Samantha Eggar

Birth Name: Victoria Louise Samantha Marie Elizabeth Therese Eggar

Place of Birth: Hampstead, London, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 5 March, 1939

*father – English
*mother – Sephardi Jewish, Ashkenazi Jewish

Samantha Eggar is a British actress. Her roles include the films The Collector (1965), Doctor Dolittle (1967), The Molly Maguires, The Dead Are Alive, The Uncanny, The Brood, and Disney’s Hercules.

Samantha is the daughter of Muriel Olga and Ralph Alfred James Eggar, a brigadier in the British Army. Her father was of English descent. Her mother was from a Jewish family, from Amsterdam, Netherlands, and was of Sephardi and Ashkenazi descent.

Samantha was raised Catholic.

She has two children, film producer Nicolas Stern and actress Jenna Stern, with her former husband, American producer and actor Tom Stern.

Samantha’s paternal grandfather was named James Eggar. James was born in Hartley Wintney, Hampshire, England.

Samantha’s paternal grandmother was named Eda Mary Ison.

Samantha’s maternal grandfather was Isaac Albert Palache (the son of Abraham Palache and Reina Musaphia). Isaac was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands, to Dutch Jewish parents. Abraham was the son of Judah Palache and Rebecca Coronel Pereira. Reina was the daughter of Solomon Joseph Musaphia and Hana Sara Catharina Harder.

Samantha’s maternal grandmother was Flora Bouman (the daughter of Eduard Isaac Bouman and Duifje Cok). Flora was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England, to Dutch Jewish parents, from Amsterdam. Eduard was the son of Isaac Isaay Bouman and Ester Azor Posno. Duifje was the daughter of Salomon Lion Cok and Debora Raphael Mullem.

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