Hillary Clinton

by ethnic on August 9, 2015

Birth Name: Hillary Diane Rodham

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Date of Birth: October 26, 1947

*English, Welsh (father)
*Welsh, English, Scottish, French, French-Canadian, remote Dutch and Swiss-French (mother)

Hillary Clinton, also known as Hillary Rodham Clinton, is an American politician. She is the Democratic Party’s 2016 nominee for President of the United States. Tim Kaine is her Vice Presidential nominee. Hillary is the first woman nominated for the Presidency by a major American political party.

Hillary, a Democrat, has served as a U.S. Senator from New York, from January 3, 2001 to January 21, 2009, and as U.S. Secretary of State, from January 21, 2009 to February 1, 2013, and was a candidate for the Democratic Party’s nomination for President of the United States in 2008. Hillary is married to President Bill Clinton, and, as such, was First Lady of the United States, from January 20, 1993 to January 20, 2001. The couple’s daughter is Chelsea Clinton.

Hillary’s father, Hugh Ellsworth Rodham, was of English and Welsh descent. Hillary’s mother, Dorothy Emma (Howell), had Welsh, English, Scottish, French, French-Canadian, and remote Dutch and Swiss-French, ancestry.

Seven of Hillary’s eight great-grandparents were born outside of the United States.

In her autobiography, Living History (2004), Hillary stated that her maternal grandmother was of part Native American ancestry. The official website of the National First Ladies’ Library lists Hillary as having Native American ancestry. However, no Native American (or Native Canadian) ancestry has ever been documented/verified for Hillary Clinton.

The website wargs.com wrote Hillary’s ancestral lineage out as such, with approximate fractions:

*43.75% English
*31.25% Welsh
*13.28% Scottish
*11.62% French/French-Canadian
*0.1% Dutch
*0.05% Swiss-French

Hillary’s paternal grandfather was Hugh Simpson Rodham (the son of Jonathan Rodham and Isabella Simpson Bell). Hugh was born in Kyo, Durham, England, to parents who were also from Durham. Jonathan was the son of Joseph Rodham and Elizabeth Scurfield. Isabella was the daughter of Thomas Bell and Elizabeth Dawson.

Hillary’s paternal grandmother was Hannah “Anna” Jones (the daughter of William Jones and Mary A. Griffiths). Hannah was born in Pennsylvania, to Welsh parents. Her mother was from Merthyr Tydfil in Wales.

Hillary’s maternal grandfather was Edwin John Howell, Jr. (the son of Edwin John Howell and Emma Josephine Monk). Edwin, Jr. was born in Illinois. Hillary’s great-grandfather Edwin was born in Bristol, Gloucester, England, the son of Edwin Howell and Jane Sophia Babb. Hillary’s great-grandmother Emma was born in Canada, the daughter of John H. Monk, whose parents were English, and of Sarah Abbs, who was English.

Hillary’s maternal grandmother was Della Murray (the daughter of Daniel Murray/Murry and Delia Martin). Delia was born in Michigan, to Antoine Martin, who was French, and to Mary Anne Frances McDougall, who was born in Windsor, Ontario, and had French-Canadian, as well as Scottish, and very distant Dutch, ancestry.

Hillary’s step-grandfather was Max Rosenberg, a Russian Jewish immigrant. Max married Hillary’s maternal grandmother, Della Murray, and the couple had a daughter, Adeline (Rosenberg) Friedman. Adeline formally converted to Judaism later in life, after marrying a Jewish man, Clarence Friedman.

Hillary’s brother, Tony Rodham, was married to Nicole Boxer, the daughter of U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, and the two have a son.

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Tim Kaine

by follers on July 19, 2015

Birth Name: Timothy Michael Kaine

Place of Birth: St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 26, 1958

*81.25% Irish
*18.75% Scottish

Tim Kaine is an American politician. He is the Democratic Party’s 2016 nominee for Vice President of the United States, while Hillary Clinton is their nominee for President.

A Democrat, he has served as a U.S. Senator from Virginia, since January 3, 2013. He was previously the 76th Mayor of Richmond, Virginia, from July 1, 1998 to September 10, 2001, the 38th Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, from January 12, 2002 to January 14, 2006, the 70th Governor of Virginia, from January 14, 2006 to January 16, 2010, and a Chair of the Democratic National Committee, from January 21, 2009 to April 5, 2011.

Tim is the son of Mary Kathleen (Burns) and Albert Alexander Kaine, Jr. His father was of Scottish and Irish descent. His mother is of Irish ancestry. Tim is married to Anne Holton, who has served as Virginia Secretary of Education, since 2014, and whose father, A. Linwood Holton, Jr., was Governor of Virginia, from 1970 to 1974.

