Oded Fehr

"Resident Evil: Retribution" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Fehr in 2012, photo by PrPhotos.com

Place of Birth: Tel Aviv, Israel

Date of Birth: November 23, 1970

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish, as well as Sephardi Jewish

Oded Fehr is an Israeli actor. He has starred in The Mummy and Resident Evil films, Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, and the series Sleeper Cell, among many other projects. In these roles and others, he has played, Arab, Hispanic, French, and Israeli characters.

He is the son of Gila (Lachmann/Lachman), who was born in Kiryat Chaim, Haifa, and Uri/Ury Ernst Fehr, who was born in Jerusalem. His father is of Ashkenazi Jewish and Sephardi Jewish descent, and his mother is of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry. His father’s family was from Germany, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, and Bosnia, and his maternal grandparents’ families were from Germany and the Netherlands, respectively.

Oded is married to American, Rhonda Tollefson, with whom he has three children.

Among Oded’s paternal ancestors are Yitzhak Haim Farhi, who was born, c. 1782, in Safed, Tzfat, North District, Israel, and Rabbi Eliezer Papo, Pele Yoetz, who was born, c. 1786, in Sarajevo, Federacija Bosna i Hercegovina.

Oded’s paternal grandfather was named Joachim/Hans Fehr/Peher. Hans was evidently born in Germany.

Oded’s paternal grandmother was Miriam Bolisa Shaltiel (the daughter of Meshulam Bochor/Behor Menashe Shaltiel/Saltiel and Sarah Ashkenazi). Miriam was born in Jerusalem, to a Sephardi family. Meshulam was born in Pirot, Serbia, Yugoslavia, the son of Abraham/Avraham Saltiel/Shaltiel and Tamara, who were born in Sofia, Bulgaria. Sarah was born in Jerusalem, the daughter of Isaak/Yitzhak Ashkenazi, who had roots in Larissa, Greece, and Istanbul, Turkey; and of Rivka/Rivkah Efraim.

Oded’s maternal grandfather was Heinz Chanoch Lachmann (the son of Georg Lachmann and Paula Dörnberg/Doernberg). Heinz was born in Eschwege, Germany. Georg was from Lissa (now Leszno), Posen. Paula was born in Eschwege, the daughter of Albert Dörnberg/Doernberg, from Plaue, Thüringen, and of Cilly Dinkelspühler, from Fürth.

Oded’s maternal grandmother was Claire Ullmann (the daughter of David Ullmann and Alice Steinberg). Claire was born in The Hague, Netherlands. David was born in Rödingen, Titz, Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, the son of Philipp Jacob Ullmann and Helene Ehrlich. Oded’s great-grandmother Alice was born in Leipzig, Saxony, Germany, and died in the Holocaust in 1944, in Auschwitz.

Sources: Genealogy of Oded’s paternal grandmother, Miriam Shaltiel (focusing on her mother’s side) – https://www.geni.com

Genealogy of Oded’s maternal great-grandmother, Paula Dörnberg/Doernberg – https://www.geni.com

Genealogy of Oded’s mother (focusing on her mother’s side) – https://www.geni.com

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  1. andrew says:

    Luciano Lebelson Szafir uhmmm…does not sound Sephardi (whose origins are actually in Spain).

    Tbf neither Fehr or Szafir look really Middle Eastern to me, unlike banker Ben Bernanke, Bob Benmosche (with the beard) or Rabbi Warren Goldstein (credit to user “Ziza” for the last two).

    • andrew says:


      • Vik27 says:

        Andrew u said u are anti Zionism which is antisemitic. Anti Zionism is antisemitism. Zionism is the Jewish right of self determination. Second I am proud of my paternal Jewish ancestry. You are not the one who defines who a Jew and who not. You antisemitic. Ashkenazim DNa is mainly middle eastern and Mediterranean admixture. Ashkenazim cluster with Levantine populations and Mediterranean populations. Even if you upload Ashkenazim DNa on Gedmatch and LM Genetics it breaks down it down into levantine and Mediterranean admixture. Sometimes we get direct Italian and West Asian result instead of European Jewish where it is already included inside the category European Jewish but Nevertheless peer reviewed geneticists and scientists have proven that we have both middle eastern heritage as well as Sicilian Sardinian southern Italian central Italian and Greek admixture. This comes from the period of Judean males marrying Graeco-Roman women . The first Ashkenazim who came to Germany arrived from Italy and before that Judea. My paternal haplogroup is J1a which is as already mentioned common among Gulf Arabs. Also my Jewish side clusters with middle eastern, Mediterranean and North African populations when uploaded for further research. Give it a rest Andrew you are not an expert just an antisemitic moron and prick.

