Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Grande in 2011, s_bukley /

Birth Name: Ariana Grande-Butera

Place of Birth: Boca Raton, Florida, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 26, 1993

Ethnicity: Italian [including Sicilian]

Ariana Grande is an American singer and actress. She has starred on the shows Victorious, Sam & Cat, and Scream Queens, and appeared in the film Don’t Look Up. Her most popular songs include “The Way,” “Problem,” “Break Free,” “Bang Bang,” “Love Me Harder,” “Focus,” “Dangerous Woman,” “Side to Side,” “No Tears Left to Cry,” “God Is a Woman,” “Thank U, Next,” “7 Rings,” “Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored,” “Boyfriend,” “Stuck with U,” “Rain on Me,” “Positions,” “Save Your Tears,” and “Die for You.”

Her mother, Joan Grande, has been CEO of the family firm, a manufacturer of communications and safety equipment. Her father, Edward Butera, owns a graphic design firm. Her parents are of Italian descent. She stated on her Twitter account that she is of half Sicilian and half Abruzzese Italian ancestry. Her maternal half-brother, Frankie Grande, is an actor, dancer, and musician. A picture of Ariana’s father can be seen here, and a picture of some of her father’s family can be seen here. A picture of Ariana’s mother can be seen here. A picture of Ariana’s paternal grandfather can be seen here, and a picture of Ariana with her maternal grandparents can be seen here.

Ariana’s paternal grandfather was Anthony Vincent Charles Butera (the son of Carlos/Charles Antonio Butera and Marie/Mary Passalaqua/Passalacqua). Anthony was born in New Jersey. Ariana’s great-grandfather Charles was born in New Jersey, to Italian parents, Antonino Butera and Magherita Azzara/Azzala, from Menfi, Provincia di Agrigento, Sicily. Marie was Italian. The surname Butera is Sicilian.

Ariana’s paternal grandmother was Florence P. Citrano (the daughter of Enrico “Henry” Cetrano and Lucia “Lucy” Ciarfella). Florence was born in Newark, New Jersey, to Italian emigrants, from Civitaquana, Abruzzo. Enrico was the son of Carmine Cetrano and Giulia/Julia Trabucco. Lucia was the daughter of Ascenzio Ciarfella and Margherita Taddeo.

Ariana’s maternal grandfather was Frank Anthony Grande (the son of Antonio “Anthony” Grande and Filomena/Felmino “Philomena”/”Phyllis” Lavenditti). Frank was born in New York, to Italian parents. Antonio was born, c. 1900, the son of Raffaela/Raffaele V. Grande (b. 1876) and Sabato/Rose Cardalisca (b. July 1877, in Lanciano, Province of Chieti, Abruzzo, Italy), and moved to the U.S. in May 1903. Ariana’s great-grandmother Filomena was the daughter of Francesco Lavenditti/La Venditti and Benedetta Perrotti. Ariana’s grandfather also had roots in Bojano and Gildone, in Campobasso.

Ariana’s maternal grandmother is Marjorie M. Damico (the daughter of John Viovanni Damico/D’Amico and Felomina F. “Minnie” Gigante). Marjorie was born in New York, to Italian parents, with roots in San Fele, Potenza, Basilicata.

Ariana also once twitted that she “just found out my grandparents are heavily greek and part north African,” and then specified “…the chart says Greece/Italy. I just thought it was funny. I’m assuming the North African bit is Moroccan or Tunisia?”

Ariana’s reference to “the chart” makes it likely that she took some sort of DNA test to map out her heritage. DNA tests for people of Sicilian descent sometimes indicate some kind of Greek or North African ancestry.

Ariana Grande 41st Annual American Music Awards - Arrivals

Grande in 2013, photo by

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Ariana’s half-brother, Frankie Grande, 2008, photo by


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. follers says:

    Ariana Grande is so ethnically mysterious and ambiguous. What could she be? Is she Latina, black, what? Her very existence is a brain twister.