Tim’s paternal grandfather was Albert Alexander Kaine (the son of Alexander “Alex” Kane/Kaine and Isabella/Isabelle Potts). Albert was born in Kansas, to Scottish parents. Tim’s great-grandfather Alexander was born in Campsie, Stirlingshire, to Peter Kane, who was born in Ireland, and Jane/Jean King, from Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland. Tim’s great-grandmother Isabella was born in Cavers, Scottish Borders, the daughter of William Potts and Isabella Patterson Hermiston.

Tim’s paternal grandmother was Annabella/Annella/Ann Ellen Mary Farrell (the daughter of Patrick John Farrell and Mary Catherine Fleming). Annabella was born in Kansas. Patrick was Irish, from Donnybrook, Dublin, the son of Patrick Farrell and Mary Milnamow, both from Longford. Mary Catherine was born in Ontario, Canada, to an Irish father, Thomas Patrick Fleming, from Kilkenny, and a mother, Elizabeth Downey, who was born in Ontario, to Irish parents.

Tim’s maternal grandfather was Leo M. Burns (the son of Michael F. Burns and Bridget “Bridgie”). Michael was born in Illinois, to Irish parents, Patrick Burns and Sarah. Bridget was born in Missouri, also to Irish parents.

Tim’s maternal grandmother was Pauline A. Mannion/Manion (the daughter of Thomas Patrick Mannion and Mary A. Hannan). Thomas was born in Missouri, to Irish parents, John Manion and Margaret Gormley, both from Galway. Mary A. was born in Illinois, also to Irish parents, Richard Hannan, from Stranorlar, County Donegal, and Mary Elizabeth Sullivan, from Waterford, Waterford City.

Sources: Genealogies of Tim Kaine – http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com


Chelsea Clinton

by follers on May 22, 2015

NEW YORK-FEB 5: Chelsea Clinton attends the 2014 amfAR New York

Birth Name: Chelsea Victoria Clinton

Place of Birth: Little Rock, Arkansas

Date of Birth: February 27, 1980

Ethnicity: Welsh, English, Scottish, Scots-Irish (Northern Irish), Irish, German, Swiss-German, French, French-Canadian, remote French Huguenot, Dutch, and Swiss-French

Chelsea Clinton is the daughter of Bill Clinton (born William Jefferson Blythe III), who was President of the United States from 1993 to 2001, and Hillary Clinton (born Hillary Diane Rodham), who was Secretary of State of the U.S. from 2009 to 2013. She works for the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative, and was previously a TV correspondent.

Chelsea is married to investment banker Marc Mezvinsky. Chelsea’s religion is Methodist, like her mother. She is in an interfaith marriage with Marc, who is Jewish.

Both of Chelsea’s parents have stated that they have some degree of Native American ancestry. To date, no Native American ancestry has been documented/verified in the family trees of either of Chelsea’s parents.

Chelsea’s paternal grandfather was William Jefferson Blythe, Jr. (the son of William Jefferson Blythe and Lou Birchie Ayers). Chelsea’s great-grandfather William was the son of Henry Patton Foote Blythe and Frances “Fannie” Ellen Hines. Lou was the daughter of Simpson “Dick” Green Ayers and Hattie Hayes.

Chelsea’s paternal grandmother was Virginia Dell Cassidy (the daughter of James Eldridge Cassidy and Edith Valeria Grisham). James was the son of James Monroe Cassidy and Sarah Louisa Russell. Edith was the daughter of Lemma/Lemar Newell Grisham and Edna Earl Adams.

Chelsea’s maternal grandfather was Hugh Ellsworth Rodham (the son of Hugh Simpson Rodham and Hannah “Anna” Jones). Chelsea’s great-grandfather Hugh was born in Kyo, Durham, England, the son of Jonathan Rodham and Isabella Simpson Bell. Hannah was born in Pennsylvania, to Welsh parents, William Jones and Mary A. Griffiths.

Chelsea’s maternal grandmother was Dorothy Emma Howell (the daughter of Edwin John Howell, Jr. and Della Murray). Edwin was the son of Edwin John Howell and Emma Josephine Monk. Della was the daughter of Daniel Murray/Murry and Delia Martin.

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Marc Mezvinsky

by follers on June 16, 2014

2009 Clinton Global Initiative - Day 4 - Closing Session with Hillary Clinton

Date of Birth: December 15, 1977

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Marc Mezvinsky is an American investment banker. He co-founded the hedge fund Eaglevale Partners. Marc is married to executive Chelsea Clinton.

