Kat DeLuna

DeLuna in 2010, SD Mack / Shutterstock.com

Birth Name: Kathleen Emperatriz DeLuna

Place of Birth: The Bronx, New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: November 26, 1987

Ethnicity: Dominican Republic [African, Spanish, Asian]

Kat DeLuna is an American R&B/pop singer, songwriter, and dancer. She was born in New York City, to Dominican parents. She grew up in the Dominican Republic until the age of nine, when she moved back to the States.

She is fluent in Spanish and sings in both English and Spanish. Kat has said that she identifies as a black woman, with white and Asian heritage.

Sources: http://www.dominicantoday.com


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. sadesdaughter says:

    She says at 6:30 in this interview that she identifies as a black woman and that she is Dominican with Black/Asian heritage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oGT4j35bZA

  2. Adamina says:

    She looks like a cat, which I think is cute and adorable. Her face is very childlike

  3. Mdelacruz16 says:

    She’s Dominican get fucking over it, they cannot say she’s black because she is not, they cannot say she is white because she is not, they cannot say she is Asian or Indian because she is not, her ethnic background is most mixed, which is what makes a Dominican she’s fuckin Dominican get over it.

    Same way Italians say they’re Italian, Nigerians say they’re Nigerians, Filipinos say they’re Filipinos, why the fuck do yall think Dominicans cannot say they’re Dominican? explain that shit?! fuck outta here

    shes Dominican get over it

  4. luckystar says:

    Is Dominican a new race? she is definally african, native american and euro, I CAN SEE IT.

    • cwm85 says:

      Dominican isn’t a race. Its where people are born. Most Dominicans are a mixed with spanish, african and native ancestry.

      • kristent225 says:

        Agreed. I hate it when people say a country is an ethnicity. If she’s Dominican, she has African and Hispanic blood and possibly some white mixed somewhere in there.

        • Multiethnicchick says:

          Not every Domincan has African blood. Many do, but not everyone. Just like not every Mexican is mestizo, some are mulatto, some are just black. Latin America is diverse.

  5. andrew says:

    In this pic she looks like Eric Stoltz in “Mask”

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