John Stockton

Birth Name: John Houston Stockton

Place of Birth: Spokane, Washington, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 26, 1962

*father – Irish, as well as English, Welsh, German
*mother – Swiss-German and German

John Stockton is an American professional basketball player. He played his entire NBA career with the Utah Jazz. He holds the NBA record in all-time steals and assists.

John is the son of Clementine and Jack Stockton. His grandfather was professional football player Hust Stockton. John is married to Nada Stepovich, with whom he has six children, including professional basketball players Michael Stockton and David Stockton. Nada’s father, Mike Stepovich, was a Republican politician, who was Governor of Alaska, from June 5, 1957 to August 1, 1958.

John’s paternal grandfather was John Houston “Hust” Stockton (the son of John Houston Stockton and Ellen May Glennon). John’s grandfather Hust was born in Parma, Idaho. John’s great-grandfather John was born in Missouri, the son of Harling Smith Stockton and Amanda C. Myers. Ellen was born in Idaho, the daughter of Patrick Joseph Glennon, Jr., who was Irish, and of Mary Jane Naylor/Nailor.

John’s paternal grandmother was Mary Elizabeth Finnegan (the daughter of Michael James Finnegan and Sarah “Sadie” McKenna). Mary Elizabeth was born in Wisconsin. Michael was the son of Bernard Finnegan and Mary Cavanaugh, and was of Irish descent. Sarah was bon in Michigan, the daughter of John C. McKenna, who was Irish, and of Elizabeth Browne/Brown, who was a Canadian, of Irish parentage.

John’s maternal grandfather was Clement Christian Frei (the son of Johann Philipp Frei and Christina Tschirke/Walburge). Clement was born in Widanu, Switzerland. John’s great-grandfather Johann was the son of Jacob Frei and Anna Marianna Fehr. Christina was born in Weisstannen, St Gallen, the daughter of Christian Tschirke/Tschirgi and Ursula Pfiffner.

John’s maternal grandmother was Philomenia/Philomina/Philomena K. Uhlorn (the daughter of John F. Uhlhorn/Uhlorn and Maria/Mary Bernardina Nuxoll). Philomenia was born in Illinois. John’s great-grandfather John was born in Oldenburg, Germany, the son of Johann Heinrich Uhlhorn and Philomena Bernadina Witthorn. Maria was born in Kentucky, the daughter of German parents, Herman Heinrich Nuxoll, who was born in Dinklage, Oldenburg, Niedersachsen, and Elizabeth Bernadina/Bernardina Autmann, who was born in Oldenburg.

John is a fourth cousin of Canadian actor and stuntperson Ken Kirzinger, through their shared great-great-great-grandparents, Gerhard Heinrich Nuxoll and Maria Anna Elizabeth Bloemer.

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