Jessica Szohr

Szohr in 2011, DFree /

Place of Birth: Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 31, 1985

*father – African-American, European
*mother – Hungarian, German, as well as Irish and English

Jessica Szohr is an American actress and model. Her roles include the films Uncle Nino, Fired Up!, Piranha 3D, Love, Wedding, Marriage; I Don’t Know How She Does It, Tower Heist, Art Machine, Love Bite, The Internship, Brightest Star, 10 Cent Pistol, Two Night Stand, Club Life, Ted 2, and Clover, and the shows My Wife and Kids, Joan of Arcadia, What About Brian, CSI: Miami, Gossip Girl, Complications, Kingdom, Twin Peaks, Shameless, and The Orville.

She has said, “I’m Hungarian and a quarter Black, so I’m a mutt.” Jessica’s father is of African-American and European descent. Jessica’s mother, whose surname is Szohr, has Hungarian and German, from her own father, and Irish and English, from her own mother, ancestry.

Jessica has a daughter with her fiancé, Canadian professional ice hockey player Brad Richardson.

Jessica’s maternal grandfather is Ronald Szohr (the son of Philip S. Szohr and Marie C. Bayer). Ronald’s ancestry appears to be a mix of ethnic Germans and Hungarians. Philip was the son of Hungarian-born parents, Simon Szóhr/Sohr, from Tevel, and Erzsebeth/Elizabeth Grabenar, from Nagyvejke. Marie C. was also the daughter of Hungarian-born parents, Joseph Bayer and Clara, who was from Bács-Bodrog County.

Jessica’s maternal grandmother is Karen Bishop (the daughter of Arthur E. Bishop and Dorothy J. Hagan). Dorothy was the daughter of Donald Patrick Hagan and Ruth H. Bigelow.

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. madman says:

    Her father is actor Darren Elliot Fulsher. These appear to be his parents, but they are both white. Have I found the wrong people or is one of them a step-parent or something?

    George G. Fulsher was the son of Clyde Ervin Fulsher and Faye/Fay Perlman. Clyde was the son of Horatio Fulsher, whose father and maternal grandparents were Irish, and of Ella Fountain, who was French-Canadian. Faye was the daughter of Russian Jewish parents, Chaim Perlman and Esther Zucker.

    Renee E. Fields was the daughter of Alex Fields and Claire Gilbert. Alex was the son of Russian Jewish parents, Isaac Felstein and Frieda Wolinsky. Claire was the daughter of Meyer Gilbert, whose parents were Russian Jews, and of Sarah Kaiser, whose parents were Austrian Jews.

    Her paternal grandparents:

    Her great-grandmother, apparently an actress:

    • follers says:

      Yes that’s probably her stepfather. I looked into him before. I believe I saw him say he’s her stepfather somewhere. He married Jessica’s mother in May 1989.

      • madman says:

        Why does she refer to her stepfather’s grandmother as her own great-grandmother?

        • follers says:

          Maybe I did or didn’t see the stepfather thing, but Darren Fulsher and Karen Szohr married almost five years after Jessica’s conception. I think it’s likely her siblings were all born after the marriage. And Jessica did say she’s a “quarter black.”

          The more time between conception and marriage, the less likely is the groom to be the biological father.

          • madman says:

            So you think there’s no chance that, for example, one of Darren’s parents is a step-parent? Shouldn’t her quote about being “a quarter black” have equal weight to her putting up a picture of her actual great-grandmother?

          • follers says:

            Darren Fulsher’s parents were married around 1960, according to one newspaper article. Darren was born 1965. I don’t know that his parents ever divorced. I think Darren ( looks like his father (

            Jessica’s three siblings from Darren are younger than her, and they all went by the last name “Fulsher,” despite what the internet says. In fact, it seems one of them may have been born in 1988, somewhat supporting your point, but he uses “Fulsher” too. I don’t really think any of them “seem” part African-American.

            I think Jessica’s biological father is an African-American man her mother had a relationship with in 1984. Perhaps he wasn’t even directly biracial.

            I think we’ve seen examples of people posting pictures of their non-biological ancestors.

  2. madman says:

    African-American, other —> African-American, European

    African-American (one quarter), Hungarian, German, Irish, English

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  2. June 13, 2019

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