    • l!ttletimmy says:

      Mark Levin and Meir Kahane could also pass

  2. jonasbttencourt says:

    Oh, so it turns out he is also Sephardi Jewish, really not that surprising, he remaids me of brazillian actor Luciano Szafir, who is sephardi. Jews are a fascinating people, their origins are no doubt in the middle east, but over the centuries they have largely became a legit european ethnicity.

  3. follers says:

    Actually, it was literally the law in the Russian Empire that when a person of the Russian Orthodox faith married someone of another religion, their child had to be raised Russian Orthodox, and presumably be absorbed into the Russian Orthodox population, etc.

    A sort of one-drop-rule in reverse.

    I think Oded Fehr could have been just Ashkenazi. But, as it turns out, he’s Sephardi, too. I should have known because of the name Shaltiel.

  4. ashash says:

    Genetically, Ashkenazi Jews European component is actually Italian/Roman, not Northwest European unless they have a parent who is. Ashkenazi Jews have a variety of looks.

    • NOTREALLY says:

      People from all over the Levant can definitly be light skinned without having European admixture, i’ve seen “full” Lebanese people who are pasty white for instance

    • jonasbttencourt says:

      Yep, i said it western euro too, last time i checked Italy was in Western Europe. And since Ashkenazi Jews are obviusly native to Israel, on the deep Middle East, it’s nothing more than predictable that a whole chunk of them will look…well, MIDDLE EASTERN, of course the native peoples of the Levant can often look a bit like southern, even northwestern Europeans. Ashkenazis are often considered the ”Germanic Jews”, especially here in the Americas, since the majority of the Jews here came from western/northwestern euro countries.

      • ashash says:

        Yes, Levantines can be light, but we are specifically talking about Ashkenazi Jews. I was simply saying that fully Ashkenazi Jewish people have a variety in phenotype.

        Western European is a vague term. The specific European admixture they have is ancient and Roman for ALL unless they have a parent or grandparent who is not Ashkenazi. It has nothing to do with any of them being “pasty white.”

      • ashash says:

        Honestly, why is this still being discussed when it has been proven via DNA and genetic studies? Whether they look like Zac Posen or Nina Totenberg, they are 100% Ashkenazi.

      • Ziza says:

        According to genetic studies, It goes something like 60-70% Middle East (mostly Levantine), 30-40% Southeast European.

        Non-Jewish Levantines can be “pasty white” too. Look at Ahed Tamimi. She could pass anywhere in Europe.

    • andrew says:


      Do you really believe to such nonsense?

      • ashash says:


        There have been countless genetic studies. What exactly is nonsense about what I said?

        • andrew says:

          The “Roman” part. It does not make much sense.

        • Ziza says:

          Peer-reviewed genetic studies all say the same thing: Ashkenazim are a Levantine people who acquired a Central Italian/Greek component on the maternal line in the Hellenistic period. Jews who lived in other parts of Europe were confined to ghettos, cut off from the native populations, until the 19th century Emancipation. Ergo, it’s a given that Ashkenazim won’t have much NW European input.

        • andrew says:

          “Central Italy” (?) and Greece are not even bordering lands.

          23andMe put Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry under European category. Guess why.

        • andrew says:


          Anyhow Ashkenazi Jews have historically lived mostly in Central and Eastern Europe rather than in NW.

        • jonasbttencourt says:

          andrew, despite anti-Semitism, Jews have lived many centuries in western Euro countries such as Germany, Holland, and The U.K, and they blended fairly easily among the locals over time, especially in England, even in Germany. But most Jews who came to Europe really stayed in eastern countries, all im saying is that there have always been sizeble numbers in western/nhw countries too.

  5. NOTREALLY says:

    And yet another false claim you’ve made

    • jonasbttencourt says:

      Oh there you are again pizza guy, thanks for being such a loyal member of my fan club on this site lol

      • NOTREALLY says:

        don’t flatter yourself new worlder, I just like to call bs on your stupid claims

        • jonasbttencourt says:

          damn, no wonder why you dont even have a real name and picture, in order to be such a salty troll like that you need to have some leval of covering…

        • NOTREALLY says:

          “no wonder why you don’t have a real name and picture”
          You realise that you are virtually THE ONLY user in the history of this website stupid enough to use his real picture + real name, right?
          Why the —- would anyone ever use their real name and picture in this page lmao, you’ve got to have problems no offense
          Nobody is your fan or is obssesed with yoiu as you’ve claimed several times, you’re just stupid, that’s all, you claim all kinds of outlandish things about ethnicity which are simply ludicrous and people call you out for it, easy.
          Let that sink

        • jonasbttencourt says:

