Hjalmar Hammarskjöld

Birth Name: Knut Hjalmar Leonard Hammarskjöld

Date of Birth: 4 February, 1862

Place of Birth: Tuna, Småland, United Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway

Date of Death: 12 October, 1953

Place of Death: Stockholm, Sweden

Ethnicity: Swedish, some German (including Baltic German), distant Scottish, as well as remote Finnish, Belgian [Flemish and Walloon], Danish, Dutch, English, European Royal, and Russian

Hjalmar Hammarskjöld was a Swedish politician, scholar, and cabinet minister. He served as Prime Minister of Sweden, from 17 February, 1914 to 30 March, 1917.

He was the son of Maria Lovisa Cecilia “Mimmi” Wilhelmina (Coster) and Knut Wilhelm Hammarskjöld. Prime Minister Hammarskjöld was married to Agnes Maria Carolina Almquist, until her death. They had four children, including lawyer and diplomat Åke Hammarskjöld, and economist and diplomat Dag Hammarskjöld, who was the second Secretary-General of the United Nations, from 10 April, 1953 to 18 September, 1961.

Prime Minister Hammarskjöld’s paternal grandfather was Carl Åke Hammarskjöld (the son of Carl Gustaf Hammarskjöld and Catharina Mariana Breitholtz). Prime Minister Hammarskjöld’s grandfather Carl was born in Tuna, Kalmar. Prime Minister Hammarskjöld’s great-grandfather Carl was the son of Carl Hammarskjöld and Catharina Planting-Bergloo. Prime Minister Hammarskjöld’s great-grandmother Catharina was the daughter of Claes Didrik Breitholtz and Eleonora Andersdotter von Koskull.

Prime Minister Hammarskjöld’s paternal grandmother was Charlotta Eleonora Rääf (the daughter of Leonard Henrik Rääf and Hedvig Charlotta Grönhagen). Prime Minister Hammarskjöld’s grandmother Charlotta was born in Tommestorp, Kisa, Östergötland. Leonard was the son of Adam Johan Rääf and Brita Greta Oldenburg. Hedvig was the daughter of Adam Fredrik Grönhagen and Ulrika Charlotta von Olthoff.

Prime Minister Hammarskjöld’s maternal grandfather was Fredrik Bernhard Cöster (the son of Hans Peter Cöster and Beata Maria Agrell). Fredrik was born in Halmstad, Halland. Hans was the son of Fredrik Vilhelm Cöster and Katarina Cecilia Cöster. Beata was the daughter of Olof Bernhard Agrell and Benedikta Christina Schough.

Prime Minister Hammarskjöld’s maternal grandmother was Ebba Eleonora Charlotta Iserhielm (the daughter of Carl Johan Iserhielm and Lovisa Gustava von Köhler). Ebba was born in Stockholm. Carl was the son of Carl Vilhelm Iserhielm and Ulrika Eleonora von Kochen. Lovisa was the daughter of Axel Johan von Köhler and Carolina Brita Carleson.

Source: Genealogy of Hjalmar Hammarskjöld – https://www.geni.com

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