James Franco

james franco

Franco in 2008, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: James Edward Franco

Place of Birth: Santa Clara, California, United States

Date of Birth: April 19, 1978

*paternal grandfather – Portuguese Madeiran
*paternal grandmother – Swedish
*mother – Ashkenazi Jewish

James Franco is an American actor, director, producer, and writer. His roles include Harry Osborn in the Spider-Man films, as well as James Dean, City by the Sea, Annapolis, Milk, Howl, Date Night, 127 Hours, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Spring Breakers, Oz the Great and Powerful, Palo Alto, Homefront, True Story, and Why Him? Among his films as director are Sal, As I Lay Dying, The Sound and the Fury, and The Disaster Artist, all of which he appeared in.

James is the son of Betsy (Verne) and Douglas Eugene Franco. His father ran a Silicon Valley business, and his mother is a writer and actress. His brothers are actor and artist Tom Franco, who founded the Firehouse Art Collective in Berkeley, and actor and filmmaker Dave Franco. A picture of James’ father can be seen here. A picture of James’ mother can be seen here.

James’s father was of half Portuguese/Madeiran and half Swedish descent. James’s mother is Jewish, of Russian Jewish, German Jewish, Polish Jewish, and Lithuanian Jewish descent. James has said, “I’m Jewish, my mother’s Jewish,” although he is not religious. In 2015, he had an official Bar Mitzvah ceremony, presided by a rabbi of the Reform denomination.

James’s paternal grandfather was Daniel Franco, Jr. (the son of Daniel Franco and Eugénia Baptista). James’s grandfather Daniel was born in Illinois, to Portuguese emigrants, from the Madeira islands. James’s great-grandfather Daniel was the son of João Franco and Maria de Mendonça. James’s great-grandmother Eugénia was the daughter of João Baptista and Carlota de Freitas.

James’s paternal grandmother was Marjorie J. Peterson (the daughter of Claus Fredolph Peterson and Martha Louise Rehn). James’s grandmother Marjorie Franco was born in Illinois, and is a children’s author. Claus was born in Illinois, to Swedish parents, Carl Magnus Peterson and Amelia Bernadette Ackerman. Martha was also born in Illinois, to Swedish parents, Edward Anderson Rehn and Anna Louise Knall.

James’s maternal grandfather was Daniel Surad Verovitz/Verne (the son of Carroll Verovitz and Bessie G. Surad). Daniel was born in Ohio. Carroll was born in Chicago, Illinois. Carroll’s father, Harry/Harris David Verovitz, was a Russian Jewish immigrant. Carroll’s mother, Mary Harris, was born in Ohio, to a German Jewish father and a Polish Jewish mother. Bessie was born in Portland, Oregon, the daughter of Philip Surad and Mary Shank, who were Jewish emigrants from Russia.

James’s maternal grandmother was Marcella Ruth “Mitzie” Levine (the daughter of Emanuel “Manuel” Levine and Jessie Bialosky). Marcella was born in Ohio, and owned the Verne Art Gallery, a prominent art gallery in Cleveland. Emanuel was a noted judge in Cleveland; he was born in Vilna, Lithuania, to Jewish parents, David J. Levine and Michelle Corban. Jessie was born in Ohio, the daughter of Louis Bialosky and Rebecca Shapiro, who were Polish Jewish immigrants.

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Franco in 2011, Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. jonasbsjr says:

    his paternal grandmother must be one of those Alicia Vinkander type sweeds, no way she is/was a pale, blue-eyed blonde, Franco would at least have a lighter hair and complexion, especially because his other 3 grandparents are from ethnicities that usually have light traits(and yes, Portuguese people are mostly pale and light haired, usually blondish and redish brown)

    • jonasbsjr says:


    • muricansareallmutts says:

      Rotfl stop to fart your always present dumbnesses white Portuguese like white Spaniards absolutely aren’t Nordic not even a little they have brown-black hair and eyes.
      I read you said in another comment about Portuguese that they’re one of the purest white in Europe lol yeah considering they were ruled by Arabs for centuries like Spaniards.
      You never have seen lot of Iberians in person like me half of them look Arabs and the white are still dark haired and eyed they don’t look Nordic it’s impossibile to mistaken them for Northern Euros lol.
      They and — ——— their descents have an immense —— ———– ——- they and you always deny to be —– and —– and claim to be the —— you’re not lulz.
      You’re great clowns.

    • andrew says:


      Are you serious? Portuguese people have some of the swarthiest and most exotic people on European continent. Surely there are light-featured people but they are a minority.

