Beatriz Haddad Maia

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – February 17, 2016: Haddad Maia during the tennis tournament Rio Open. Celso Pupo/

Place of Birth: São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Date of Birth: 30 May, 1996

Ethnicity: Lebanese (5/8ths), Brazilian [Portuguese, including Madeiran and Azorean, possibly other], Italian, likely 1/128 English

Beatriz Haddad Maia, also known as Bia Haddad, is a Brazilian professional tennis player.

Her father is of Brazilian [Portuguese, possibly other], Lebanese, Italian, and some English, descent. Her mother, Laís Scaff Haddad, who was also a tennis player and tennis coach, is of Lebanese descent.

Beatriz’s paternal grandfather was Ayrton Elias Maia (the son of Elias Abrahão Maia and Yolanda/Iolanda Helena Franco). Ayrton was born in Paraná. Elias was born in Paraná, to parents from Lebanon, Michel Abrahão Maia and Oadia Fatuche. Yolanda was born in Paraná, the daughter of Averardo Franco Grillo, who was Italian, and of Francisca Pereira Villanova, whose father was Italian, from Sernaglia della Battaglia, province of Treviso, Veneto; and whose mother was Brazilian.

Beatriz’s paternal grandmother was Teresa Benvinda Hervey Costa (the daughter of Augusto Geraldo Hervey Costa and Janice de Siqueira). Teresa was born in São Paulo. Augusto was born in São Paulo, the son of Christiano da Costa and Benvinda Hervey. Janice was born in São Paulo, the daughter of Ottilio de Siqueira and Elvira Antonieta Granata, whose parents were Italian.

Beatriz’s maternal grandfather is Ramez Elias Haddad (the son of Elias Nemer Haddad and Rosa Atala). Ramez was born in São Paulo. Elias was born in Syria, now Lebanon, the son of Nemer Elias Haddad and Khalayek Tarcha. Rosa was born in São Paulo, the son of Felipe Atala/Atalla and Julia Bunimer/Bunemer, who were also from modern-day Lebanon.

Beatriz’s maternal grandmother is Arlette Scaff (the daughter of Jamil Scaff and Afife Atala/Atalla). Arlette was born in São Paulo, and was also a tennis player. Jamil was born in Syria, now Lebanon, the son of Felicio Scaff and Nagib/Nagibe Habe. Afife was born in São Paulo, also to parents from Lebanon, Felipe Atala/Atalla and Julia Bunimer/Bunemer.

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