Kelly Carlson

Carlson in 2005, photo by Starfrenzy/

Birth Name: Kelly Lee Carlson

Place of Birth: Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States

Date of Birth: February 17, 1976

*43.75% Swedish (approximately)
*25% German
*12.5% English
*12.5% Irish
*6.25% Norwegian

Kelly Carlson is an American actress and model.

Her father is of three quarters Swedish and one quarter English descent. Her mother’s ancestry is one half German and one quarter Irish, with the rest being Norwegian and Swedish. Kelly is married to Dan Stanchfield.

Kelly’s paternal grandparents were Walter Marion Carlson (the son of Carl Gustaf Carlson and Emma Kristina Johansdotter). Walter was born in Minnesota. Carl was born in Växjö, Sweden, the son of Jonas Carlson and Maria Carlsdotter. Emma was born in Tolg, Sweden, the daughter of Johan Pehrsson and Maria Petersdotter.

Kelly’s paternal grandmother was Alice Dixon (the daughter of Bernard Elmore Dixon and Mary Louise Erickson). Bernard was born in Maine, the son of Samuel A. Dixon and Sarah Ann Hanscom, and had English ancestry. Mary was Swedish.

Kelly’s maternal grandfather was James Clarence Magnus (the son of Clarence Anthony Magnus and Marie Barbara Culnane). Clarence was the son of Anthony Magnus, who was born in Norway, and Helena Clausen, who was born in Norway, to Swedish parents, and might have had some Norwegian ancestry. Marie was born in Minnesota, to Michael J. Culnane, whose parents were Irish, and Mary Burke, who was Irish.

Kelly’s maternal grandmother was Geraldine Gladys Watzl (the daughter of Frank Edward/W. Watzl and Laura C.). Geraldine was born in Minnesota. Frank was the son of German parents, Frank Watzel and Matilda. Laura’s parents were also German.

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