Garrett Hedlund

Hedlund in 2011, s_bukley /

Birth Name: Garrett John Hedlund

Place of Birth: Pennington, Minnesota, United States

Date of Birth: September 3, 1984

*50% Swedish
*37.5% German
*12.5% Norwegian

Garrett Hedlund is an American actor, singer, and model. He has had major or starring roles in the films Friday Night Lights, Four Brothers, Georgia Rule, Tron: Legacy, Unbroken, and Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, among many others.

Garrett’s father was of Swedish descent. Garrett’s maternal grandfather was of German descent. Garrett’s maternal grandmother was of half German and half Norwegian ancestry.

Garrett has a son with his partner, actress and singer Emma Roberts.

Garrett’s paternal grandfather was Martin Emil Hedlund (the son of Nils Emil Peter Hedlund and Brita/Bertha Larsson/Larson). Martin was born in Minnesota. Nils was born in Minnesota, to Swedish parents, Jon Olsson Hedlund and Gertrud Jansdotter Sahlström. Brita was born in Sweden, the daughter of Jonas “John” Larson and Ingeborg Martensdotter.

Garrett’s paternal grandmother was Alice Christine Hedman (the daughter of Edwin Olaf Hedman and Johannah/Johanna/Hanna Hazelquist/Hasselquist). Alice was born in Minnesota. Edwin was born in Sweden. Johannah was born in Minnesota, to Swedish parents, Gustav A. Hasselquist and Carolina Nilsson.

Garrett’s maternal grandfather was Eugene Albert Yanish (the son of Albert Joseph/John Yanish and Veronica Helen Berens). Eugene was born in North Dakota. Garrett’s great-grandfather Albert was born in North Dakota, the son of Anton Yanish (the son of Martin Yanish and Theresa/Theresia Ferdinger) and Mary/Marie H. Puhr (the daughter of John F. Puhr and Maria/Marie Bosch). It appears that Garrett’s great-great-grandparents Anton and Mary/Marie H. were ethnic Germans, from Geresdlak and Gerasdorf, Hungary, respectively. Garrett’s great-grandmother Veronica was born in Minnesota, the daughter of Peter Berens and Mary Schumacher; Peter was born in Minnesota, to German parents, John Berens and Gertrude Heuft, and Mary was also born in Minnesota, to German parents, Mathias Schumacher and Katharine Hormuth.

Garrett’s maternal grandmother is Ane Marie Bietz (the daughter of Gideon Theodore Bietz and Agnes Bouck). Gideon was born in North Dakota, the son of Gottlieb Bietz, Jr. and Ann Maria Mantz, who were ethnic Germans, from Bessarabia, Russia. Agnes was born in North Dakota, the daughter of Harald Martinsen Bouck, who was born in Glemminge, Østfold, Norway, and of Anne Olsdatter Kjelland, who was born in Sokndal, Rogaland, Norway.

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52 Responses

  1. notional says:

    he looks Scottish

  2. michael says:

    you all forgetting the fact that Scandinavians, germans, brits and any other western and northen nation in europe are all came from the original germanic tribes, so the difference between all of them couldn’t be that big…

    • andrew says:

      “brits” don’t come from “original germanic tribes” coz they have a long history before Anglo-Saxons invasion

      • michael says:

        I ment ENGLISH OK?
        the original anglo-saxons

        • andrew says:

          yes, there is still a region in Germany called Saxony..

          • Alice says:

            “Germanic” is a bit like “Celtic”. They are mostly cultural and language terms. DNA is neither Celtic or Germanic and if anyone looks at dna cluster maps all of Britain & Ireland cluster with the Nethlands, Norway etc. All these populations have shared ancestry and close relationships otherwise they wouldn’t be clustering together on genetic plots. This shared ancestry would be quite ancient before any Germanics or Celtic people were around.



          • Alice says:

            Yes and this makes a lot more sense to anyone looking at geography and history. It is specifically Northern French. There is a lot of dna shared between Brittany and Normandy with the British Isles. There is also some input in Britain from other Northern European populations.

          • Freerk says:

            To make the chaos bigger, the Saxons of today are no Saxons … ;-)

            The ethnic Saxons came (and still live there) from Northern Germany (Lower Saxony, Westphalia, Sachsen-Anhalt).

            To Michael: Though the Germanics are related, you can often identify even the region where they come from. There are typical faces in Denmark, Sweden, Northern Germany, Netherlands, Bavaria… I see (or think to see) the German in Hedlund, but he looks mostly Swedish, like his name said.

      • Blackbuddafly says:

        Contrary to romantic views of “celtic ancestry” there is little difference between England and the rest of the isles. There is no “scotland is celtic, england is germanic” they are both literally the same.

  3. Athena45 says:

    One of the most good-looking men in Hollywood right now.

