Morena Baccarin

19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

Baccarin in 2013, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Morena Silva de Vaz Setta Baccarin

Place of Birth: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Date of Birth: June 2, 1979

*50% Italian
*25% Lebanese
*25% Brazilian [Portuguese, likely African]

Morena Baccarin is a Brazilian-born actress. Her roles include Homeland, Deadpool, and Greenland. She is the daughter of Fernando Baccarin, a journalist, and Vera Setta (Vera Lúcia Setta), an actress. Her father is of half Italian and half Lebanese descent, and her mother is of half Italian and half Brazilian [Portuguese, likely African] ancestry. Her uncle was actor Ivan Setta. She moved with her family to New York during her childhood, because of her father’s career.

Morena is married to actor Ben McKenzie. She has a son with her former husband, producer and director Austin Chick; and two children with Ben.

Her great-uncle is theatre director Amir Haddad. She started acting as a child in his television specials.

Morena’s paternal grandfather was Alcides Baccarin (the son of Augusto Baccarin and Ida Sabbatini/Sabatini). Alcides was born in São Paulo. Augusto was born in São Paulo, the son of Luigi Baccarin, who was from Campodoro, province of Padova, Veneto, Italy, and of Luigia Santinato, who was also from Veneto. Ida was born in São Paulo, to Italian parents, Antonio Sabbatini and Nazarenna Tereza Ambrozi, who were from Recanati, province of Macerata, Marche.

Morena’s paternal grandmother was Nair Haddad (the daughter of Jorge Abrahão Haddad and Nacima/Nassima Camilo Abrahão). Nair was born in Minas Gerais, to an Arab family. Jorge was born in Syria, likely now modern-day Lebanon. Nacima was born in Brazil, to parents from Syria, now Lebanon. The Haddads were originally from Beirut.

Morena’s maternal grandfather was Antonio Setta (the son of Miguel Setta and Rosa Laviola). Antonio was born in Rio de Janeiro. Miguel was born in Italy, the son of Giuseppe Setta and Maria Carbina Carnevale. Rosa was born in Rio de Janeiro, to Italian parents, Antonio Laviola and Maria Carmela/Carmella Cianci/Ciancio, who was from San Severino Lucano, province of Potenza, Basilicata.

Morena’s maternal grandmother was named Laís da Costa Fonseca (the daughter of Alzira da Costa Fonseca). Laís was born in Rio de Janeiro. Alzira was the daughter of Carlota da Costa. A picture of Laís can be seen here.


Birth record of Morena’s paternal uncle –

Death record of Morena’s maternal grandfather, Antonio Setta –

Marriage record of Morena’s maternal grandparents, Antonio Setta and Laís da Costa Fonseca –

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  1. Capricious says:

    Some Italians can look Middle Eastern. She could easily pass as Iranian or an Assyrian.

    She doesn’t look mixed at all. She is pure Caucasian.

  2. me says:

    she kinda looks mixed

  3. WTF says:

    She looks Middle Eastern.

  4. Marseille says:

    She looks Italian, but it’s possible she could have Amerindian/Negro admixture like most Brazilians.

    However, I said “possible”, not always ascertain.

    • H.Schlickmann says:

      She does not look Middle Eastern, she looks Latin European, Southern European.

      Brazil has 95 million European descendants, Levantine Arabs and Jews, mostly Ashkenazi but also Sephardi. Argentina has 38 million White people, Uruguay’s 3 million people are mostly White and Chile has around 8 million Whites.
      White people in South America are not automatically Mestizo or Mulato. There are dozens of millions of South Americans who are more European than those recent European immigration North Americans who are partially Jewish and Whiter than those US Americans with ancient and distant European background from the colonial period who have Black and Native American admixture but look like they are fully White and also Whiter than Australians who have some Chinese or Aboriginal blood assimilation.
      Taylor Lautner is not full European ancestry, Keanu Reeves is Eurasian, British Kate Beckinsale is partially Burmese, Mark-Paul Gosselaar is partially Indonesian, Wentworth Miller is Mulatto and Rashida Jones is Black. German-Brazilian Gisele Bündchen and Italian-Polish-Portuguese-Brazilian Alessandra Ambrósio are Whiter than them.

      Brazil has the second largest German population outside Germany after US. Brazil has 4.500.000 bilingual German speakers. The German/Austrian population is obviously higher. Their immigration took place also because the wife of the first emperor was an Austrian Habsburg. Brazil is home to the largest Italian population outside Italy, over 25 million people, followed by the USA and Argentina.
      Argentinean and Brazilian Jews are among the top 10 largest Jewish diasporas. Brazil is also home to a large Lithuanian population and other European diasporas. The continent, especially the South cone is also home to Dutch, Germanic Scandinavians, Finish, Baltic people, various Slavic peoples, French, Hungarians, Greeks, Armenians, Georgians, Romanians, and even Irish and British, besides all the Iberian population.
      Uruguay is over 97% White. Argentina is over 90%. São Paulo state that has 43 million people is over 60% White, Santa Catarina is over 90% European, The other Southern states in Brazil are over 70 and over 80% White.

