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Birth Name: Ryan John Seacrest

Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.

Date of Birth: December 24, 1974

Ethnicity: German, Swiss-German, distant Irish

Ryan Seacrest is an American radio personality, television host, and producer. He has been the host of American Idol, among other ventures.

He was raised in Atlanta. His parents are from Pennsylvania. Ryan’s ancestry is mostly German and Swiss-German. He also has distant Irish roots.

Ryan’s paternal grandfather was John Alton Seacrest (the son of Samuel Mack Seacrest and Amelia Margaret Strimatter/Strittmatter). Ryan’s grandfather John was born in Pennsylvania. Samuel was the son of John C. Secrest/Seacrest and Charlotte A. Hoeflich.

Ryan’s paternal grandmother was Virginia May Robinson (the daughter of Howard Ralphord/Ralpard Robinson and Margaret Marie Hartman). Virginia was born in Pennsylvania. Howard was the son of Charles Augustus Robison and Mary Barbra Readle.

Ryan’s maternal grandfather is Merle Elwood Zullinger (the son of Paul Kenneth Zullinger and Eva May/Maye Hassler). Paul was the son of Harry Warren Zullinger and Anna Blanche Keefer Newton. Eva was the daughter of James Washington Hassler and Clara Ann Schultz.

Ryan’s maternal grandmother is Pauline A./E. Kean (the daughter of Earl Hull Kean and Mary Catherine Koser). Earl was the son of Charles Albert Kean and Annie Mary Burkhart. Ryan’s great-grandmother Mary Catherine was the daughter of Charles Emerson Koser and Anna Susanna Wagner.

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. Thenabster says:

    Does he have any English or Scottish in him

  2. luckystar says:

    He looks very German. He does not look Euro mutt.

  3. andrew says:

    His ancestry is heavily German. Earl Hull Kean descends from James Kean, born c.1780, in Ireland. I think Ryan has also a few English ancestors.


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