Bruna Linzmeyer

Linzmeyer in 2018, Denis Makarenko

Birth Name: Bruna Mayara Linzmeyer

Place of Birth: Corupá, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Date of Birth: 11 November, 1992

*father – German, including Sudeten German
*mother – Brazilian [Portuguese, African, Indigenous, possibly other]

Bruna Linzmeyer is a Brazilian actress and model. She has starred on the shows Gabriela, Amor à Vida, and A Força do Querer.

Bruna is the daughter of Rosilete “Rosi” (dos Santos) and Gerson Ronaldo Linzmeyer. She is pictured with her parents here. Bruna’s father has German, including Sudeten German, ancestry. Bruna’s mother has African, Indigenous, and Portuguese roots.

Bruna’s paternal grandfather was Adalberto Linzmeyer (the son of Paul “Paulo” Linzmeyer and Elfrida Bornholdt). Adalberto was born in Santa Catarina. Paul was born in Santa Catarina, the son of Andreas Linzmeyer, who was from Hamry, Klatovy, Austria, now Czech Republic, and of Anna Maria Bayer/Bayerl, who was born in Orlovice, Pocinovice, Czech Republic. Andreas and Anna likely were Sudeten Germans. Bruna’s great-grandmother Elfrida was born in Santa Catarina, the daughter of Johannes Heinrich Wilhelm Bornholdt, whose parents were German, and of Ida Knoll, who was born in Saxony, Germany.

Bruna’s paternal grandmother was named Ilona “Loni.” Ilona was of German descent.

Bruna’s maternal grandfather is African-Brazilian.

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