Birth Name: Megan Denise Fox

Birth Place: Rockwood, Tennessee, USA

Ethnicity: English, as well as smaller amounts of Scottish, German, French, Northern Irish (Scots-Irish), possibly 1/256th Powhatan Native American

Megan Fox is an American actress and model. She is famous for her roles in the films Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and Transformers. Fox is sometimes described as having “exotic looks”.

Megan has mainly English, as well as smaller amounts of Scottish, German, French, Northern Irish (Scots-Irish), and evidently remote Powhatan Native American, ancestry.

Referring to herself possibly playing a Cherokee superhero, Rainmaker, in Gen 13, Megan stated:

“She’s a Native American and I have a little bit of that blood in me,” she said. “It would be a bit of a stretch – but if Jake Gyllenhaal can be the Prince of Persia, I think that I can do that.”

Megan’s great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother, Mary Powhatan, was said to be Native American, and of the Powhatan tribe. This ancestry comes through Megan’s paternal grandmother. If this is accurate, it would make Megan of 1/256 Native American ancestry. No other Native American ancestry has been documented on any of Megan’s publicly available family trees.

Megan’s paternal grandparents were Euel Massie Fox (the son of James Earl Fox and Nila Dell Warf) and Vivian Vier (the daughter of Shellie V. Vier and Maud F. Simerly). One of Euel’s ancestors, born in the 1700s, Capt. Peter Thompson, was born in Scotland. Megan has German ancestry through Vivian’s ancestor, Joseph Teffeteller (making Megan of at least 1/64th German descent). Megan also has very distant German ancestry from another of Vivian’s lines (through her Rainbolt and Grindstaff / Crantzdorf ancestors).

Megan’s maternal grandparents were Clay Cisson (the son of William Harrison Cisson and Eva Hale) and Thelma Macel Nelson (the daughter of James R. Nelson and Dailey Nelson). James R. Nelson and Dailey Nelson were first cousins, once removed.

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Days Of The Dead Los Angeles Convention - Day 2

Birth Name: Thomas Edward Sizemore, Jr.

Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan

Date of Birth: November 29, 1961

Ethnicity: English, German, Scottish, French, possibly other

Tom Sizemore is an American actor.

He has English, German, Scottish, and French ancestry.

In his book autobiography, Tom states that his maternal grandfather’s mother, Nina, was a Native American. It is not clear if this statement has been verified. Tom’s maternal grandfather is listed as “White” on the 1940 U.S. Census, but that does not mean that he did not have non-white ancestry.

Tom’s paternal grandparents were Blevins Sizemore and Vina King.

Tom’s maternal grandparents were Samuel Schannault (the son of John Oliver Chennault and Nina/Effie Tompkins) and Mildred Dean Hayes (the daughter of Robert Leslie Hayes and Lonetta “Nettie” Anderson).

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Birth Name: Marie Jana Korbel

Place of Birth: Prague, Czech Republic

Date of Birth: May 15, 1937

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Type/Color: Brown

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Madeleine Albright is an American political figure. She was the first female Secretary of State of the U.S. (serving from 1997 to 2001). She is the daughter of Josef Korbel and Anna Spiegelova, Czech Jews who converted to Catholicism during the Holocaust.

Madeleine’s paternal grandparents were Ernst Körbel (the son of Josef Körbel and Auguste Lustig) and Olga Ptáček (the daughter of Moritz Ptaček and Minna).

Madeleine’s maternal grandparents were Alfred Spiegel (the son of Alois Spiegel and Frantiska Ledec/Ledetsch) and Ruzena Salus (the daughter of Emil Salus and Klara Offer).

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Birth Name: Brian Todd Collins

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA

Date of Birth: April 1, 1986

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Type/Color: Black


Kid Ink is an American rapper from Los Angeles, CA. He is known for his #1 hit Show Me with singer Chris Brown. He’s also known for many tattoos all over his body. That’s why he’s called Kid Ink. He has two step brothers, two step sisters and an older brother. Singer Julian Alexander from a group called The Rangers is one of his brothers also.



"Transcendence" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Birth Name: Cole Kenneth Hauser

Place of Birth: Santa Barbara, California

Date of Birth: March 22, 1975

*German, Belgian (Walloon), French (father)
*Ashkenazi Jewish (mother)

Cole Hauser is an American actor. He is the son of actor Wings Hauser (born Gerald Dwight Hauser) and producer Cass Warner (born Debora Cassie Sperling).

Cole’s father has German, Belgian (Walloon), and French ancestry. Cole’s mother is from a Jewish family (from Austria, Russia, and Poland).

Cole’s paternal grandparents were Dwight Arthur Hauser, a screenwriter (the son of Arthur H. Hauser and Elsie Reith/Ruth Evans), and Geraldine Helen Thienes (the daughter of Thomas Lavelle Thienes and Irene Geraldine Paulet).

Cole’s maternal grandparents were Milton Sperling, a film producer and screenwriter (the son of Charles Sperling and Bessie Diamond), and Betty Warner (the daughter of famous film mogul Harry M. Warner, born Hirsch Moses Wonsal, and Rea Levinson). Charles was an Austrian Jewish immigrant. Bessie was a Russian Jewish immigrant. Harry was a Polish Jewish immigrant, born in Krasnosielc, to Benjamin Wonsal and Pearl Leah Eichelbaum. Rea was born in England, to Louis Levinson and Jennie Sevison, who were Russian Jewish immigrants.

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Marielle Jaffe

April 18, 2014

Birth Name: Jaclyn Marielle Jaffe Place of Birth: Valencia, California Date of Birth: June 23, 1989 Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish, German, English, with smaller amounts of French, Swiss-French Marielle Jaffe is an American actress. Marielle’s paternal great-grandfather was Jewish, and Marielle’s maternal grandfather was Jewish as well (their Ashkenazi families were from Russia, Lithuania, and Poland). […]

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