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LOS ANGELES - OCT 02: Clark Gregg arrives to the "Real Steel" L

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Birth Name: Robert Clark Gregg

Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 2, 1962

Ethnicity: Irish, English, German, Swiss-German

Clark Gregg is an American actor, director, and screenwriter.

He is the son of Mary Layne (Shine) and The Rev. Robert Clark Gregg. His father is an Episcopalian minister and university professor. Clark has a daughter with his former wife, actress Jennifer Grey.

Clark’s paternal grandfather was Harris Thompson Gregg (the son of Foster Whiteside Gregg and Anna Harris). Clark’s grandfather Harris was born in Missouri. Foster was the son of Kennon Jones Gregg and Eleanor Eva V. Thompson.

Clark’s paternal grandmother was Mary Frances Grote (the daughter of Robert Edward Grote and Ethel Bernet). Mary was born in Missouri. Robert was the son of Henry Charles Grote, who was of German descent, and of Ellen Hewitt Symons, who was English. Ethel’s father, Christian Bernet, was Swiss-German, born in Bern. Ethel’s mother, Sarah H. Huttig, was of German ancestry.

Clark’s maternal grandfather was Thomas Edward Shine (the son of Timothy Edward Shine and Mary Catherine Delaney). Thomas was born in Kentucky, and was of heavily Irish descent. Timothy was the son of Dennis/Denis Shine and Ellen/Eva Murphy. Mary Catherine was the daughter of James Delaney and Mary Elizabeth Conyers.

Clark’s maternal grandmother was Helen Louise Logan Layne (the daughter of Philander Harry Layne and Helen O’Rourke). Clark’s grandmother Helen was born in Ohio. Philander was the son of Logan Albert Layne and Mary Elizabeth Laughlin. Clark’s great-grandmother Helen was the daughter of Patrick O’Rourke, who was Irish, and of Susan Elizabeth Rawlinson, who was from Alabama.

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