  2. fuzzybear44 says:


    ” Also there’s no proof either way about what color Ariana or Jimmy particular ancestors were.” hahaha bizarre
    Ariana grande doesnt have any Sub-Saharan African ancestry, and youre really wondering that stupid thing.
    North african and Middle eastern are caucasian, they are a different haplogroup than black sub saharan. :)
    If you have some black on you, then you test will show sub saharan ancestry, ask Mariah carey


    I couldn’t reply to your comment directly because of some site problem, so I’ll put it here

    First I never said Ariana had Sub-Saharan blood nor was I wondering anything about her. I said there was no way of telling what those ancestors who contributed that 2% looked like. I was right when I said that ancestor could have looked black, white or in between. Being part of a different haplogroups don’t mean your outward appearance is different. Also, Sub-Sahara African has some of the same Haplogroups as North Africa . Japan has multiple haplogroups(yet the people look similar) so does Europe, so why would Africa be different. In Sub-Sahara, you can have 3 or 4 different Haplogroups within people of the same group, yet they all look alike . North Africans are called Caucasian today, but all the way up until the early 1900’s, they were listed as Negros. The slave laws of the U.S. between 1740- 1848 were very clear about that. There were and are plenty of blacks or blackish people in North African always have been (non slaves).The Almoravid dynasty That ruled Spain and builted Marrakech were black Berbers for sure, everyone agrees on that. You have black Berbers all over North Africa , and in its history. Multiple Sultans of morocco were Black without a doubt like(Abu al-Hasan Ali ibn Othman and Abu Inan Faris) .They’re just not promoted like the lighter skin one are. Many Berber groups were also pushed to the Southern parts of the countries. I’ve shown all this before, And can show different images now. Like these old images here from Tunisa :

    (North African and Middle eastern are Caucasian)

    Being called a Caucasian seems to be more political, than actually phenotypical. All North Africans and Arabs are called that no matter what they look like. As I said, They weren’t even listed as Caucasian until the early 1900’s. Although the Moor Sundry Act gave Moors their white privilege, only the Syrians and Lebanese petition to be seen as white, not the whole Middle East. These people here are Arabs, who would be seen as a Caucasian:
    These Bedouin Men
    Do they look Caucasian to you

    • luckystar says:


      no, only sub saharan people are NEGROID, and she has nothing to do with it. She is only Italian/Greek and a bit Arabe, like many people on Italy, so 100% caucasian.

    • luckystar says:
      These Bedouin Men
      Do they look Caucasian to you”

      Of course there are black people in North africa but they are not majority and they do not constitute the ethnicity of the people. These Bedouin men clearly does have sub saharan genes, it could show in some 23andme, Ariana grande do not.

      • fuzzybear44 says:

        @ Lucky

        Well first just for the record, Negro wasn’t even referring to Sub-Saharan Africans. It was referring to North Africans

        (The Negro Laws)

        SECTION 4 The term Negro is confined to slave Africans (The ancient Berbers) and their descendants. It does not embrace the free inhabitants of Africa, such as the Egyptians, Moors, or the Negro Asiatics, such as Lascars.

        This law was put in place, because the first slaves taken were actually North African Arab Berbers, and not West Africans

        Also as far as black people not being the majority, you’re looking at today population. Generations ago ,North Africa was a must different place. Especially at the time of whatever ancient of hers lived, populations do change. Plus many of the North Africans look mixed with black , and the DnA says so. So how could they be 100% white

        Quote(only sub saharan people are NEGROID)

        So all those white people who live in the Sub-Sahara area, are Negroid . I mean it makes about as much sense as all those black people in North African, here in the U.S. and the Middle East being called Caucasian

        As I said, it’s more political, than actually phenotypical

        Now as for the These Bedouin men from the Middle East. You say they may have some Sub-saharan genes. Well big surprise, most of the Middle East has some Sub or East African genes. Also Contrary to popular belief, many blacks groups are actually indigenous to the Middle East and their DNA is Eurasian. Which makes sense seeing that They were the first people in the place Also thanks to the in and out migration, almost all (if not all) Sub-Saharan Africans have Eurasian DNA.The blacks that were Indigenous to North Africa, wouldn’t have Sub-Saharan blood .Now for the black arabs of the Middle east and North Africa, it doesn’t matter if the have Sub-Saharan genes,they’re still labeled CAUCASIAN even when it’s plain that they are not.
        this man here from Libya whose DNA is north African seen as Caucasian:

