Patricia Clarkson

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Birth Name: Patricia Davies Clarkson

Place of Birth: New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.

Date of Birth: December 29, 1959

Ethnicity: one eighth Basque, one eighth Ashkenazi Jewish (matrilineal), as well as German, English, French/Cajun, Irish, Scottish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, remote Dutch

Patricia Clarkson is an American actress.

She is the daughter of Jackie Clarkson (born Jacquelyn S. Brechtel), a politician and councilwoman, and Arthur Alexander Clarkson, a school administrator.

Patricia’s maternal grandmother’s ancestry was half Basque (from Spain) and half Russian Jewish and/or Lithuanian Jewish. The rest of Patricia’s roots are English, French/Cajun, German, Scottish, Irish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, and remote Dutch.

Patricia’s paternal grandfather was Arthur Alexander Clarkson (the son of Rutgers Clarkson, Jr. and Lillian/Lillie May/Mae Strunk). Arthur was born in New Jersey. Rutgers was the son of Rutgers Clarkson and Margaret Ann McLeod. Lillian was the daughter of James Stroud Strunk and Margaret Katherine Coleman.

Patricia’s paternal grandmother was Elizabeth Davies Portner (the daughter of Robert Prichard Portner and Katherine Hammond “Katie” Beggae/Bigger). Elizabeth was born in Virginia. Robert’s father was German.

Patricia’s maternal grandfather was John Patrick “Johnny” Brechtel (the son of John Patrick Brechtel and Jennie M. Shinn). Patricia’s grandfather John was born in Louisiana, and was a football coach. Patricia’s great-grandfather John was the son of Charles Joseph Brechtel and Annie Whelan/Whalen, who was Irish. Jennie was the daughter of John Burr Shinn and Eulalie Dupuis.

Patricia’s maternal grandmother was Sophie/Sophia Berengher/Barangher (the daughter of Joseph Whilliam Berengher and Sophie Bass). Patricia’s grandmother Sophie was born in Louisiana. Joseph was born in Bilbao, Spain, and was a Basque. Patricia’s great-grandmother Sophie was a Jewish emigrant, who was born in Russia or Lithuania.

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