Magdalena Andersson

Birth Name: Eva Magdalena Andersson

Place of Birth: Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden

Date of Birth: 23 January, 1967

Ethnicity: Swedish

Magdalena Andersson is a Swedish politician. She has served as Prime Minister of Sweden, since 30 November, 2021, and leader of the Social Democratic Party, since 4 November, 2021. She has also been Minister for Finance, from 3 October, 2014 to 30 November, 2021, and a member of the Riksdag, representing Stockholm County, since 29 September, 2014.

Her father, Göran Bror Erik Andersson, was a lecturer of statistics at Uppsala University. Her mother, Elsa Birgitta (Granell), is a teacher. Magdalena is married to economics professor Richard Hans Christian Friberg, with whom she has two children.

Magdalena’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced to her eighth great-grandfather, Lars Jonsson (1634, Älvdalen, Dalarna – 13 June 1697, Älvdalen, Dalarna).

Magdalena’s paternal grandfather was Back Erik Arvid Andersson (the son of Matts Andersson and Maria Carolina Olsson). Arvid was born in Älvdalen, Dalarna. Matts was the son of Anders Andersson and Marit Mattsdotter. Maria was the daughter of Olof Olsson and Margit Andersdotter.

Magdalena’s paternal grandmother was Helfrid Ellen Ingeborg Lindén (the daughter of Per Nilsson Lindén and Gustava Jakobina Svedlund). Helfrid was born in Sollerön, Dalarna. Per was the son of Nils Olsson and Margta Eriksdotter. Gustava was the daughter of Anders Gustaf Svedlund and Sofia Jacobina Grytzell.

Magdalena’s maternal grandfather was Gustaf Ragnar Granell (the son of Per Teodor Grahn and Emma Matilda Israelsdotter). Gustaf was born in Vintrosa, Örebro. Per Teodor was the son of Anders Grahn and Lovisa Andersdotter. Emma was the daughter of Israel Jansson and Maria Andersdotter.

Magdalena’s maternal grandmother was Berta Linnéa Hallqvist (the daughter of Karl Jansson, later Hallqvist, and of Olga Hallqvist). Berta was born in Finnerödja, Örebro. Karl was the son of Johan Peter Jansson and Johanna Christina Jonsdotter. Olga was the daughter of Gustaf Svensson Hallqvist and Andrietta Rasmusson.

Magdalena’s matrilineal ancestry can be traced back to her fourth great-grandmother, Karin Jonsdotter.

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