      DNA tests in South America showed that the Multiracial population is genetically 65 to 90% European. The same thing happened to Jessica Alba’s DNA test. She is 87% European. She looks the way she looks because physical appearance gets its traits from a few genes. So u can tell she is mostly European but with mixed background just like Native-American and Kurdish heritage Kim Kardashian.
      It is possible to look wholly European ancestry but have a small non-White blood assimilation like Mark-Paul Gosselaar does. Several North Americans, South Africa and Oceania citizens are 93 to 98% White, look full White heritage but have non-White blood admixture.

      • Vik27 says:

        Mark Paul Gosselaar is part Jewish as well and second Kim Kardashian is NOT Kurdish but Armenian. And lastly Jews are NOT white you antisemitic hump. We are MIDDLE EASTERN. we Ashkenazim are genetically half Italian and half middle eastern. Before Germany we came from Italy and before that Judea . Ashkenazim are ITALIAN Jews who are genetically levantines and Graeco-Roman from southern italy central italy and Greece who migrated to Germany from Italy and than moved eastwards to Eastern Europe.These Ashkenazim look middle eastern Just upload your raw DNa on Gedmatch to see what this category (your ancestry) includes. The category Ashkenazi Jewish or European Jewish doesn’t mean Eastern Europe just because it is highlighted on a map on Ancestry DNa or Myheritage , even the description says that Jews from Eastern Europe are genetically closer to other Jews than to their non Jewish neighbors , meaning a Russian Jew is genetically closer to a Yemeni, Iraqi , Syrian , Persian or Moroccan Jew than to a Russian Christian. The category European Jewish means that our West Asian (levantines) and our Mediterranean ancestry is already included .GEDMATCH is as I already mentioned recommandable for unlocking your West Asian amount as well as your Italian admixture amount, sometimes Ashkenazim get directly Italian and West Asian (instead of European Jewish where it is already included).Nevertheless Ashkenazim cluster with Samaritans (who are the purest Israelites), Mizraim, sephardics, Italkim (who are the ancestors of Ashkenazim ) , Romaniotes, Druze, Bedouins from the Negev (Israel), palestinians, jordanians, Syrians, lebanese Christians , Assyrians, Chaldeans, Mandeans, Syrian Orthodox Christians (aramaics) on the male line of their DNa (Y-DNa) , the female line however clusters with Sicilians, southern Italians such as Calabrese, Napolitans, Italian Abbruzzo, Italy Lazio, Italy Molise, Basilicata, Apulia, as well as central Italy such as Tuscany , Marche , Umbria , Emilia Romagna, and some northern Italy such as Veneto and Bergamo as well as Greeks (Thessally , Cretans mainly ) , Cypriots, Maltese.The oldest Ashkenazim community in Germany goes back to the 3rd century in cologne and Mainz (founded by Italian Jews), the most prominent Ashkenazim families Kalonymous family goes back to Lucca (Tuscany). The exodus from Italy to Germany happened in the 3rd century, 10th and 11th century. Jews are NOT European. Upload Ashkenazim and sephardic DNa on Gedmatch and it breaks it down into levantines and Mediterranean. BOTH of are semitic and Mediterranean. Jews descend from JUDEA (Judah Benjamin simeon and Levi) . Samaritans are from Joseph as they are like JEWS Ashkenazim and sephardic cluster closest together as they are BOTH semitic and Mediterranean. Ashkenazim are genetically 100 % Mediterranean. The paternal line (male) is levantines and the female line of their DNa is Mediterranean from southern Italian central Italian and Greek women. This is known as the Graeco-Roman admixture in Ashkenazim. It was roman JEWS from ITALY who settled in Germany (Ashkenaz ) and later migrated eastwlater migrated eastwards. You probably haven’t seen an Ashkenazim most look levantine and southern Italian. That’s why we overlap with Sicilians southern Italian Greeks ( Cretans mainly) Maltese and sephardics. Ashkenazim are Italkim . Ashkenazim and sephardic are genetically the same. Even if you upload our DNa on Gedmatch it breaks it down into levantine and Mediterranean admixture .Ashkenazim and sephardic BOTH are semitic and Mediterranean. IT was Roman jews WHO settled in Germany from italy.

  5. ashash says:

    She is most likely mixed with black and Native Brazilian.

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