Marc is the son of politicians Marjorie Margolies and Edward Mezvinsky. His parents, Democrats, were both Members of the U.S. House of Representatives, his father, from Iowa, from January 3, 1973 to January 3, 1977, and his mother, from Pennsylvania, from January 3, 1993 to January 3, 1995.

Marc was raised in Conservative Judaism. His family is from Russia, Poland, and Germany.

Marc is in an interfaith marriage with Chelsea, who is Methodist.

Marc’s paternal grandfather was Abe Mezvinsky (the son of Nathan Mezvinsky and Yenta Osherenko). Abe was born in Russia. Nathan was the son of William Mezvinsky. Yetta was the daughter of Joseph Osherenko.

Marc’s paternal grandmother was Fannie Grundman (the daughter of David B. Grundman and Ester Dominitz). Fannie was born in Poland, to a father from Russia and a mother who was born in Sukow, Mecklenburg-West Pommerania, Germany. David was the son of Harry Grundman and Anna.

Marc’s maternal grandfather was Herbert Margolies (the son of Philip Margolies and Mary). Herbert was born in Pennsylvania, to parents from Russia.

Marc’s maternal grandmother was Mildred Harrison (the daughter of Charles R. Harrison and Sadie Sostman). Charles was born in Minnesota, to Raphael I. Harrison, who was born in Poland, and Minnie Peiser, who was born in Hanover, Germany. Sadie was born in Pennsylvania, to parents from Germany, Julius Sostman and Bertha Herzstein, with her father being from Emmerthal, Lower Saxony.

Source: Genealogy Marc Mezvinsky – https://www.geni.com

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Bill Clinton

by ethnic on October 5, 2013

Birth Name: William Jefferson Blythe III

Place of Birth: Hope, Arkansas, United States

Date of Birth: August 19, 1946

Ethnicity: English, as well as Scots-Irish (Northern Irish), Irish, German, Swiss-German, and Scottish, distant French Huguenot

Bill Clinton is an American politician. A Democrat, he served as the President of the United States, January 20, 1993 to January 20, 2001. He was previously the 50th Attorney General of Arkansas, from January 3, 1977 to January 9, 1979, and Governor of Arkansas, from January 9, 1979 to January 19, 1981, and again from January 11, 1983 to December 12, 1992. His wife is politician Hillary Clinton. Their daughter is Chelsea Clinton.

President Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe III, the son of Virginia Dell (Cassidy) and William Jefferson Blythe, Jr. He took on the surname of his stepfather, Roger M. Clinton. President Clinton’s ancestry includes English, as well as Scots-Irish (Northern Irish), Irish, German, Swiss-German, Scottish, and distant French Huguenot. Many of his ancestors had lived in the United States, specifically in the American South, for many generations.

President Clinton’s paternal grandfather was William Jefferson Blythe (the son of Henry Patton Foote Blythe and Frances “Fannie” Ellen Hines). Henry was the son of Thomas Jefferson Blythe and Esther Elvira Baum. Frances was the daughter of John Francis Hines and Eliza Ellen Emily Lockhart.

President Clinton’s paternal grandmother was Lou Birchie Ayers (the daughter of Simpson “Dick” Green Ayers and Hattie Hayes). Simpson was the son of Asa Ayres, who was born in Ireland, and of Olivia Vessells. Hattie was possibly the daughter of William Andrew Hayes and Elizabeth Carolin.

President Clinton’s maternal grandfather was James Eldridge Cassidy (the son of James Monroe Cassidy and Sarah Louisa Russell). President Clinton’s great-grandfather James was the son of George Washington Cassidy and Nancy Ann Josephine Snelgrove. Sarah was the daughter of William James Russell and Mary Elizabeth Spradley.

President Clinton’s maternal grandmother was Edith Valeria Grisham (the daughter of Lemma/Lemar Newell Grisham and Edna Earl Adams). Lemma was the son of James B. Gresham/Grisham and Hattie Rebecca Mitchell. Edna was the daughter of Martin Franklin Adams and Sarah Jane May.

President Clinton has evidently stated that one of his great-great-grandparents was a Cherokee Native American. No Native American ancestry, Cherokee or otherwise, has been documented/verified for President Clinton by genealogists.

Sources: Genealogies of President Bill Clinton – http://www.wargs.com


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December 29, 2012

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May 27, 2012

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January 14, 2012

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July 28, 2016

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