Tammy Baldwin

official U.S. Senate photo of Tammy Baldwin c. 2013

Birth Name: Tammy Suzanne Green Baldwin

Place of Birth: Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 11, 1962

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish (maternal grandfather), English, distant German, Swiss-German, and French, remote Dutch and Irish

Tammy Baldwin is an American politician. A member of the Democratic Party, she has served as a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, since January 3, 2013, and Secretary of the Senate Democratic Conference, since January 3, 2017. She was a previously a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Wisconsin, from January 3, 1999 to January 3, 2013. Tammy is the first openly gay U.S. Senator.

Tammy is the daughter of Pamela (Green) and Joseph Edward Baldwin. Tammy was raised by her mother, maternal grandparents, and stepfather. Tammy’s father was a many-generations American, of English, distant German, Swiss-German, and French, and remote Dutch and Irish, ancestry. Tammy’s maternal grandfather was Jewish (of Lithuanian Jewish, German Jewish, and Polish Jewish descent), and Tammy’s maternal grandmother was English-born, and from a Protestant background. Tammy’s stepfather was African-American.

Tammy does not practice any religion.

Tammy’s paternal grandfather was Joseph Edward Baldwin (the son of Bert Baldwin and Orpha M. Miller). Joseph was born in Iowa. Bert was the son of Edward Crossen Baldwin and Caroline Harvey. Orpha was the daughter of Joseph Andrew Miller and Minerva Foster.

Tammy’s paternal grandmother was named Helen Goodsell (the daughter of Henry Guy Goodsell and Anna T.). Helen was born in Wisconsin. Henry was the son of Henry Goodsell, who was English, and of Sarah Helen Savidge.

Tammy’s maternal grandfather was David E. Green (David Ezra Green, the son of Hyman Levy Green and Jennie Marrow). David, a biochemist, was born in New York, to a Lithuanian Jewish father, from Juhrburg, Lithuania, and a German Jewish mother. Hyman was the son of Hirshel Green and Minnie Janowsky. Jennie was the daughter of Shimian/Simon Abraham/Alexander Marovinski/Marrow, from Memel, and Hannah Libba Routtenberg, who was from Breslau/Wroclaw.

Tammy’s maternal grandmother was Doris Cribb (the daughter of Charles Bertram Cribb and Ethel Bown). Doris was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England, and was a Protestant. Charles was the son of Henry Humphries Cribb and Emily Marsh.

Tammy’s aunt (mother’s sister) is biochemist Rowena Green Matthews. Tammy is a third cousin (twice over) of comedian and actor Andy Samberg. Tammy’s maternal grandfather, David Ezra Green, and Andy’s adoptive maternal grandfather, industrial psychologist and philanthropist Alfred Josephon/Jay Marrow, were first cousins (twice over). David’s maternal grandparents, Simon Alexander Marrow and Hannah Libba Routtenberg, were also the paternal grandparents of Alfred Marrow (David’s mother, Jennie Marrow, was the sister of Alfred’s father, Isadore Leo Marrow). David’s paternal grandparents, Hirshel Green and Minnie Janowsky, were also the maternal grandparents of Alfred Marrow (David’s father, Hyman Levy Green, was a brother of Alfred’s mother, Rebecca Green).

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  1. cdonorab says:

    Correction. According to her wikipedia page her father was named Joseph Edward Baldwin. He was the son of Joseph Edward Baldwin Sr and Helen Goodsell. On her paternal grandmothers side she is Dutch and on her paternal grandfathers side she is French and Swiss


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