Matthew Modine

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Birth Name: Matthew Avery Modine

Place of Birth: Loma Linda, San Bernardino, California, United States

Date of Birth: March 22, 1959

Ethnicity: English, one eighth Swedish, some Scottish, German, and Dutch

Matthew Modine is an American actor and filmmaker.

Matthew is the son of Dolores Lillian (Warner) and Mark Alexander Modine, who managed drive-in theatres. His paternal great-grandfather was a Swedish immigrant. His other ancestry includes English, and some Scottish, German, and Dutch. Matthew is married to Caridad Rivera, with whom he has two children, including actress Ruby Modine. His aunt is actress Nola Fairbanks.

Matthew’s paternal grandfather was Alexander Revard Modine (the son of Andrew Daniel Andreassan Modine and Margaret Josephine Campbell). Alexander was born in Oklahoma. Matthew’s great-grandfather Andrew was Swedish, born in South Hokaslatt, Slatthag, Kokaboda, the son of Daniel Andreasson/Andreas Modane/Modén and Maja Mary Andersdotter. Margaret was the daughter of William E. Campbell and Rosa Lee Traylor.

Matthew’s paternal grandmother was Zella Vonola Fairbanks (the daughter of Ralph Jacobus Fairbanks and Celestia Adelaide Johnson). Zella was born in Utah. Ralph was a noted pioneer and prospector, who established several towns in the Death Valley area of California. He was the son of William David Fairbanks and Susanna/Susan Mandeville. Celestia was the daughter of Philo Johnson and Experience Almeda Brown.

Matthew’s maternal grandfather was Lloyd Webster Warner (the son of William A. Warner and Bertha May Smith). Lloyd was born in Washington. William was the son of James Ward Warner and Ann/Anna/Annie Ross. Bertha was the daughter of Albert Bryant Smith and Betsey/Betsy Morris.

Matthew’s maternal grandmother was Lillian Augusta Bogart (the daughter of William Arthur Bogart and Ethel Fara Newell). Lillian was born in California. Ethel was the daughter of Stephen/Steve D. Newell and Lillie A. Kent.

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    However is Dutch ancestry is not just on Bogart line but also consistent on his Fairbanks/Mandeville one:

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    >William Arthur Bogart. William’s parents were possibly Robert H. Bogart and Annie L.

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