Marcelo Adnet

Birth Name: Marcelo França Adnet

Place of Birth: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Date of Birth: September 5, 1981

Ethnicity: Brazilian [Portuguese, one eighth Ashkenazi Jewish, as well as Belgian Walloon, Italian, African, Spanish, possibly other]

Marcelo Adnet is a Brazilian actor, writer, comedian, composer, and VJ. He is known for presenting the 15 Minutos show on MTV Brasil.

He is the son of Regina Cocchiarale and Francisco Adnet.

Marcelo’s paternal grandfather was Cesar Vitis Adnet (the son of Clodomir de Sá Adnet and Celia Vitis Adnet). Clodomir’s father, August Theodor Adnet, was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S., to Belgian parents, Jean Baptiste Adnet and Anne de Mestraux. Clodomir’s mother was Adelaide Gomes de Sá. Marcelo’s great-grandmother Celia was born in Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil, or in Bălţi/Beltsy, in Moldova, to Jewish parents, Moises/Moysés Vitis and Rivka/Rifka Eidelmann/Edelmann/Eidelman.

Marcelo’s paternal grandmother was Maria Cármen Monteiro Gonçalves (the daughter of Françisco Gonçalves and Hilda Goulart Monteiro). Françisco was the son of Ricardo Gonzales Micas, who was born in Spain, and of Virgolina Alves Gonçalves.

Marcelo’s maternal grandfather was Waldemar Costa Cocchiarale (the son of Waldemar da Fonseca Cocchiarale and Nair Gonzalez de Sousa Costa). Marcelo’s great-grandfather Waldemar’s father, Emidio Cocchiarale, was an Italian emigrant, from San Chirico Raparo, province of Potenza, Basilicata.

Marcelo’s maternal grandmother was Maria Francisca Thereza França (the daughter of Jayme Dias França and Romana Fonseca). Jayme was the son of Lindorf Belmiro França and Maria Philomena Dias. Marcelo discovered on a TV show that Romana was of mixed race, being born to a white father, Joaquim Cristóvão dos Santos, and a black mother, Gabriela Amália Caldeira.


Genealogy of Marcelo Adnet –

Death record of Marcelo’s paternal grandfather, Cesar Vitis Adnet –

Death record of Marcelo’s maternal grandfather, Waldemar Costa Cocchiarale –

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  1. md65 says:

    apparently his great-grandmother Celia was born in Bălţi/Beltsy, in Moldova, though many records list her as being born in Vitória

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