  4. Erik says:

    @ Jessica, i agree with much of what you said. However you are wrong about many British & Germans looking like Swedes. The British came from Celts in Spain. Total difference from Scandinavians. The British mostly have the R1b haplogroup like most of Western Europe. Completely unlike Scandinavia who have little R1b input.

    Garrett Hedlund looks far more Swedish/Norwegian than he does German. I have no idea why people like you try to make Germans (even Northern Germans) & British fairer and blonder than they actualy are. You can EASILY distinquish Northern Germans & Brits from Scandinavians. Northern Germans no matter how light in comparison to Southern Germany still look German and not Scandinavia. Same goes for the British, British blondes do not look Scandinavian at all.

    Garrett has that soft youthful baby face typical of Scandinavians. This is not a trait found typical in Germans. Garretts head is also not shaped like a Germans. Germans (even women) typicaly have more squarish faces espeacialy in the jaw. Garrett doesn’t display these features at all. Infact here is a Swedish UFC fighter who displays the exact same similar features and head shape as Garrett does. His name is Alexander Gusstafsson

    Yes, you can find Germans & British who can pass as Scandinavians. Thats merely because Vikings had some influence in Germany & Britain in the past, but very little influence. Not nearly as huge as a viking input in Britain & Germany as some British & Germans would like. But you are wrong in your portrayal of British & Germans as ‘Mostly Scandinavian looking’ because they are not. Swedes may not be homogeneous but they are FAR more homogeneous than the British & Germans who have mixed with everything from mediterraneans to slavs. Most Scandinavians still infact possess the haplogroup I1 that the Vikings carried. Scandinavia has more I1 input than anywhere else in Europe. The vikings would have look MUCH similiar to modern day Scandinavians. Total difference from present day British & Germans who would have looked nothing like the old Germans or British before they became a super mixed people. Many Slav phenotypes can be found in Southern Germany infact given the history Germany has had with Poland and its borders. Germany is very diverse, as much as Britain or Italy is. Germans & British are not a mostly Scandinavian looking people no matter how hard fantisizers would want the nations to be.

    • katrin says:

      Erik is right about the fact that Scandinavians look completely different than most Germans or British people. However, Erik is completely wrong about Germans having squarish faces and jaws, and Scandinavians do not. This is opposite of the truth. The truth is that most Scandinavians have squarish faces; most Scandinavians have strong square jaws, protruding, well defined cheekbones and overall symmetrical well balanced features. Germans, however, mostly have longer, thinner faces, narrow jaws, protruding noses, and not very well defined cheekbones or jawlines. This gives them a fleshy, doughy faced look, not chiselled or defined like most scandinavians. The overall German or british look is weak compared to the typical Scandinavian look. the Scandinavians do have the baby face as their faces are much wider than the usually narrow, thin, long Germanic, italian and british look, but definitely not soft; scandinavians are mostly chiselled, strong square jawlines, small noses, high defined cheekbones. This is the mark of beauty that most models and actors have even if they aren’t Scandinavian, these are the typical features that are everywhere in Scandinavian countries and not nearly as dominant anywhere else in the world. Erik, go back to Scandinavia and Germany, and remind yourself of the true difference between Scandinavian and German physical differences. Germans, eastern Slavs like Poland, italy, and England are the most genetically similar to one another, which are widely known as not very attractive, probably due to the history and roots the Romans laid while they occupied these areas of Europe. The larger overhanging, hooked, downturned nose often seen in Germany, Poland and Italy are some evidence of this, as well as lack of the defined, high cheek and jawbone that are so inherent in Scandinavians. A minority of Scandinavians who do not possess the strong square jawline, like Hedlund, do possess the prominent high cheekbones typical of Scandinavian, but not typical of Germans, western Slavs, British or Italians.

      • Cameran says:

        Erik isn’t wrong, he’s actually right. That squarish jaw he’s talking about is known as the “Faelid” type and if you look it up anthropologist all agree it is most common in Germany & Netherlands hence it can also be found on many German celebrities & German Americans. Its the type of jaw that Brad Pitt has. It can also be found on guys like Adam Huber, Charlie Sheerer, and many others.

        The type is most prominent in Northern Germany & the Netherlands. Faelid types are not common in Sweden. Most Swedes for example are a mixture of Nordid/Cromagnid types. Its the Germans with those really robust jaws (even amongst the women). Also i don’t understand where this “Poles considered unnattractive” is coming from. Next to Scandinavians the Polish are probably the most attractive people in Europe & possibly the world.

        Anyway, on the subject of Garret, he definately looks Swedish/Norwegian. His face can be found all over Scandinavia, not that common in Germany or Austria however. Austrians are for example comparable to Bavarians in Southern Germany and in Southern Austria, comparable to Northern Italians, none of whom looks even close to Northern Germans or Scandinavians.

        • fatkat says:

          ““Poles considered unnattractive” is coming from. Next to Scandinavians the Polish are probably the most attractive people in Europe & possibly the world.”

