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  1. andrew says:

    Hi, I sent Oscar Piastri submission. Publish it when you can, kid has an interesting background.

  2. Dannon says:

    I submitted Rob Cantor a few days ago and I was wondering if you guys got it? I don’t know if people with photos take longer to add but I was just wondering if you had him in submitted drafts.

  3. l!ttletimmy says:

    Apologies, my younger brother made this account yesterday. I never intended to join this website. Apologies for the inflammatory comments.

  4. andrew says:

    The nutcase girl is back as Micheal Mouse, formerly “muricansareallmutts” etc

  5. aceqa says:

    hello admins of ethnicelebs i had a question, i’ve done research on amanda palmer and i think i submitted an article but i am genuinely not sure – was it rejected or did i never actually send it in? cause this plays into whether i send it again or not

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