        Also from what was said above, Ariana wasn’t to clear about her africa dna, other people just filled in the blanks

        • andrew says:

          fuzzybear, let me say…you’re a fool. We know your agenda. How many times you have to show that Egyptian man and those nomadic people…North Africans mainly live on the Mediterranean coast and don’t look like that, if you’re so curious about North African phenotypes you just have to watch tv, Salah Abdeslam is an extremely common North African guy. Btw North Africa is a big place and not all the people look the same. Riffian Berbers and Kabyle Berbers sometimes have light features and a pseudo-European look while Egypt has a lot of SSA-admixed people. About the Census, if Diddy’s stepson in America is “black” (he looks uber North African), millions of North Africans would be listed as “black”.

          • andrew says:

            also despite North Africans are on average very different looking from any European group, there’s a huge gap between them and Sub-Sarahan people. I meet people from both groups (NA and SSA) every day, so I know.

          • fuzzybear44 says:


            I was wondering when you would jump in, but Name calling really? My agenda is very clear, Factual history. Not that false stuff we’ve been taught (but you guys don’t want to deal with that.). As far as Dr. Mostafa Hefny , I’ve used him once, when I was dealing with you , But his story is very key to my point. That they are called Caucasian even when they are NOT. Also only the lighter berbers live on the Mediterranean. All the darker berbers have been forces to the Southern parts of the Countries , during colonialism. Just like Europeans have done everywhere.

            Quote(Btw North Africa is a big place and not all the people look the same.)

            Well that’s exactly what I’ve been saying. You have white Berbers, Black Berbers, and a MIXs.

            Quote:(About the Census, if Diddy’s stepson in America is “black” (he looks uber North African), millions of North Africans would be listed as “black”.)

            Well first Andrew, we born Americans lists ourselves now, so it’s our choice. So it what Qunicy family see themselves as (black). Also if you’ve pay attention, you would know that many North Africans actually do want to be list as black( despite being told they can’t) Again Dr. Mostafa Hefny story . Also because of MENA campaign you would see most don’t want to be called white or Caucasian.

          • fuzzybear44 says:


            I also know North and SSA to , That how I first learned some of the stuff I do know (talking with them everyday), So I know also. Also that what mixing does to populations, it changes them . So you’ll have light, dark, and everything

          • andrew says:

            “Also only the lighter berbers live on the Mediterranean”.

            You don’t get that all North Africans live on the Mediterranean coast (also Atlantic for Morocco) or in the Nile Valley in Egypt. The inland is all desert. That’s where those black nomads live, and they’re not even the 1% of North Africans. About that Egyptian man, it’s probably a Nubian and he’s more SSA-admixed than average Egyptian, I personally know a lot Moroccans and they don’t look like him. He does not look distinctly “MENA”.

          • fuzzybear44 says:


            Don’t you understand what you just wrote. You just stated that at least 1% of the North Africans live inland,( the Desert). Last time I checked , those countries were huge, and the desert is not the coast. Now as far as (Dr. Mostafa Hefny ), it doesn’t matter if he’s Egyptian or Nubian or whatever. The point that you seem to be unable to understand, is that labeled Caucasian whether he wants to or not . He clearly states he’s black.

            Quote(I personally know a lot Moroccans and they don’t look like him. He does not look distinctly “MENA”.)

            Well first he’s not Moroccan, so it doesn’t matter if he looks like one them or not. Second of all The MENA campaign says this, and I want to make sure I quote them right:

            (For many Americans, checking the right box on the U.S. Census form is a reflexive gesture, whether it’s marking “black,” “white,” “Hispanic,” “Asian,” “American Indian” — or all of the above.

            But for Americans of Middle Eastern and North African descent, or “MENA,” it’s a real head-scratcher. They come in a variety of phenotypes and shades—ranging from pale to deepest ebony, and hail from 22 different countries, from Iran to Egypt to Sudan. And yet, for the census, since the beginning of the last century, the MENA community has been lumped into the “white” category.)