          Sorry but this is complete bullshit. Poles have absolutely nothing on Scandinavians and yes they are not very attractive. I live in Germany and know a lot of polish people and on average they do not look that great. Not compared to other European nations and especially not on a global scale. I’d say the best looking people can be found in the Western Balkans.

          • Alice says:

            Yes very wrong. Celts originally came from Swiss/S. Germany/Austria area and their culture and language spread from there. There may have been some elite takeover but the majority of the people remained unchanged. The only way for a population to replace an existing one is for mass takeover and removal of the old population. The populations of the British Isles whether “Celt” or “Germanic” all cluster with each other and with Dutch, Norwegian populations. The British did not come from Spain and neither did the Celts. Spain did have Celtic culture in parts but many centuries ago but as I’ve said the Celts didn’t change any people’s genetics as it was mostly a cultural and language takeover. Even present day Celtic countries like Ireland, Wales cluster genetically with other British populations and neighbouring countries like the Netherlands and Norway.

          • andrew says:

            is Bryan Sykes a charlatan?

          • Alice says:

            You are hanging on to older studies and Bryan Sykes’ initial information is now over 10 years old. Genetics is moving along at a very fast rate and a lot of those earlier theories were not correct because they were made on limited and faulty knowledge. You need to research more recent studies not old one.

          • Alice says:

            This is a summary of a major dna project on Britain done from the same Oxford University of where Bryan Sykes is a Professor of Human Genetics. This study is recent and ongoing.


          • andrew says:

            The new study has roughly replaced the Iberians with the French

          • Alice says:

            Sorry Andrew I’ve put my answer up above in error.

          • Alice says:

            Copied from my answer above.

            Yes and this makes a lot more sense to anyone looking at geography and history. It is specifically Northern French. There is a lot of dna shared between Brittany and Normandy with the British Isles. There is also some input in Britain from other Northern European populations.

            This also shows on dna plots.

          • Alice says:

            Also just thought I would add that earlier studies suggesting a Basque and Celt (Irish, Scot, Welsh) connection was because of them all having high R1b which is the y-dna. Later studies found that there wasn’t any particularly special connection with these populations. The reason being that R1b is much younger than thought and also they have discovered the Basque and Celts have different subclades. The connection is that these subclades split off in France, one major subclade going to the British Isles and another one going to Iberia. France is a major crossroad in Western Europe for populations coming from further east. Some R1b has also reached Britain from a North Sea route when there was a land bridge (Doggerland).

            The more recent study that I have linked (PoBI) was done on autosomal dna.

    • ae111 says:

      The British didn’t come from Spain and when you really don’t know what a haplogroup is and how it’s used, don’t use it.

    • notional says:

      R1b haplogroup is most common in Britain and countries in the Anglosphere but it’s still common in Scandanavia. Around 80% of British, America and Australia are R1b haplogroup, whereas over 40% of Scandanavia are. So it’s still common there.

  5. Erik says:

    Forgot to add.

    Germany, Netherlands, & Britain are much more celtic in origin. The difference they have with Scandinavians is that Scandinavians are comparable to the real true Germanics of old.

    All Swedes & Norwegians aren’t blonde, but they have the highest proportion of them. Hair colors in Norway & Sweden are along the lines of Platinum blonde, Light Blonde Dirty Blonde, Ash Blonde, & Light brown hair. Not like Germany or Britain where there aren’t many Platinums, Some Light Blondes, Mostly Dirty blondes and many Black haired. The difference is most German & British blondes are more dark blonde than anything. And the darkest hair color in Scandinavia is actualy Light brown majority, not black like Germany or Britain.

    • Freerk says:

      Oh, the “true” Germanics … *roll eyes*

      They don’t live in Germany? :D

      I (as German) don’t understand why the Scandinavians always deny their relation to the Germans and other Germanic people … be it so, it’s not the truth.

      1. We shared the same language 2,000 years ago. Even now I can understand most of Swedish sentences, a language I never learned. And Danish sounds very similar to the German-Frisian dialect my relatives speak.

      2. The celts lived in today’s South Germany, Belgium, France; in North Germany and the Netherlands there have never been Celtic people; you can find the ruins of Celtic wachtowers all along where the lowlands end in Germany and the mountains begin. That was the “frontier” between Celtic and Germanic peoples about 500 BC

      3. Blond is just a colour. And the percentage of blondes in Norway (or Sweden) and Germany isn’t significantly different. Last week I saw a picture from 1970 of a school class in my town in North Germany, and about 90 percent are blond. “Real” blond. That’s not representative, not even in the north, but it happens.

      And it’s not representative for Norway, too. Oslo, July the 29th 2011:
      (remembrance service for the victims of that Breivik idiot)

      That’s for reality and ideology …

      The highest percentage of blondes, btw., is in the Baltic. ;-)

      4. The Scandinavians apparently even have as many racists as the Germans.

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