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Birth Name: Mýa Marie Harrison

Place of Birth: Washington, D.C., U.S.

Date of Birth: October 10, 1979

*African-American (father)
*Italian (mother)

Mýa is an American recording artist, songwriter, dancer, producer, and actress. She made her debut with her self-titled album in 1998, and has appeared in the films Love for Sale, Penthouse, and Shall We Dance? She is known for her beautiful vocals and can dance various styles from Hip-Hop to Tap. She appeared on season nine of Dancing with the Stars. She is also known as My My, Mya-Re, Smoove Jones, and Mýa Lan$ky.

Mýa was born in Washington, D.C., to an African-American father, Sherman Alphonso Harrison, Jr., a musician, and a mother of Italian descent, Theresa Marie, who is an accountant. She has stated:

My mother’s mother is from Italy, right outside of Rome. My dad is African-American. His grandmother is American Indian.

Mýa’s paternal grandfather was Sherman Alphonso Harrison (the son of Sherman Catlett Harrison and Lou Ethel Ware). Mýa’s grandfather Sherman was born in Essex County, Virginia. Mýa’s great-grandfather Sherman was the son of Catlett Alfonso Harrison and Carrie Muse Holmes. Lou was the daughter of Willie Allie Ware and Julia A. Fortune.

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. Princess says:

    So she’s an 1/8 Native American and the rest is Italian and Black? I just thought she was Cuban…

  2. Princess says:

    Pretty Cuban girl.

  3. ihatemostpeople says:

    She looks Indian..

  4. eu says:

    She looks part Arabian or indian

    • WTF says:

      Funny you should say that, my mother is biracial and people have mistaken her for being Indian as well but she’s not. She’s half black and half white. IDK why some ignorant people think that all mulattoes are going to look black. There’s no specific way to look mixed. A lot of mulattoes could pass as Indian and a lot can pass as Hispanic too. My brother’s ex-girlfriend looks like a Latina but she’s a mulatta. Stop being a dumbass!!

      • Samiiraa says:

        latino not a race and most latinos are mixed, and the term you used “mulata” is spanish word meaning mixed with black and white like a lot of latinos in the Caribbean.

  5. xforeverlove21 says:

    She looks like the typical Guyanese girl

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