          Hahhaahh oh man the only thing that is ”sinking” lower and lower is your morals, assuming you are an actual person, i really do feel sorry for you. What kind of bitter, salty, sad person would spent literally hours of their lifes insulting someone else online because they dont agree about a mild thing like this. I never claimed to be some sort of expert in this subject, we are all just giving our personal takes about some famous people, there is really no need to take anything here so seriusly. And i get it that its ”a thing” on this site to not have your real name and picture, for most people, its ”part of the fun” and gives them a sensation of freedom as well, so i dont really have any problem with the non-identification itself, but what can come with it. It can give toxic, atention seeking, and predatory people like you the chance to trolling as hard as possible and influence others to do the same. Why cant you just make your own comments on the subject if you dont agree with someone? Or why cant you just reply others in a respectful manner, without jumping to straight up bitter, toxic insults? This goes to show that you really must have some serius emotional control problems, if you dont think i really have a point in anything i say, why do you even bother replying? Choose your battles wisely my friend, otherwise you can look really stupid, i really hope you can gow some emotional inteligence in the future so you dont have to play this sad role any longer. This is the last time i will ever adress you on this site, i will never even click on your comments in the ”RACE RELATED DISCUSSION” seccion, you wont have the satisfaction of my time anymore. Be happy and take care.

        • NOTREALLY says:

          literally not reading any of that lmao, cope harder

        • Vik27 says:

          Most of us Ashkenazim are dark and could pass middle eastern.  Like those we Ashkenazim are genetically half Italian and half middle eastern. Before Germany we came from Italy and before that Judea . Ashkenazim are  ITALIAN Jews who are genetically levantines and Graeco-Roman from southern italy central italy and Greece who migrated to Germany from Italy and than moved eastwards to Eastern Europe.These Ashkenazim look middle eastern Just upload your raw DNa on Gedmatch to see what this category (your ancestry) includes. The category Ashkenazi Jewish or European Jewish doesn’t mean Eastern Europe just because it is highlighted on a map on Ancestry DNa or Myheritage , even the description says that Jews from Eastern Europe are genetically closer to other Jews than to their non Jewish neighbors , meaning a Russian Jew is genetically closer to a Yemeni, Iraqi , Syrian , Persian or Moroccan Jew than to a Russian Christian. The category European Jewish means that our West Asian (levantines) and our Mediterranean ancestry is already included .GEDMATCH is as I already mentioned recommandable for unlocking your West Asian amount as well as your Italian admixture amount, sometimes Ashkenazim get directly Italian and West Asian (instead of European Jewish where it is already included).Nevertheless Ashkenazim cluster with Samaritans (who are the purest Israelites), Mizraim, sephardics, Italkim (who are the ancestors of Ashkenazim ) , Romaniotes, Druze, Bedouins from the Negev (Israel), palestinians, jordanians, Syrians, lebanese Christians , Assyrians, Chaldeans, Mandeans, Syrian Orthodox Christians (aramaics) on the male line of their DNa (Y-DNa) , the female line however clusters with Sicilians, southern Italians such as Calabrese, Napolitans, Italian Abbruzzo, Italy Lazio, Italy Molise, Basilicata, Apulia, as well as central Italy such as Tuscany , Marche , Umbria , Emilia Romagna, and some northern Italy such as Veneto and Bergamo as well as Greeks (Thessally , Cretans mainly ) , Cypriots, Maltese.The oldest Ashkenazim community in Germany goes back to the 3rd century in cologne and Mainz (founded by Italian Jews), the most prominent Ashkenazim families Kalonymous family goes back to Lucca (Tuscany). The exodus from Italy to Germany happened in the 3rd century, 10th and 11th century. Jews are NOT European. Upload Ashkenazim and sephardic DNa on Gedmatch and it breaks it down into levantines and Mediterranean. BOTH of are semitic and Mediterranean. Jews descend from JUDEA (Judah Benjamin simeon and Levi) . Samaritans are from Joseph as they are like JEWS Ashkenazim and sephardic cluster closest together as they are BOTH semitic and Mediterranean. Ashkenazim are genetically 100 % Mediterranean. The paternal line (male) is levantines and the female line of their DNa is Mediterranean from southern Italian central Italian and Greek women. This is known as the Graeco-Roman admixture in Ashkenazim. It was roman JEWS from ITALY who settled in Germany (Ashkenaz ) and later migrated eastwlater migrated eastwards. You probably haven’t seen an Ashkenazim most look levantine and southern Italian. That’s why we overlap with Sicilians southern Italian Greeks ( Cretans mainly) Maltese and sephardics. Ashkenazim are Italkim . Ashkenazim and sephardic are genetically the same. Even if you upload our DNa on Gedmatch it breaks it down into levantine and Mediterranean admixture .Ashkenazim and sephardic BOTH are semitic and Mediterranean. IT was Roman jews WHO settled in Germany from italy.I am 25 % Jew my dad is half atheist Jew and me , my father , his brothers look southern Italian , my grandfather looked Greek and my great grandfather looked like a dark skinned Arab and his siblings had the Jewish semitic look. Jews are genetically different than eastern Euros we lived there as a minority like gypsys or Inuits or tatars in Russia.  (http://ashkenazim.weebly.com/gallery.html)) . This how ashkenazi jews look (middle eastern and mediterrenean) likeOther famous Ashkenazim Jews: Oded Fehr he played the Arab looking guy in the Mummy and the mummy returns, Donna Feldman, Grant Heslov, Idan Rachiel, , Gila Almagor, David Schwimmer, David Haivri, Susana Hoffs, David Copperfield, Carl Sagan, Abe Vigoda (Salvatore Tessio in the Godfather) , -Daniela Pick, James Caan (Sonny Corleone in the Godfather), Psoy Korolenko, Rabbi Meir Kahane, Stanley Kubrick, Ernst Fuchs, Yitzhak Shamir, Arnold Richards, Friedrich Hundertwasser, Ron Silver, Adam Levine, Adam Tsekhman, Aaron Swarts, Hans Berliner, Maurycy Gottlieb, Cliff Simon, Mark Spitz, Ethan Zohn, Jazz Jennings, Madison Beer, Nikki Yanovski, Frederic Diefenthal, Hal Linden, Ranaan Gissin, Israel Finkelstein (archeologist ) , brad Garett, Ari Lesser, Gina bellman, Gina gershon, oded fehr,peter falk, Paul Ben Victor, David proval who played richie aprile on the sopranos is in fact a Jew, the guy who played Bobby is half Italian and half Jewish, Jeff Goldblum, David Schwimmer, jermemy stoppelman, Ari arison, Josh Gad, Gal Gadot, Sasha Baron Cohen, Adam Sandler, Jon bernthal, Alan arkin, Richard Benjamin, Larry Thomas (soup Nazi Seinfeld) , Ali McGraw, Ben Shapiro and even the guy who played Hector salamanca on breaking bad is a Jew in real lifeGENETIC VERIFIED ALL PROVEN BY SERIOUS EDUCATED SCIENTIST Studies: READ ALL OF THEM https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genetic_studies_on_Jews#Y-DNA_of_Ashkenazi_Jews  https://www.researchgate.net/figure/The-Levantine-or-Middle-Eastern-ancestry-of-Ashkenazic-Jews-over-time-Nine-genomic_fig1_318745856  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3543766/  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ngOuW68xB8  https://www.nationalgeographic.com/news/2017/07/canaanite-bible-ancient-dna-lebanon-genetics-archaeology/  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6i9IkAPhX_I   http://ashkenazim.weebly.com/gallery.html . This how ashkenazi jews look (middle eastern and mediterrenean) like  https://www.cell.com/ajhg/fulltext/S0002-9297(17)30276-8   https://www.timesofisrael.com/the-canaanites-werent-annihilated-they-just-moved-to-lebanon/      over 90% of modern Lebanese ancestry, a trait they share with ancient Israelites

