Brock Purdy

Birth Name: Brock Richard Purdy

Place of Birth: Queen Creek, Arizona, U.S.

Date of Birth: December 27, 1999

Ethnicity: English, Scottish, one eighth Armenian, some Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, German, Frisian, Irish, remote Dutch, French [including Huguenot], and Welsh

Brock Purdy is an American professional football player. He is the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League (NFL). Prior to the NFL, he played for Iowa State.

Brock is the son of Carrie and Shawn Purdy, who was a minor league baseball player. His brother, Chubba Purdy (born Preston Purdy), is a college football player. Brock is a devout Christian.

Brock’s patrilineal line can be traced to his thirteenth great-grandfather, Nicholas Purdy, who was born, c. 1490, in Norfolk, England.

Brock’s paternal grandfather is the son of Harold Goodwin “Hal” Purdy, Sr. and Lorraine Edna Morrill. Hal was born in Boston, Massachusetts, to Canadian parents, from Nova Scotia, Arthur Thornington Purdy, who was from Malagash, and had English/Colonial American and Scottish ancestry; and Gertrude Hodgkiss MacKinnon, who was born in New West Annan, of Scottish descent. Brock’s great-grandmother Lorraine was born in Natick, Massachusetts, the daughter of Ralph Verner Morrill, who was of Colonial American (English) ancestry; and of Annie Helen Smith, who was Canadian, from Antigonish, Nova Scotia, and was of Scottish and Colonial American descent.

Brock’s paternal grandmother is the daughter of John Arthur Cannon and Carrie Lucille Cabe. John was an ethnic Armenian emigrant, from Sivas, Sivas, Turkey, and was the son of Arthur Malcolm Cannon and Alma Toofangian. Arthur and Alma were refugees from the Armenian genocide. Brock’s great-grandmother Lucille was born in Jackson County, North Carolina, and had deep American roots. She was the daughter of Joseph Dill/Fidelia/”Dillie”/Fidillie L. Cabe, who was from Macon County, and of Martha Cordelia Frizzell, who was from Sylva.

Brock’s maternal grandfather is the son of William Harrison “Bill” Hansen and Betty Jean Lemons. Bill was born in Everest, Kansas, the son of Charles Augustus Hansen, Jr., whose father was from Nysted, Storstrøm, Denmark, and whose mother had deep American roots; and of Beda Johnson/Jonsson/Jansson, who was a Swedish emigrant, born in Löten, Uppsala. Brock’s great-grandmother Betty was born in Anaheim, California, the daughter of Marvin Olan Lemmons and Margaret May Maxey, who were born on Roff, Pontotoc, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, Oklahoma. She was of Colonial American ancestry.

Brock’s maternal grandmother is the daughter of Vernon Otto “Barney” Michaelsen and Emma Jean Jurgensen. Vernon was born in Holstein, Iowa, the son of Otto Albert Michaelsen, whose parents were German, from Schleswig-Holstein, and had German and Danish ancestry; and of Anna M. “Annie” Roarson, whose parents were Norwegian, from Hordaland. Brock’s great-grandmother Jean was born in Cushing, Iowa, the daughter of Ernest Jurgen Jurgensen, who was born in Holstein, to German parents, of Danish, Frisian, and German ancestry; and of Florence Ethel Olson, who was from Battle Township, IA, and was the daughter of a Norwegian emigrant, Louis Oleson, from Ulnes, Oppland, and of Olive Mae Thomas, who had deep American roots.

Brock’s matrilineal line can be traced to his fifth great-grandmother, Mary Jane Chesley, who was born, c. 1806, in Strafford, New Hampshire.

Brock is a fourth cousin, twice removed, of singer and actor Elvis Presley. Brock’s paternal five times great-grandparents, Dunning “Dunnan” John Presley and Elizabeth, were also the three times great-grandparents of Elvis Presley.

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  1. Dannon says:

    He is 4th cousins 2x removed to Elvis Presley because Martha Frizzells maternal grandfather is Elvises 2nd great grand uncle.


  2. Oaken05 says:

    Interesting. Purdy sounds Norman, too. BTW, would love to know what the Armenian version of “Cannon” was. lol

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