Rafael Moreira

08/26/2014 – Rafael Moreira – “Carnevale Bianca” by Society Unici and Viva Glam Magazine in Culver City on July 26, 2014 – Unici Casa – Culver City, CA, USA – Photo Credit: Glenn Francis / PRPhotos.com

Birth Name: Rafael Cury Moreira

Place of Birth: Cambará, Paraná, Brazil

Date of Birth: August 3, 1974

Ethnicity: Brazilian [Portuguese, Italian, one eighth Lebanese, possibly other]

Rafael Moreira is a Brazilian-American guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and record producer.

He is the son of Marili, a music teacher, and Benedito, an agricultural engineer.

Rafael’s paternal grandfather was named Benedito Moreira.

Rafael’s maternal grandfather was Mário Cury (the son of Miguel Cury and Benedita Fernandes Grillo). Miguel was born in Kfeir, Syria, now Lebanon, and moved to Brazil in 1905. Benedita was born in Brazil, to parents from Portugal, José Fernandes Grillo and Maria da Conceição.

Rafael’s maternal grandmother was Maria Lucia Nicolosi (the daughter of Narciso Nicolosi and Alzira Tocalino). Narciso was born in Brazil, and was of Italian descent, from Lucca, Tuscany. Alzira was born in Brazil, the daughter of Enrique Angel “Henrique” Toccalino, who was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Italian parents, from Piedmont, and of Emília Terçariol/Tersariol/Terzariol, who was born in Treviso, Veneto, Italy or in Brazil, to Italian parents.

Sources: Information on Rafael’s maternal grandparents, Mário Cury and Maria Lucia Nicolosi – http://ourinhos.blogspot.com

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Death record of Rafael’s maternal great-great-great-grandfather, David Terçariol/Tersariol/Terzariol – http://www.familysearch.org

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  1. Johnsonades says:

    Please change your incorrect and deceiving title in bold as it make readers believe he was both of Syrian and Lebanese descent. His great-grandfather was born in Kfeir, ,Lebanon. Lebanon was part of Greater Syria/Ottoman Syria before 1943. When Lebanon was created those who came from the territory of what became Lebanon started calling themselves Lebanese not Syrian nor Syrian-Lebanese

  2. Johnsonades says:

    If his great grandfather was Lebanese why do you have to tag him as a Syrian-Lebanese? It makes readers believe he was both of Syrian and Lebanese descent when he is not.

  3. andrew says:

    Emilia Terzariol was born in Treviso, Veneto, Italy (source: MyHeritage)

    Narciso Nicolosi’s family was Tuscan from Lucca and the “Toccalino” (correct spelling) were Piedmontese.


    Similar background to Bolsonaro here.

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