Garrett Hedlund

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Birth Name: Garrett John Hedlund

Place of Birth: Pennington, Minnesota, United States

Date of Birth: September 3, 1984

*50% Swedish
*37.5% German
*12.5% Norwegian

Garrett Hedlund is an American actor, singer, and model. He has had major or starring roles in the films Friday Night Lights, Four Brothers, Georgia Rule, Tron: Legacy, Unbroken, and Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, among many others.

Garrett’s father was of Swedish descent. Garrett’s maternal grandfather was of German descent. Garrett’s maternal grandmother was of half German and half Norwegian ancestry.

Garrett’s paternal grandfather was Martin Emil Hedlund (the son of Nils Emil Peter Hedlund and Brita/Bertha Larsson/Larson). Martin was born in Minnesota. Nils was born in Minnesota, to Swedish parents, Jon Olsson Hedlund and Gertrud Jansdotter Sahlström. Brita was born in Sweden, the daughter of Jonas “John” Larson and Ingeborg Martensdotter.

Garrett’s paternal grandmother was Alice Christine Hedman (the daughter of Edwin Olaf Hedman and Johannah/Johanna/Hanna Hazelquist/Hasselquist). Alice was born in Minnesota. Edwin was born in Sweden. Johannah was born in Minnesota, to Swedish parents, Gustav A. Hasselquist and Carolina Nilsson.

Garrett’s maternal grandfather was Eugene Albert Yanish (the son of Albert Joseph/John Yanish and Veronica Helen Berens). Eugene was born in North Dakota. Garrett’s great-grandfather Albert was born in North Dakota, the son of Anton Yanish (the son of Martin Yanish and Theresa/Theresia Ferdinger) and Mary/Marie H. Puhr (the daughter of John F. Puhr and Maria/Marie Bosch). It appears that Garrett’s great-great-grandparents Anton and Mary/Marie H. were ethnic Germans, from Geresdlak and Gerasdorf, Hungary, respectively. Garrett’s great-grandmother Veronica was born in Minnesota, the daughter of Peter Berens and Mary Schumacher; Peter was born in Minnesota, to German parents, John Berens and Gertrude Heuft, and Mary was also born in Minnesota, to German parents, Mathias Schumacher and Katharine Hormuth.

Garrett’s maternal grandmother is Ane Marie Bietz (the daughter of Gideon Theodore Bietz and Agnes Bouck). Gideon was born in North Dakota, the son of Gottlieb Bietz, Jr. and Ann Maria Mantz, who were ethnic Germans, from Bessarabia, Russia. Agnes was born in North Dakota, the daughter of Harald Martinsen Bouck, who was born in Glemminge, Østfold, Norway, and of Anne Olsdatter Kjelland, who was born in Sokndal, Rogaland, Norway.

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52 Responses

  1. Erik says:

    @ Jessica, i agree with much of what you said. However you are wrong about many British & Germans looking like Swedes. The British came from Celts in Spain. Total difference from Scandinavians. The British mostly have the R1b haplogroup like most of Western Europe. Completely unlike Scandinavia who have little R1b input.

    Garrett Hedlund looks far more Swedish than he does German. I have no idea why people like you try to make Germans (even Northern Germans) fairer and blonder than they actualy are. You can EASILY distinquish Northern Germans from Scandinavians. Northern Germans no matter how light in comparison to Southern Germany still look German and not Scandinavia.

    Garrett has that soft baby face typical of Scandinavians. This is not a trait found typical in Germans. Garretts head is also not shaped like a Germans. Germans (even women) typicaly have more squarish faces espeacialy in the jaw. Garrett doesn’t display these features at all. Infact here is a Swedish UFC fighter who displays the exact same features as Garrett does. His name is Alexander Gusstafsson

    Yes, you can find Germans & British who can pass as Scandinavians. But you are wrong in your portrayal of British & Germans as ‘Mostly Scandinavian looking’ because they are not. Swedes may not be homogeneous but they are FAR more homogeneous than the British & Germans who have mixed with everything from mediterraneans to slavs. Many Slav phenotypes can be found in Southern Germany given the history Germany has had with Poland and its borders.

  2. karro Jansson says:

    Germans and swedes doesnt look the same.
    Germans look harder in the face swedes are more boyish or something like that,but they are still handsome and cool.
    I am from sweden.

    • Jess says:

      You can find many Swedes who look like Germans and vice versa. Infact you can even find British who look like swedes and vice versa. You realize Sweden isn’t homogeneous right? They’ve intermarried with British long ago. Don’t be silly, OFCOURSE many of them look alike. British, Germans, Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, & Dutch ARE ALL Germanic and decend from the same groups of people. Infact recent genetic study places Germans closer to Swedes & Norwegians than they are to Dutch.

      ‘Genetically, Germans and Scandinavians are closely related. According to recent genetic analysis, both mtDNA and Y chromosome polymorphisms showed a noticeable genetic affinity between Swedes and Germans (conclusions also valid for Norwegians)’

      Also don’t forget that parts of Germany were once apart of Denmark.

  3. Karro Jansson says:

    Not all swedes are blond with blue eyes and tall,but i mean
    most of the ”real” swedes are tall.

    • Jess says:

      He looks far more German than he does Swedish. Minnesota has just as many Germans as it does Scandinavians (Actualy Minnesota has more Germans than both Norwegians & Swedes). Half of the Swedes & Norwegians are probably just like him, mixed. Which is a good thing, his structure in the face looks like it came from the German side, they’re known for masculine faces. Swedes & Norwegians on the other hand are quite the opposite, the males typicaly have boyish less masculine structures.

    • Jess says:

      Also, Dutch are the tallest in Europe, not Swedes.

  4. gurl says:

    I totally favour swedish/norwegian men <3 the german/austrian is great too. Anyone recognize him from the movie Troy? I didn't till now lol

    • Jess says:

      Germans & Austrians are ethnicaly the same. The only difference as Austria chose to be its own nation rather than join Germany ( like the rest of the Germanic states which now makes up Modern Germany). Secondly Norway & Sweden have nothing Germany doesn’t Norwegians & Swedes are exactly related to Germans and Germany has the highest proportion of the I1 haplogroup outside of Scandinavia. Everyone always stereotypes Swedes as all blonde (thanks to hollywood movies of the 80’s), but the cold hard truth is Scandinavia has NOTHING other germanic countries don’t already have. Dutch, Germans, Swiss all of these nations have just as many blondes.

  5. Malin Ljungstedt says:

    Hedlund is defentily a Swedish lastname.

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