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Birth Name: George Timothy Clooney

Place of Birth: Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky, United States

Date of Birth: May 6, 1961

Ethnicity: Irish, English, and German, with more distant Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Scottish, and Welsh, and remote French Huguenot and Dutch

George Clooney is an American actor, writer, director, producer, and activist. He has starred in the Ocean’s films, From Dusk till Dawn, Good Night, and Good Luck. (which he also directed), and The Descendants, among many other roles. He won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for Syriana (2005). George was selected People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” in 1997, and again in 2006.

George is the son of Nina Bruce (Warren), a beauty queen and city councilwoman, and Nick Clooney (Nicholas Joseph Clooney), a journalist and television personality. His aunt (father’s sister) was singer and actress Rosemary Clooney. He is the cousin of Rosemary’s sons, actors Miguel Ferrer and Rafael Ferrer. He is a first cousin, once removed, of actress Tessa Ferrer.

George’s father is of half Irish and one quarter German ancestry, with his other quarter being a mix of English, Scottish, and Scots-Irish/Northern Irish ancestry. George’s mother has English ancestry, along with more distant Scottish, Welsh, and remote French Huguenot and Dutch, roots.

George is married to lawyer Amal (Alamuddin) Clooney, who is of Druze and Lebanese descent. The couple has two children.

George’s paternal great-great-grandfather, Nicholas Clooney, was born, c. 1829, in Windgap, County Kilkenny, Ireland, the son of David Clooney and Mary McGrath, farmers.

George’s paternal grandfather was Andrew Joseph Clooney (the son of Andrew B. Clooney and Crescentia Koch). George’s grandfather Andrew was born in Kentucky. George’s great-grandfather Andrew was the son of Nicholas Clooney and Bridget Byron, who were Irish immigrants. Crescentia was born in Ohio, the daughter of ethnic German parents, Joseph Henry Koch, from Prussia, and Margaret Fehler, from Lorraine, France.

George’s paternal grandmother was Marie Frances Guilfoyle (the daughter of Michael Joseph Guilfoyle and Martha Adelia/Delia “Ada” Farrow). Marie Frances was born in Kentucky. Michael was the son of Cornelius/Con Guilfoyle, from Tipperary, Ireland, and of Rosanna/Roseanna “Rose” Sweeney, whose parents were Irish, her father from Laois and her mother from Kilkenny. Martha was the daughter of Samuel Tully Farrow and Ellin Breckenridge “Ella” Vanden.

George’s maternal grandmother was Marvin Jackson Warren (the son of William H. Warren and Ida Lee Chambers). Marvin was born in Kentucky. William was the son of John Linton Warren and Mary B. Gatton. Ida was the daughter of John Martin Chambers and Lucinda/Lucy Ann Crow.

George’s maternal grandmother was Dica Mae Edwards (the daughter of Ansel Leroy “Roy” Edwards and Nora Bell/Belle Perkins). Dica was born in Boyle County, Kentucky. Ansel was the son of James “Jack” Edwards and Dicy Florence Bandy. Nora was the daughter of Cicero Perkins and Martha Jane Wilburn.

George is a half-first cousin, five times removed, of President Abraham Lincoln. George’s maternal great-great-great-great-grandmother, Mary Ann “Polly” Sparrow, was the half-sister of Nancy Hanks, who was the mother of President Lincoln (Mary and Nancy were both the daughters of Lucy Hanks). Through the same line, George is also a seventh cousin, once removed, of actor Tom Hanks. George’s maternal seven times great-grandparents, John Hanks and Catherine, were also the paternal six times great-grandparents of Tom Hanks.

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  1. NOTREALLY says:

    Do you DNA test people before you befriend them? You seem like “that” kinda crazy

  2. ashash says:

    His wife is Lebanese, but George is a WASP.

  3. delicatedreams says:

    Another person with German/British isles ancestry that people thinks looks too “dark” for that ancestry…. Instead of trying to insist people are mixed with something stereotypically “darker”, just accept some British or German people look like this. Also, travel a bit more and you’ll find this is not a strange look in northwestern europe.

  4. JRose says:

    It’s like everyone missed that he is French. French people can be as dark and even darker than some people from the Middle East. All it takes is one gene. my family is French and we have quite a few dark skinned people. He’s French. Boom. Mystery solved lol.

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