Julia Holter

Birth Name: Julia Shammas Holter

Place of Birth: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.

Date of Birth: December 18, 1984

*father – Norwegian (9/16ths), one eighth Bohemian Czech, Dutch, English, Scottish, German, French, Welsh, remote Belgian, Italian, Austrian, Polish, Egyptian, Swedish, and Danish
*mother – Lebanese, Swedish

Julia Holter is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, composer, artist, and academic.

She has a daughter with her partner, musician Tashi Wada. Tashi is the son of sound artist Yoshi Wada.

Julia’s paternal grandfather was Oliver Sievert “Ollie” Holter (the son of Sievert Ole Holter and Dorothea Rundina “Dora” Moen). Oliver was born in Caledonia, Minnesota. Julia’s great-grandfather Sievert was the son of Norwegian parents, Ole Sørensen Holter, from Eidsvoll, Akershus, and Ingeborg Ostensdatter Tvedt, from Valdres, Oppland. Dorothea was also the daughter of Norwegian parents, Ole Aslaksen Moen, from Nes, Buskerud, and Ragnild Olesdatter, from Gol, Buskerud.

Julia’s paternal grandmother was Helen Marie Cook (the daughter of Clayton Morrell Cook and Hazel Smith). Helen was born in Minnosota. Clayton was the son of Elmer Morrell Cook and Lillian Maybell Brintnell, whose father was Canadian and whose mother was Norwegian. Hazel was the daughter of Ernest F. Smith and Florence Frances Fimon, who was of Bohemian Czech descent.

Julia’s maternal grandfather was named Nickolas N. Shammas. Nickolas was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Lebanese parents. He was head of Downtown L.A. Motors.

Julia’s maternal grandmother was Jeanette Hilland (the daughter of Anders Petter Johnson and Charlotta Johanna Hultman). Jeanette’s parents were Swedish immigrants to Illinois.

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