Queen Silvia of Sweden

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Queen Silvia of Sweden in 2008, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Silvia Renate Sommerlath

Place of Birth: Heidelberg, Germany

Date of Birth: 23 December, 1943

*father – German
*mother – Brazilian [Portuguese, some Spanish, remote Belgian and Tupiniquim/Indigenous, likely remote Sephardi Jewish]

Queen Silvia of Sweden is a Swedish royal. She is married to Carl XVI Gustaf, King of Sweden. Among their children is Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden.

Queen Silvia is the daughter of Alice (Soares de Toledo) and Carl August Walther Sommerlath. Her father was German. He was a businessperson, who was a member of the Nazi Party. Her mother was Brazilian, of mostly Portuguese descent. Some of Queen Silvia’s distant ancestors were Spanish immigrants. Her ancestor, Felippe/Felipe de Campos Branderborg/Vanderburg, who was born, c. 1618, was an emigrant from Portugal, and was the son of Felipe/Francisco van der Borg/van den Berg, who was Belgian (Flemish). Queen Silvia is also descended from Izabel/Isabel Diaz (also known as Bartira/Burtira/Bartyra and Mbicy), an Indigenous Brazilian who married Portuguese explorer João Ramalho, who likely had Sephardi Jewish ancestry. She was the daughter of Indigenous chief Tibiriçá (baptized Martim Afonso/Affonso de Sousa by Portuguese missionaries), leader of the Tupiniquim tribe in the village Inhapuambuçu, and of his wife Potira, also an Indigenous Brazilian. Queen Silvia has other Indigenous Brazilian ancestors, including Tibiriçá’s brother Piquerobi.

Queen Silvia’s paternal grandfather was Louis Carl Moritz Sommerlath (the son of Carl Louis Ernst Heinrich August Philipp Sommerlath and Anna Lucie Tille). Queen Silvia’s grandfather Louis was born in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., to German parents. Queen Silvia’s great-grandfather Carl was the son of Johannes/Johann Heinrich Philipp Sommerlath and Marie Philippine Meine. Anna was the daughter of Ernst Gottlieb Tille and Caroline Friederike Pröpping.

Queen Silvia’s paternal grandmother was Erna Sophie Christine Waldau (the daughter of Johann Friedrich Waldau and Sophie Marie Schmidt). Erna was born in Lewe, Yamethin District, Myanmar, to German parents. Johann was the son of Johann Friedrich Waldau and Johanne Marie Fricke. Queen Silvia’s great-grandmother Sophie was the daughter of Heinrich Andreas Schmidt and Catharine Marie Christine Prien.

Queen Silvia’s maternal grandfather was Artur/Arthur Floriano de Toledo (the son of Joaquim Floriano de Toledo and Maria Julia de Barros). Artur was born in Pôrto Feliz, São Paulo. Joaquim was the son of Joaquim Floriano de Toledo and Matilde/Mathilde Aguiar de Campos. Maria Julia was the daughter of Francisco Antonio de Barros and Gertrudes Olaia de Toledo.

Queen Silvia’s maternal grandmother was Elisa Novaes Soares (the daughter of Emiliano Baptista Soares and Joaquina Dias Novaes). Elisa was born in São José, São Paulo. Emiliano was the son of Jose Baptista Soares and Vitoria de Freitas. Joaquina was the daughter of Joaquim Dias de Novaes and Lúcia Maria Brandina.

Sources: Genealogies of Queen Silvia of Sweden – http://www.geni.com

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    tag “Belgian-Brazilian”

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