Geena Davis

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Davis in 2005, photo by PrPhotos

Birth Name: Virginia Elizabeth Davis

Place of Birth: Wareham, Massachusetts, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 21, 1956

Ethnicity: English, along with some distant Scottish and Welsh

Geena Davis is an American actress, advocate, fashion model, writer, film producer, and archer. She won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for The Accidental Tourist (1988).

Geena is the daughter of Lucille (Cook) and William F. Davis. She has three children with her former partner, Iranian-American plastic surgeon Reza Jarrahy.

She is of English descent, and also has some fairly distant Scottish and Welsh roots. Most or all of her family lines have resided in the United States, specifically in New England, and more specifically in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, since the 1600s. She is a descendant of Myles Standish, the Plymouth Colony’s military adviser.

It is possible, though uncertain, that Geena has no American-born ancestors who were born outside of New England.

Geena’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced to Ichabod Davis, who was born, c. 1571, in Bennefield, Northampton, England.

Geena’s paternal grandfather was Isaac Danforth Davis (the son of William Farnham Davis and Nancy May Green). Isaac was born in Vermont. William was the son of Isaac Danforth Davis and Mary Ann Farnham or Howe. Nancy was the daughter of Paschal Lafayette Green and Edna R. Chamberlain.

Geena’s paternal grandmother was Edna Frances Green/Greene (the daughter of Frank Paschal Green and Hattie Elizabeth Livermore). Edna was born in Massachusetts. Frank was the son of Paschal Lafayette Green and Edna R. Chamberlain. Hattie was the daughter of Sherlock Denny Livermore and Harriet Frances Wood.

Geena’s maternal grandfather was William Henry Cook (the son of James B. Cook and Ada Fisher). William was born in Vermont.

Geena’s maternal grandmother was Florence Martha Hall (the daughter of Elbert L. Hall and Lucy J. Price). Florence was born in Massachusetts. Elbert was the son of Lysander Richards Hall and Rachel Bassett. Lucy was the daughter of George G. Price and Martha Ann Bridges.

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  1. Preservationist says:

    Geena (Virginia) Davis is the Great Great Granddaughter of Seth Hall and Selina- properly pronounced “sa LINE’ ah” (née Robiinson) Hall through son Barnum Hall. I am the Great Great Grandson of Seth and Selina (née Robinson) Hall through son Seth Dean Hall.

    I own the family Bible.

    Geena and I are 4th cousins.

    Also ( and what this neglects to mention ) is that Geena is directly descended from the Pilgrim Miles Standish through her descend (maternal) from Selina Robinson Hall’s mother Hannah Gushee (originally the Huguenot spelling “Gachet”) of Mayflower fame, as am I.

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