Fabolous in 2011, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: John David Jackson

Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: November 18, 1977

Ethnicity: African-Dominican Republic, African-American

Fabolous is an American rapper and hip hop recording artist. He is also known as Fabolous Sport and Loso.

73 percent of the population of the Dominican Republic is of mixed race, primarily a mix of black and white.

Fabolous has three children with his partner Emily Bustamante.


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. LaGorditaa_Jenai says:

    Ok ; Im half Black , half Dominican – & i would agree w. Nya on some point of what She said. Many Carribean & Latin American countries have African American blood in them, sometimes more than They Thinnk. I Have friends of all Nationalities & i Have to admit that Many of My Full Dominican friends don’t like to acknowledge that they are mixed with African American blood. But if you actually research Much of the Dominican language has a mixture of African Words because when slavery began Europeans bought A.A’s over to USA, Carribean, as well as Latin America & many Europeans would rape African American women or African Americans would end up being with the natives. Also, not every dominican is dark some have more Euroean blood than others which is why they are lighter & some have more African/Tain blood wich may why be theyare darker & have more Kinky hair like A.A’s. & Sellouts you right about the Latin Bloodline running out- it will run out eventually if the generations have children with more A.A’s than latinos; but it’s absolutley nothing wrong with that. & whomever said Hondurans dont acknowledge their black side, your wrongg – Garifunas are the darker Hondurans that acknowledge their A.A ancestry ; its the lighter hondurans that deny it because they have more European blood.

    • Jose Lomba says:

      This is the problem…Dominicans think that there is a country in Africa called “African America” and that the people from African American were brought to the New World and became the African Americans of today. This is why they must study history. There is a song in Cape Verdean by the Mendes Brothers called the Gates of Return. Dominicans should listen to it and learn.

      Dominicans believe that their country has been in exist since the start of time and that these African Americans were brought their country as slaves, and a fews of them mixed with the Dominicans. READING IS FUNDAMENTAL!

      • MarjorieM says:

        It seen to me that you hate us dominican we do know what we are so why we have to keep saying we aa and dominican it make no sence when we say we are dominican manny people know what the hell we mixed with I am a proud dominican woman I dont look aa but I do know is in me….

        • Jose Lomba says:

          Again, education is key. There is no country or continent called African America. How is AA “in” you if you are from DR? Who were those African Americans that were brought to DR 500 years ago? Lol!

        • Jose Lomba says:

          MarjorieM, I hope you are a fine dominicana because you ain’t the sharpest tool in the toolbox.

          • MarjorieM says:

            Jose it seen like education is what you need about dominican…..im proud to be dominican and I will be to the end dominicana hasta la tambora

          • MarjorieM says:

            And we dont think there is a country called african american how stupid the sounds is ignorant people that think they know it all if u not dominican how you know what we think stop asuming.

          • Jose Lomba says:

            ¡Quizá debe hablar conmigo en español porque su inglés no es mirar demasiado bueno! Lol!

  2. lo key says:

    Soy un hombre americano negro. Hablo, leo, y escribo espanol. Soy obscuridad pelada con el pelo rizado. Por que hispanico me miran y pensar me soy dominicano? Los americanos negros son la cultura mas hermosa. los hispanicos son mas racistas con las personas negras que los blancos estan con las personas negras. Por que?

  3. mariela says:

    thats bull 73% cant be mixed when they’re all dark like any other blacks. people lie on census counts, you cant believe all of that. dominicans will do anything to deny they’re black.


    • Moccaman says:

      I’m not sure what Dominicanos you’re refering to, as they’re all dark, that’s a misconception. My stp-son is Puerto Rican and married to a Dominican woman. Her family resembles the U.N. There are just as many whites as mulatos and at face value some of them would be perceived as Black. While almost all of carribean Latin America (Cuba, DR & PR) is racially mixed, Rome’s earlier post is entirely on point! Dark Latinos associate with being Latino first, Black second and (without discussion) culturally they are not Afro-American.