        • andrew says:

          Ok. You have claimed now to be only 1/4 Jewish? You are just one of those weirdos who infest all Internet forums with this sick obsession with pseudo-genetics and mafia movies characters, it’s all a déjà vu.

          Who are you trying to fool??

          Who cares if Fehr played the “Arab looking guy”… David Suchet played Poirot who is Belgian…so what?

          Here is a Jew with a Mediterranean: https://www.eurosport.it/tennis/us-open/2019/us-open-la-beffa-di-schwartzman-vince-rafa-la-semifinale-sara-nadal-berrettini_sto7443961/story.shtml


    • Ziza says:

      His claim isn’t false. Most Ashkenazim have a West Asian look. Because that’s what they are: West Asians.

      • andrew says:

        Why dont you make a gallery of Jews who look like Germans and other Central or Eastern Europeans too, that’s pretty easy.

        • Vik27 says:

          Unlike u I am a quarter Jew and the links are not pseudo. All studies from Cavalli Sforza to Antonio Torroni from the university of Padua as well as Doron Behar , karl Skorecki, harry ostrer , Richards and hammers show that Ashkenazim cluster between the Mediterranean and middle east. My paternal haplogroup is J1a which is common among Gulf Arabs. Who the hell are u to decide who is a Jew and not. I can refer myself as a Jew. Many Jews are part Jewish you antisemitic hump

        • Vik27 says:

          You are an antisemitic degenerate punk. You antisemitic piece of —-. DNA proves that we are levantines and Mediterranean admixture. The European part is from Italy and Greece you annoying antisemitic liar and —hole.

        • passingtime85 says:

          Fellas, calm down. Who really cares.

        • jackson9 says:

          @Vik27 is right Ashkenazi Jews are West Asian. And regardless Zionism is good!

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