Erika Ender

Birth Name: Erika María Ender Simoes

Place of Birth: Panama City, Panama

Date of Birth: December 21, 1974

*German (father)
*Brazilian [Portuguese, African, possibly other] (mother)

Erika Ender is a Panamanian singer, songwriter, and actress.

Erika was born in Panama, to an American father, with German ancestry, and a Brazilian mother, who was born in Salvador, Bahia, with the Portuguese surname Simões. Her father is often said to be Panamanian-American, but it is not clear if he has any Panamanian ancestry. Erika speaks fluent Spanish, Portuguese, and English.


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  1. stlucas says:

    Her mother was born in Salvador, Bahia, and her surname, “Simões”, is Portuguese.

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