Jim Belushi

"The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Birth Name: James Adam Belushi

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 15, 1954

Ethnicity: Albanian

Jim Belushi, also credited as James Belushi, is an American actor, comedian, singer, and musician. He is the brother of actor John Belushi.

His father, Adam Anastos Belushi, was an Albanian emigrant, born in Qytezë, Albania. His mother, Agnes Demetri (Samaras), was a first generation Albanian-American (born in Akron, Ohio). Jim has honorary Albanian citizenship. His family was Albanian Orthodox.

Jim has two children with his wife, actress Marjorie Bransfield, and a son with his former wife, Sandra Davenport.

Jim’s paternal grandparents were Anastas/Anastos A. Belliors/Belushi and Vasilo Manika.

Jim’s maternal grandparents were Demetri George Samaras and Anna D. Popa/Papajoseph. Demetri was born in Korçë, now in Albania. Anna was born in Greece or Albania. Demetri and Anna spoke Greek, but it is not clear if they were ethnic Greeks, or if they identified as such. They are usually described in biographical sources on the Belushis as Albanian.

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    1. Interestingly, on the immigration record, Jim’s father’s race is listed as Turkish (could just indicate that he was muslim):

      If this is his grandfather, his ethnicity is listed as Greek:

      I didn’t write it before, but both his maternal grandparents spoke Greek. Both their surnames, and the first name Demetri, are Greek. I think his father was Albanian and his mother was of Greek descent. There is way more evidence that his maternal grandparents were Greek than Albanian.

      1. Jim’s maternal grandfather, Dimitrios Jorgi Samaras, was born in Karditsa, Thessaly, Greece (Καρδίτσα, Θεσσαλία, Ελλάς). His first three kids (from his first wife) were also born there, in Central Greece.

        Jim’s maternal grandmother, Anna Popajoseph, was also born in Greece (Ελλάς)

        More Greek than that…

  1. He has got of Illyrian ancestry or Thracian ancestry.

    From wikipedia:
    In Greek mythology, the name of Illyria is aetiologically traced to Illyrius, the son of Cadmus and Harmonia, who eventually ruled Illyria and became the eponymous ancestor of the Illyrians. A later version of the myth identifies Polyphemus and Galatea as parents of Celtus, Galas and Illyrius.

    Ancient Greek writers used the name “Illyrian” to describe peoples between the Liburnians and Epirus. 4th-century BC Greek writers clearly separated the people along the Adriatic coast from the Illyrians, and only in the 1st century AD was “Illyrian” used as a general term for all the peoples across the Adriatic. Writers also spoke of “Illyrians in the strict sense of the word”; Pomponius Mela (43 AD) the stricto sensu Illyrians lived north of the Taulanti and Enchele, on the Adriatic shore; Pliny the Elder used “properly named Illyrians” (Illyrii proprii/proprie dicti) for a small people south of Epidaurum, or between Epidaurum (now Cavtat) and Lissus (now Lezhë). In the Roman period, Illyricum was used for the area between the Adriatic and Danube. The term was in a way of pars pro toto.

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        Just because you’re a self-hating Italian who “decides” that every Italian who doesn’t look like what you think they should isn’t actually Italian, doesn’t change facts.

        What should I add to Pauly D’s ethnicity? Greek, Welsh, Turkish, Saudi Arabian?

          1. Pauly D has said “I’m 100% Italian”.

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    1. Why should it be? There’s no evidence they were ethnic Greeks or identified as Greek (unless you have evidence otherwise). Thessaly was part of the Ottoman Empire until 1881, that doesn’t mean the family identified as Ottoman back then.

      1. Unfortunatelly, Ottomans didn’t do censuses and it’s impossible to know about all his ancestors. His recent ones consider themselves Albanian and that is the only thing that is for certain, everything else is just speculation. They could have been Hellenized Albanians.

  2. if you look at Albanian ancestry, they are a branch of Italo-Albania. most Albanians have Roman ancestry. Belushi, is an albanized form of Bellusci or Belluschi, he is almost certainly of some Italian ancestry.

    1. Albanians aren’t of Roman ancestry. They’re said to be of Illyrian ancestry or Thracian ancestry. Albanian language has many Latin loanwords, but that doesn’t mean they’re Latin.

  3. What ?
    He doesn’t look like a Italian !
    He is fullblood Albanian. He looks like a normal typical Albanian man.
    ALBANIANS are normal white like Irish, English, German…
    Race: Non-Hispanics-White.

      1. Jim played many Italian roles in his career:

        Defenders (Nick Morelli), Made Men (Bill Manucci), The Florentine (Billy Belasco), Angel’s Dance (Stevie Rosellini), Gang Related (Frank Divinci), Gold in the Streets (Mario), Race the Sun (Frank Machi), Parallel Lives (Nick Dimas), Only the Lonely (Salvatore Buonarte), Real Men (Nick Pirandello), Homer and Eddie (Homer Lanza), Show Me a Hero (Angelo Martinelli), Dimenticare Palermo (Carmine Bonavia), Beggars and Choosers (Freddie Falco)

        Source: IMDb.com

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  6. That’s not true. The Belushi’s Mother was Romanian…. and the Father was Albanian. At John’s funeral, check out the Romanian Orthodox Priests for verificaiton.

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