bonaparte, Napoleon’s sister.

    Why didn’t you report it when you made the profile?

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