      • jonasbsjr says:

        ”Portuguese people have some of the swarthiest and most exotic people on European continent.”… Wrong, for anyone who have been in more than two portuguese cities, or have read enough about them know that they are far from being ”swarthy”(but for americans and northwestern euros, anyone who is not pasty white, with blonde hair or ginger, and blue and green eyed is ”swarthy”)…Italians, and greeks, not to mentions eastern euros such as bulgarians and romanians, albanians, etc have far more non-euro admixture, and usually darker traits. Also when i said ”mostly” i did not meant an absolute majority, more like 50 to 60% are naturally pale-skinned, with ligh-brown hair(usually a bit redish), and hazel-to-green eyed. Those darker portuguese people that the media often shows as ”the avarage portuguese” are almost always from either Lisbon or Porto, those are the biggest cities in the country and have always had massive waives of non-euro immigrants, mostly north-african, is in the small to mid cities that you can see the real native portuguese with ancient roots in Iberia

        • jonasbsjr says:

          these are some examples of indigenous portuguese people, these are the traits that are the most common in Portugual, not nordic or germanic, but fairly light traits, not ”swarthy” at all, just typical Celtiberians:




          • jonasbsjr says:

            *not nordic but also not swarthy, just typical celtiberian traits

            also some famous examples of classic portuguese peole are footballers Bruno Fernandes and Bernardo Silva, the portuguese-brazillians youtuber Felipe Neto and actress Fernanda Vasconcelos, and Tom Hanks mom

        • muricansareallmutts says:

          Loool again you prove —- every ——— you don’t know how we Euros are, these “light” Portuguese you show in the pics are mainly Semitic as skin color they’re brownish and as face look Hispanics too.
          Felipe Neto looks Iranian/Turkish but due to his light skin you believe is white-Euro lol, Fernanda Vasconcelos being Brazilian is super mixed to other races she’s not fully Portuguese her looking is ATYPICAL to be Portuguese.
          I live in Europe and I meet Europeans from every country of Europe I claim Portuguese together Spaniards are the most mixed to Arabs and exotic folks in Europe, Central-Eastern Slavs even if they’re mixed a lot to Turkish have more white especially Albanians who are like 70% white than your very dark Arab-Iberians you ——— try to whitewashing and nordicized, these white Slavs are mainly brown-black haired and eyed and as face they look like the white Portuguese and Spaniards their descents- you don’t know Iberians come from these Europeans you wanna turn darker- and a little part of them have light hair and eyes cause these ones have an ancient Germanic and Baltic roots, no way there are more white and slightly Nordic Iberians who are very colored and Levantine than these Slavs, it’s the opposite! :D
          The dark Italians are only the Southerns not all, who come mainly from Arabs and Northern Spaniards also like me these second ones have brown-black hair and eyes on white skin and delicate Euro features who I repeat again originally come from the Central Euros who you believe in your —– mind they’re much black than Iberians lol.
          Northern and Central Italians are Alpine very light on very thin traits they look like Germanics and Northern Euros not like ——– and other ——– people —- — and —- swarthy Spaniards and Portuguese they can —- —- to be Alpine lol.

        • muricansareallmutts says:

          Another news: Celts were dark haired and eyed not light the story they were light is very old and outdated. The real native ancient Brits, Irish and Icelanders were brown-black haired and eyed they originally came from IBERIAN PENINSULA, the light colors were brought through the Scandinavian invasions. Romans described the native Brits having dark curly hair and with dark eyes.

        • muricansareallmutts says:

          What is happening you changing your thoughts about Iberians till few months ago you said they’re dark haired and eyed which is true now you try to nordicize them lulz.

  2. Kadir says:

    He looks too Iberian to me.

    • Oaken05 says:

      “Too Iberian” for what?

    • pedromota says:

      People like him could be found in Spain/Portugal or even in Latin America.

      • muricansareallmutts says:

        Only the ones part mixed to Arabs he’s very dark and exotic to be S.E. I told you that the dark Southerns aren’t all but only a part the mixed to Semitics.
        In my country of South Europe due to his color and features he’s mistaken as Southern-Central American not a typical local guy.

        • andrew says:


          Sei imbarazzante.

          • muricansareallmutts says:

            Zitto ——–.

          • andrew says:

            Visto che ricapito su questo commento, fai proprio ridere i polli. Se ti non ti piaci, fatti la ceretta, vai dall’estetista, mettiti la crema solare così non diventi scura dato che sogni di essere olandese. Basta dire ——–, ti ridono tutti dietro, o ti censurano proprio.

          • muricansareallmutts says:

            Fai proprio ridere i —-. Se ti non ti piaci fatti la ceretta anche al culo e ai testicoli come a voi ——— —– tanto essere lisci là sotto vai dall’estetista, mettiti la crema solare così non diventi più —– di quello che già sei —- che sogni di essere olandese. Basta dire ——–, ti ridono tutti davanti e ti insultano proprio.

      • andrew says:


        He is morphing into Fidel Castro now, who he’s gonna play.

  3. muricansareallmutts says:

    Only Portuguese mixed to Arabs of this ancient origin not everybody he can looks an ethnic Slav of Turkish root too.
    Atypical to be Swede and Scandinavian in general.
    You don’t know Euros.

  4. Mixed Kidd says:

    you definitely can tell he’s Portuguese and Jewish, I would’ve never knew that he even had Swedish ancestry until this site

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