            So Andrew, Dr. Mostafa Hefny fits right in the category

        • luckystar says:

          These Bedouin men does have sub saharan genes because they look clearly black, they do not constitute the ethnicity of the people in North africa, because they were never majority.
          North africa always used slave labor of Middle East, like Hebrews…. the population of Hebrews in North Africa was bigger than natives people. They never had contacts with blacks, negroids sub saharan people

          Youre just a black man, so you wanna claim everyone black. Thats is the big diference, i am italian and my 23andme shows 0% sub saharan, but it shows some north african and middle eastern, since YOURE BLACK you prob does have many sub saharan genes.

          • fuzzybear44 says:


            First those Bedouin men weren’t from North Africa, I got them from Saudi Arabia. I also stated that the majority of Middle East probably has Sub or East African genes, so no big surprise.

            (they do not constitute the ethnicity of the people in North africa, because they were never majority.)

            Now if you wish to ignore a country that was as racist as they come. A countries that dealt with the Berbers on a constant bases. Dealt with them face to face. A countries that wrote (LAWS) that clearly said that the Berbers were Negros. Of which here is another of my favorite laws, :

            The Moor Sundry act
            which clearly states, that free citizens of Morocco were not subject to laws governing blacks and slaves. That Subjects of the Emperor of Morocco being Free in this State are not triable by the Law for the better Ordering and Governing of Negroes and other Slaves

            If you want to ignore that, then that is your choice.

            Quote:(They never had contacts with blacks, negroids sub saharan people)

            Ok now you’re just being delusional. Here’s a video documentary stating what color the Almoravids berbers were.12:40 mark:

            Quote:(Youre just a black man, so you wanna claim everyone black.)

            So you’re saying just because I’m black , that I’m incapable of telling the true. That I can’t be intelligent and just maybe know more about this subject than you. That’s interesting. I could say just because you’re white, you’re a racist, but what would be the point . Also saying someone has a black ancestor, is not calling them or turning them black . Now talking about being untruthful , that’s funny coming from you, seeing how you just told a lie, You said you had no SSA ancestry, yet here you said :

            (luckystar (Eva Longoria site page)
            November 9, 2015 at 4:42 am
            OK, I’m from Uruguay and all my great grandparents came from Italy I’ve done DNA testing and have small Arab genes and consequently, 0.3% sub Saharan appeared, so I’m afro Uruguayan?

            Also yes I have SSA genes, I also European and NAtive gene. However so what, doesn’t mean I’m not telling truth

          • fuzzybear44 says:


            Yes, North Africans are very racist, I never said they weren’t.
            Racism is taught, and when you’re raised to think you’re better than someone else , that’s how you act. When people are miserable , they need someone to hate. People are easily manipulated, and they follow the leader. Most of the time, they don’t even know why they’re hating someone else. However no matter how racist the place is , doesn’t change the history

          • fuzzybear44 says:

            correction- Kept writing (countries) , and not just (country)

          • luckystar says:


            ” 0.3% sub Saharan” Irrelevant enough, i almost forget.
            Ah thank you for making that point: I am an Italian with 0.3% sub saharan, ariana grande is an italian with 0.0% sub saharan, italians are individuals people, just remember.
            Italian is knowing for being ” part ” arab, not black. North africans are racist because they are not black, or maybe sub saharan people are self hating, i dont know.

          • fuzzybear44 says:


            (” 0.3% sub Saharan” Irrelevant enough, i almost forget.)

            Oh please stop it, you purposely left it out. The only thing you did forget, is that you told me about it.

            Quote( I am an Italian with 0.3% sub saharan, ariana grande is an italian with 0.0% sub saharan, italians are individuals people, just remember.)

            Everyone is an individual , you’re not giving any profound information here

            Quote:(Italian is knowing for being ” part ” arab, not black)

            That’s crap, most people probably assume Italians are part black. That’s you guys that like to stick to that arab story. Anyway you’re part SSA , so there are some Italians that are part black ( at least in your family)

            Quote( North africans are racist because they are not black, or maybe sub saharan people are self hating, i dont know.)

            The one thing I do agree with about what you stated here ,is that there is a lot of things you don’t seem to know

            You’re also part SSA, so I guess you’re self-hating to

          • andrew says:

            @ fuzzybear

            the man stated to be from Uruguay, who knows if he’s really Italian. The are tons of Uruguayans with Italian last names, who don’t look Italian at all.

            example (Edinson Cavani):

          • luckystar says:

            0.3% sub saharan = part black?
            all of my family are white, im blonde, my father is blonde, my mother is blonde, my grandparents are blonde
            the black genes came from 827(learn arab history of sicilia), no 1500, 1960…
            some arabs came to italia with less than 10% sub saharan genes
            then it shows in some italians, but the majority are only “part’ north african, not sub saharan.


