Alona Tal

Alona Tal at the TCA 2007 CBS Summer Press Tour. Beverly Hilton

Tal in 2007, photo by s_bukley/

Place of Birth: Herzliya, Israel

Date of Birth: October 20, 1983

Ethnicity: Sephardi Jewish, Ashkenazi Jewish

Alona Tal is an Israeli actress and singer.

Her father is of Turkish Jewish descent. She has said that her mother’s family, which is also Jewish, is from Poland.

Alona is married to American actor Marcos Ferraez, with whom she has two children.

Alona’s paternal grandfather was Albert Mizrachi/Tal (the son of Haim Vitaly Machoro and Rachel Mizrachi). Albert was born in Istanbul, Turkey. Rachel was the daughter of Nissim Mizrachi and Flor.

Alona’s paternal grandmother is the daughter of a father surnamed Barouch and of Bouca Bassan. Bouca was the daughter of Moshe Bassan and Lea Lizza.

Source: Genealogy of Alona Tal (focusing on her father’s side) –

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  1. mycarf123123 says:

    Either way, Sephardi Jews who live in Middle-Eastern Muslim countries (such as Turkey) are considered Mizrahi Jewish as well. Add that tag

    • bablah says:

      Turkish Jews aren’t Mizrahi. What are you talking about.

      • mycarf123123 says:

        Turkish Jews are literally by definiton Mizrahi Jewish = Jews who live in a Middle Eastern Muslim country for several generations.

        Also, keep in mind that Alona Tal’s original surname is Mizrachi, from her father’s Turkish-Jewish side (read that summary about her up her on EthniCelebs).

        • bablah says:

          Both Mizrachi and Askenazi/Eskenazi are common Sephardi last names, it doesn’t mean anything. And for all we know, her grandfather might have been born in the European part of Istanbul, so he might not have even been from Asia. Also, there are Ashkenazis who have lived in the Middle East for already a century. Are they Mizrachi too?

          • mycarf123123 says:

            People with either the surname Mizrachi or Ashkenazi, are both of Mizrahi Jewish descent. Period.

            See this very article on EthniCelebs. Alona Tal’s father original surname was Mizrachi and he’s of Turkish-Jewish (=Mizrahi Jewish=Sephardi Jewish) descent.

            You could also read the EthniCelebs article about Lior Ashkenazi who’s also of Turkish-Jewish (=Mizrahi Jewish=Sephardi Jewish) descent.

            They should add the tag Mizrahi Jewish to both of them.

  2. andrew says:

    her paternal grandmother is definitely an Italian Jew, look at those surnames (rather typical for Italian Jews).

  3. mycarf123123 says:

    Where did you get that her mother is of Polish Jewish descent?

    Her mother’s maiden name is Sabat which could be Sephardic Jewish as well.

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