Ayelet Shaked

Ayelet Shaked in 2011, byניצן חרמוני

Birth Name: Ayelet Ben Shaul

Place of Birth: Tel Aviv, Israel

Date of Birth: May 7, 1976

*father – Iraqi Jewish
*mother – Polish Jewish, Romanian Jewish

Ayelet Shaked is an Israeli politician, activist, and computer programmer. She has been a member of the Knesset, since 2013, and served as Minister of Justice, from 2015 to 2019, and Minister of Interior, from 2021 to 2022.

Her father is an Iraqi Jew. Her mother’s family were Jews who moved from Poland and Romania to Israel in the 1880s.

Ayelet is married to a fighter pilot in the Israeli Air Force, and has two children.

9 Responses

  1. mycarf123123 says:

    You should change her
    *Iraqi-Jewish (father),
    Polish-Jewish, Romanian-Jewish (mother)”

    *father: Sephardi Jewish (from Iraq),
    mother: Ashkenazi Jewish (from Poland and Romania)”

    like you have in other profiles.

  2. Oaken05 says:

    Are you literally going to go through every Jewish profile on here and do this?

    • mycarf123123 says:

      yeah up until they will tag each Sephradic Jew (of Middle Eatern&North African Jewish descent) as Mizrahi Jew , and vice versa.

      that’s the main factual idea

      the only Mizrahi Jewish ethnicity that isn’t consdiered part of the Sephradi group, are anyone of Yemenite-Jewish descent.

  3. mycarf123123 says:

    Read again that last reply above yours.

  4. mycarf123123 says:

    Iraqi Jews are Mizrahi Jews, and of Sephardic heritage as well.

    • mycarf123123 says:

      i see it has been updated since, yet you forgot the Sephardi Jewish tag

      • jackson9 says:

        Iraqi Jews are Mizrahi but I don’t believe they are Sephardic. Sephardic Jews originated from Spain and Portugal, which it is true many Middle Eastern Jews did. However, Iraqi Jews have communities that date back to 586 B.C. Babylonian Captivity. My Uncle by marriage is a Iraqi Jew and I learned all about this from him.

        • mycarf123123 says:

          Iraqi Jews in Israel are all considered part of the Sephardic Jewish ethnic group. That’s mainly because of the Sephardic Jews who had to migrate to Iraq (after the Jewish explusion from Spain), and then interbred with the small local Iraqi Jewish community. Add a couple of centuries to that and you got yourself a non-existing ‘pure’ Iraqi Jews, whereas the upgraded Iraqi Sephardic Jews are going strong.

          Either way, ask your uncle if his family prays (or used to) with Nusach Sepharad, or in a Sephardi syngogue.

          • jackson9 says:

            The part you’re wrong about is the Iraqi Jewish communities were there long before 1490’s when Jews were kicked out of Spain and many left to the Middle East/North Africa. A lot of Iraqi Jews have no connection to the Spanish expulsion

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