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Please leave some suggestions below on how this site could be improved. Any ideas/criticisms are welcome.

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  1. andrew says:

    Hi @ethnic, I sent a couple of times one submission (Johnny Sexton, and you watch rugby I know). I dont post much and it would be appreciated if published. I can live with that otherwise.

    If you dont bother, can you do something for my friend @bearboy/jackson9, he is ready to Qantas plane hijacking if you dont accept at least ONE of his submissions.


  2. Dar says:

    Sorry guys but can my stuff be published soon

  3. kshowell says:

    Beyoncé Knowles is my 3rd cousin

    Her Paternal grandfather name is Matthew Q Knowles
    I hope this helps

  4. Akwaba says:

    Why my last profile was deleted ?

  5. Dar says:

    Can you guys publish my latest submissions today?

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