Chester Bennington

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Chester Bennington

Birth Name: Chester Charles Bennington

Place of Birth: Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 20, 1976

Ethnicity: English, distant Dutch and Welsh

Chester Bennington is an American musician and actor. He is a lead vocalist of the bands Linkin Park and Dead by Sunrise.

Chester’s paternal grandparents are Chester Karl Bennington (the son of Russell Taylor Bennington and Anna Della Saunders) and Marjorie Marvin John (the daughter of Herbert Henry John and Bertha Florene Webb).

Chester’s maternal grandparents are Charles Henry Johnson (the son of George Russell Johnson and Gertrude Elizabeth Elmendorf) and Anita Faye Wells (the daughter of Reginald Lester Wells and Myrtle Bell Sebourn). Myrtle was the daughter of William Preston Sebourn and Mary Ann Pense.

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Michael Chiklis

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Michael Chiklis

Place of Birth: Lowell, Massachusetts, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 30, 1963

*75% Greek
*12.5% English
*12.5% Irish

Michael Chiklis is an American actor, director, and producer. His father is of Greek descent. His mother is of one half Greek, one quarter Irish, and one quarter English, ancestry.

Michael’s paternal grandparents were Peter Charles Chiklis (the son of Costas/Charles Chiklis and Calliope Eliopoulos) and Nellie Sarakos (the daughter of Nicholas Sarakos and Mary Koutroubis). Peter and Nellie were both born in Massachusetts, and all of their own parents were Greek.

Michael’s maternal grandparents were Panayiotis/Panagiotis/Peter Michael Vousboukis (the son of Michael Vousboukis and Catherine Doldvarinis) and Rita Lillian Moran (the daughter of Edward J. Moran, Jr. and Mary G. Grover). Panayiotis was of Greek origin. Edward was the son of Edward J. Moran and Mary J. Grealish, and was of Irish descent. Mary Grover was the daughter of Albert Deane Grover and Mary Ella Fuller, and had English ancestry.

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John F. Kennedy, Jr.

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Birth Name: John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr.

Date of Birth: November 25, 1960

Place of Birth: Washington, D.C.

Date of Death: July 16, 1999

Place of Death: Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard

*Irish, remote Scottish (father)
*Irish, smaller amounts of French, English, German, Scottish, and remote Dutch (mother)

John F. Kennedy, Jr. was an American socialite, journalist, magazine publisher, and lawyer. His parents were U.S. president John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Jacqueline Lee (Bouvier) Kennedy Onassis. His nephew, the son of his sister Caroline Kennedy, is Jack Schlossberg.

His father was of Irish ancestry, along with remote Scottish roots. His mother was of Irish, smaller amounts of French, English, German, and Scottish, and remote Dutch, ancestry. One of John, Jr.’s great-great-great-great-grandmothers, Elizabeth Sarah Mohler, was born in Hanover, Germany.

John’s paternal grandparents were Joseph Patrick Kenndy (the son of Patrick Joseph Kennedy and Mary Augusta Hickey) and Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald (the daughter of John Francis Fitzgerald and Mary Josephine Hannon).

John’s maternal grandfather was John Vernou Bouvier III (the son of John Vernou Bouvier, Jr. and Maude Frances Sergeant). John Bouvier, Jr. was the son of John Vernou Bouvier I and Caroline Maslin Ewing. Maude was the daughter of William R. Sergeant and Edith W. Mathilda Leaman.

John’s maternal grandmother was Janet Norton Lee (the daughter of James Thomas Lee and Margaret A. Merritt). James was the son of James Lee and Mary Norton, and was of Irish descent. Margaret was the daughter of Thomas Merritt and Maria Curry, who were both Irish.

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Ian Somerhalder

by ethnic on June 23, 2009

Birth Name: Ian Joseph Somerhalder

Place of Birth: Covington Louisiana, United States

Date of Birth: December 8, 1978

Ethnicity: English, 1/4 Cajun (French), as well as smaller amounts of Northern Irish (Scots-Irish), Scottish, Welsh

Ian Somerhalder is an American actor and model. He is famous for his role as Boone Carlyle on the series Lost. Ian is married to actress and writer Nikki Reed.

Ian has English, one quarter Cajun (French), as well as smaller amounts of Northern Irish (Scots-Irish), Scottish, and Welsh ancestry. Ian has said that the surname “Somerhalder” was that of his grandfather’s stepfather, Jacob Emile Somerhalder. Ian has said that his mother has Choctaw Native American ancestry. It is not clear if this Choctaw Native American ancestry has been verified/documented.

Ian’s paternal grandparents were Robert Emile Somerhalder (the son of Nancy Eveline Wood and a man whose surname was said to be “Hull”) and Carmel Blanchard (the daughter of August “Gus” Blanchard and Jeanne Marguerite Guillot). According to Ian, his great-grandfather Robert received his surname from Jacob Emile Somerhalder, who was evidently his stepfather and not his biological father. Carmel was of Cajun (French) descent.

Ian’s maternal grandparents were Carlie Barton Israel, Sr. (the son of John Randolph Dowdy Israel and Johnnie Victoria Brumfield) and Ruby Lucille Cooper (the daughter of Ethod Ocie Cooper and Pearline “Pearly” Rushing). John Israel’s father was born John Jacob Dowdy, and had changed his name to John Jacob Israel, while living in Arkansas.

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Nikki Reed

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Birth Name: Nicole Houston Reed

Place of Birth: West Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: May 17, 1988

*3/4 Ashkenazi Jewish, 1/4 German (father)
*Italian, Cherokee (mother)

Nikki Reed is an American actress, musician, model, and writer. She is famous for starring in, and co-writing, the 2003 film Thirteen. Nikki is married to actor and model Ian Somerhalder.

Nikki’s father, Seth Reed, is of three quarters Ashkenazi Jewish (from the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Russia), and one quarter German, descent. Nikki has stated that her mother, Cheryl Houston, has Italian and Cherokee Native American ancestry. The surname Houston is generally of English origin; it is not clear if Nikki’s mother has English ancestry.

While she is not religious, Nikki has described herself as Jewish (her brother was Bar Mitzvah).

Nikki’s paternal grandfather is John August Reed (the son of Orrel Phillipius/Philip Reed and Frieda/Freida Kristina Biehle). Orrel was born in Ohio, to David Fredrick Reed and Molly/Mollie Sampliner, who were Jewish immigrants from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Freida was also born in Ohio, the daughter of August Frederick Biehle and Christina Fredricka Mussler, immigrants from Alsace and Germany (who were of non-Jewish background). Freida’s brother was modernist painter August Biehle (August Frederick Biehle, Jr.).

Nikki’s paternal grandmother was Laurel “Laurie” Rose Mattlin (the daughter of Moses Oscar Mattlin and Fayette Yelsky). Laurel was born in Ohio. Moses and Fayette was Russian Jewish immigrants.

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