Nicholas Galitzine

Galitzine in 2016, photo by Joe Seer/

Birth Name: Nicholas Dimitri Konstantine Galitzine

Place of Birth: Westminster, London, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 29 September, 1994

*father – English, as well as 1/16th French
*mother – Greek

Nicholas Galitzine is a British actor and model. He has starred in the films High Strung, Handsome Devil, Share (2019), The Craft: Legacy, Cinderella (2021), Purple Hearts, Bottoms, Red, White & Royal Blue; and The Idea of You; on the series Chambers and Mary & George, and in the made-for-tv movie The Watcher in the Woods (2017).

His father, Geoffrey Leo Alexander Galitzine (born Tier), is of English descent, along with one sixteenth French. His mother, Lora Maria Konstantina (Papayanni), was raised at least partly in the U.S., and has Greek roots. His parents are financiers, and his father has worked with a glass-recycling business. His sister, Lexi Galitzine, is an illustrator and interior stylist. His father was named Geoffrey Leo after his own uncle.

The name Galitzine comes from the House of Golitsyn or Galitzine, one of the largest princely noble houses in the Russian Empire. Many Galitzine family members left Russia during the 1917 Revolution. Nicholas, his father, and grandfather are all listed as titled Princes in notations. Nicholas has stated that he is of Russian and Greek descent. Nicholas’ paternal grandfather legally changed his name from Tier to Galitzine in 1955. He had been using the name for a time. It is not clear where the origin for the change comes from in Nicholas’ family, but Nicholas’ paternal grandfather was English by birth.

Nicholas’ paternal grandfather was Edward Ralph Alexander Tier, also known as Alexander Galitzine (the son of Leonard Edward Tier and Nellie German). Nicholas’ grandfather Edward was born in 1913 in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. Leonard was the son of Edward Tier, who was born in Westborne, Sussex, England, and of Charlotte Caught. Nellie was the daughter of Alexander George German and Ellen Jane Burwood.

Nicholas’ paternal grandmother was Mary Betty Boult (the daughter of Leonard Arthur Boult and Florence Gertrude Eaton). Mary was born in Liverpool, Lancashire, England. Leonard was the son of Robert Boult and Kate Bullard. Florence was the daughter of Richard Eaton, whose mother was French; and of Harriett Nightingale.

Nicholas’ maternal grandfather was Nicholas/Nicolas A. Papayanni/Papayannis (the son of Alexander Papayannis and Maria Maganari). Nicholas was born in Br─âila, Romania, where there is a Greek community, and later lived in Athens, Greece.

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  1. mangoes says:

    Saw his interview on Jimmy Kimmel recently. He talked about his last name and said he’s “a Russian Greek”.

    • Micheal Mouse says:

      Gives the vibe of light Hispanic.

    • follers says:

      Unless he’s referring to his mother’s side, the only way he could be of Russian descent is through illegitimacy of some kind. Perhaps his great-grandmother had an affair with a Russian prince, but this seems doubtful in Portsmouth. His grandfather was born before the Russian Revolution.

      Interestingly, his grandfather changed his last name in 1955, the year his own mother died.

      • Oaken05 says:

        Yep. We’d pretty much already gone over the discovery that most of what he’s told is not true. Whether it’s purposeful, or whether he just doesn’t know, I’m not sure. It’s genuinely possible he’s simply never really looked into it, and we “weridos” have. lol

      • andrew says:

        Portsmouth/Southampton area alwais had contacts with foreigners due to their ports, so if this mythological Russian Prince was in the Navy it’s definitely possible.

        Check this:

        • Oaken05 says:

          What’s possible? We know that some Galitzines left Russia after the Russian Revolution and that Nicholas does not descend from any Galitzines.

          What’s possible is that he doesn’t know about his ancestors changing their name TO Galitzine.

  2. wanderer says:

    Although he may not be Russian,he looks like a Russian..When I saw him in Purple Hearts i thought that he probably Russian.

  3. MichaelWHat says:

    MY Name is Michael. I am from the Michael Dubs family. Follers, why is this famous actor not on ethnic celebs but Crystal the monkey is??? Please email for more informations! May this comment be a blessing for you. @Murricansareallmutts agrees with the Michael!

  4. transemacabre says:

    I think I may have figured out the Galitzine connection with some sleuthing. His grandfather Alexander appears on the 1939 England and Wales Register under the name “Alexander Tier”. On the register it’s written in — “original name not to be revealed” and then “Galitzine” in different ink. So it seems Alexander was living in hiding under an assumed name for political reasons.

    His wife, Mary Betty, is living with him and indeed there’s a marriage record from that year for Betty Boult to “Alexander Tier”.

    And wouldn’t you be surprised to find a birth record for Geoffrey L. A. Tier — mother’s maiden name Boult — in 1949. So at some point after that the family resumed using Galitzine and their princely title. Either that or the Tier family were fakers who pretended to be Galitzines.

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