Alix Angelis

Angelis in 2017, photo by kathclick/

Place of Birth: Gainesville, Florida, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 23, 1985

*37.5% mix of German, Scottish, English, and French
*25% Colombian [Spanish, possibly other]
*25% Dutch
*12.5% Greek

Alix Angelis is an American actress.

Her father is mostly of Greek, German, Scottish, English, and French descent. Her mother is of Dutch and Colombian descent. Her twin sister is musician and actress Kris Angelis. Alix is married to actor and producer Vincent Cardinale.

Alix’s paternal grandfather was James W. “Jimmy/Jimmie” Angelis (the son of James Bayares Angelis/Angelidis and Viola K. Hoffman). Alix’s grandfather James was born in West Virginia. Alix’s great-grandfather James was born in Greece. Viola was born in West Virginia, the daughter of Jeremiah Burton Hoffman and Margaret “Maggie” Hawkins.

Alix’s paternal grandmother was Lura Beverly Maynard (the daughter of Earl George Maynard and Lura Henderson). Alix’s grandmother Lura was born in Michigan. Earl was born in Michigan, the son of George A. Maynard, whose parents were German, and of Matilda May Carswell, who was Canadian, and was of Scottish descent. Alix’s great-grandmother Lura was born in Michigan, to parents from Canada, Robert James Henderson and Minnie Louisa Tuck.

Alix’s maternal grandfather was Jaime Isaza Borrero (the son of Benjamin Isaza Jaramillo and Noemi Borrero Castro). Jaime was born in Cali, Colombia. Benjamin was the son of Tulio Maria Isaza Alvarez and Maria Julia Jaramillo Estrada. Noemi was the daughter of José Maria Borrero and Inés Castro.

Alix’s maternal grandmother was Judith Gerarda Los (the daughter of Jan Los and Judith Scheurman). Alix’s grandmother Judith was born in Montréal, Québec, Canada, to parents from the Netherlands. Jan was born in Zoeterwoude, the son of Willem Los and Gerarda Baas. Alix’s great-grandmother Judith was born in either The Hague, the Netherlands, or in Curaçao, West Indies.

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    Is there a Greek community in West Virginia ? Kelly Clarkson Greek great-grandfather was from here.

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