    • LeFashionist says:

      You really need to stop being a bit ignorant and realize that first of all RACE doesn’t exist. Race was an idea and a concept invented after colonialism to separate people in the colonial system. Or did you know that the first “AFRICAN” slaves that were introduced to the America’s were in the 1510-1520’s? So what about the 20 or 30 years before they were introduced? OH YEAH they KILLED OFF or NEARLY KILLED OFF all the indigineous peoples of the Caribbean. Reality check, I’m dominican and have done extraneous research on my country and can certify that EVEN THOUGH “INDIGENOUS PEOPLES” were thought to be all killed off, at random 32% of dominicans share genetic make up as them. And something interesting is that more than 90% of Dominicans share genetic makeups of EUROPEANS, where only 80% or 75% Share african genetic makeup at random. LOOK UP ACADEMIC STUDIES. Sorry, I doubt you’ll have more information than me, I work for the CUNY Department of Dominican Studies the only one in the Country. So if one of your grandparents is “BLACK” you’re black? That’s something STUPID and ignorant. Just like you guys say that having one “BLACK” grandparent automatically makes you black, in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC having one “EUROPEAN/CAUCASIAN” grandparent makes you exactly that. I see no difference in terms of ignorance, so if we dominicans are being ignorant with our own heritage, you are also being ignorant with telling us what we are since just because you have some “BLACK” ancestry doesn’t make you BLACK. With that said I repeat, RACE is something made up. A black person from Senegal doesn’t have the same genetic make up as a Black person from Kenya. Research then criticize. ;]

      • wtf says:


        well it’s a nice play on words,however you left out that of that 90%,16% are white people.Now of that 74% left,those people are not all mixed the same.In your country from what I’ve notice,you can have as little as 5% euro blood and say you mixed.

      • Jose Lomba says:

        I agree with most of what you have said. You are right in that it is as ridiculous to say that a person is black because they have one black ancestor as it is to call white if they have one white ancestor. Black people here talk aout racism, but they form their racial beliefs on the racist one drop rule. Makes no sence.

    • bria fernanda says:

      Just because you have dark skin doesn’t mean you’re not of mixed race ancestry. My mom is puerto rican and my dad is part guatemalan & nicaraguense. My mom is black/euro mix (mulata) and on my dad’s side is black & native mix. My grandma is full blood mam indian and my grandpa is afro nicaraguense. YET, with all this mixed ancestry, I’m about the same complexion as Nicki Minaj (who is also mixed race) because my african genes are stronger in my appearance but that doesn’t mean my native & euro blood isn’t there, and the same goes for Dominicans. You’d be surprised at the DNA genetic makeup of the AVERAGE Dominican. Look it up!

    • Cubanita says:

      I would say about 53% of the DR is black and 37% is mulatto.

      Like in Cuba its 65% Black/Mulatto, 1% Chinese, and 34% white.

  4. rome says:

    Black Dominicans, black Puerto Ricans, basically black Hispanics in general, don’t deny that they are black. They simply acknowledge that their ethnicity is different from that of African-Americans. A black Hispanic, in the end, is still a Hispanic (as Hispanic is not a race), and they have every right to claim that!

    • Wtf says:


      cut crap,your lying to yourself

    • boobboo says:

      I agree their race is black but come from a Hispanic nationality so that’s really why they consider their selves Hispanic because they celebrate Hispanic tradition, and speak Spanish. Just like Asians they’re nationality is Asian but their race is Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino etc.

      • Abulkhair says:

        Lol another one of those dumb motherfuckers that by asia really means EAST ASIA. Btw you probably meant to say the race is asian and the nationality is japanese, korean whatever. BTW not all of asia looks same you can’t tell me a hindu looks like a chinese person, also there are three main races in Asia: Mongoloid, Europoid, and Iranian, some are full blooded some are mixes, like for example Central Asia like : Kazakhstan Uzbekistan, kyrgyzstan, and other stans are combinations of all three while chinese are pure mongoloid.

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