Tom Hiddleston

Birth Name: Thomas William Hiddleston

Place of Birth: Westminster, London, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 9 February, 1981

*Scottish (father)
*English, Welsh, German (mother)

Tom Hiddleston is a British actor, producer, and musical performer. He is the son of Diana Patricia (Servaes) and James Norman Hiddleston.

His father is Scottish. His mother is English, and is of English, along with some Welsh and German, descent; one of Tom’s maternal great-great-grandfathers, through the “Servaes” line, was of German descent.

Tom’s paternal great-grandfather was James J. Hiddleston (the son of John Hiddleston and Helen Chrystal Paterson). Helen was the daughter of John Paterson and Elizabeth Buchanan.

Tom’s maternal grandfather was Lieut. William Reginald “Bill” Servaes, RN (the son of Reginald Maxwell Servaes and Hilda Edith Anna Johnson). Tom’s grandfather William was born in Christchurch, Hampshire. Tom’s great-grandfather Reginald was a prominent Vice Admiral, Flag Officer commanding the Reserve Fleet, and was the son of Julius Max Servaes and Constance Violet Coltart. Hilda was the daughter of Edwin Eltham Johnson and Edith Anna Ivey. Tom’s great-great-grandfather Julius was born in Walton, West Derby, Lancashire, to German parents, Julius Frederick Servaes (from Dusseldorf, North Rhine Westphalia) and Helen Johanna Esson Wilckens (from Hamburg).

Tom’s maternal grandmother was Patricia Vestey (the daughter of Percy Charles Vestey and Dorothy Emmeline Johnson). Patricia was born in Croydon, Surrey. Percy was the son of Sir Edmund Hoyle Vestey, First Baronet, and of Sarah Ann Barker; Sir Edmund was a food producer and importer, and shipowner, who co-founded Vestey Brothers. Dorothy was the daughter of Charles David Johnson and Lucy Jane New Blaxter.

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  1. klsoukup says:


    Tom’s paternal great-grandfather was James J Hiddleston (the son of John Hiddleston and Helen Chrystal (Paterson) Hiddleston. Helen’s parents were John and Elizabeth (Buchanan) Paterson.

    After Percy Vestey….Percy’s parents were Sir Edmund Hoyle Vestey, First Baronet, and Sarah Barker. Dorothy’s father was Charles David Johnston.

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