            Uruguay is a white country, there are less than 8% mestizos here, all of my family came from italy and its documented. Ive done a dna test when i wasnt in my country, and my 23andme results shows 0.0% native american(indigenous). Uruguay’s indigenous population was decimated completely since 1832.

          • luckystar says:

            My grandparents came with their parents in (30s) from sicilia and veneto.

          • fuzzybear44 says:

            @ Andrew

            (example (Edinson Cavani):

            He looks like Rafael Nadal meaner brother

          • fuzzybear44 says:

            @ Luck

            (0.3% sub saharan = part black?

            Did it show up in your DNA results(YES it did). Then that means it part of you , no matter how Irrelevant you may think it is.

            (all of my family are white, im blonde, my father is blonde, my mother is blonde, my grandparents are blonde)

            So what, blond hair is just a family trait of yours. At least one grandparent gave you that SSA ancestry, and they have a higher percentage than you do . Blond hair does mean a thing, this girl here has blond hair, and grandfather is black:
            chanel van waeyenberge
            this girl mother is black
            Maya Fahey:

            (the black genes came from 827(learn arab history of sicilia), no 1500, 1960…)

            Do you actually believe your SSA bloodline came in the year 827, which is what 1200 years ago?. You can not be that diluted. With the percentage you are, your ancestor lived about 200 years ago or 9 generations

            (some arabs came to italia with less than 10% sub saharan genes)

            That’s funny, because in your earlier comment you said North Africans arabs had no contact with SSA. However now you say some had 10% SSA blood. You have to make up your mind, which story to stick with.

            (then it shows in some italians, but the majority are only “part’ north african, not sub saharan. )

            How are going to say what other people do or don’t have in their bloodlines. Here’s a chart from one of our fellow bloggers (Check7t) , that goes against what you’re saying:
            Nicholas Turturro site page:
            it shows
            N. Italians
            North Africans
            S. Italians
            All have some percentage of SSA and East African DNA

          • luckystar says:

            North Africans had no contacts with blacks in Africa. But the Middle Easterners who settled north of Africa had many black slaves. These blondes people are not pure black daughters, and maybe their parents arent even ” black”, based on your racial census, which is ridiculous, I could guess. Arabs invaded italy centuries ago, is not present. Genes do not disappear, and Arabs are individual. Some Italians does have Asians ancestors as Middle Easterners had contacts with this racial group, it shows in many 23andme of Italians. Most people in Italy doesnt have any sub saharan genes.!

          • fuzzybear44 says:


            Ok, the only I’m indulging in this conversation with you , because I need the distraction. I just hope you’re purposely being willfully ignorant.

            (North Africans had no contacts with blacks in Africa. But the Middle Easterners who settled north of Africa had many black slaves. )

            This makes no sense at all. The middle easterners who settled there, would now be North Africans. However you say That North Africans had no dealings with SSA’s?
            Have you every heard of the paid mercenaries called
            ( The Black Guard):
            or what about the 12th century cultural center of knowledge (Timbuktu) in West Africa:

            Here’s a picture of Algerians signing into Ellis Island. Notice what some of them are:

            Here’s a article about Black Tunisians, who make it clear they are not descendants of slaves :

            (it shows in many 23andme of Italians. Most people in Italy doesnt have any sub saharan genes.!)

            You can’t even understand the information on the chart you put up. Almost everyone’s DNA result show SSA ancestry ,are you blind

          • luckystar says:

            Italians have never had significant contact with blacks, but had with North Africans and Middle Easterners. Middle East’s people led sub Saharan genes to italy and even to the North of Africa. Also irrelevant, since most Italians who did 23andme do not indicate anything SSA. Nothern italians are 100% european.

          • luckystar says:

            Soldiers, isolated cases … I die with the crap you show me to try to prove the relevance of blacks in ancient society.
            And Im gonna tell you again: Blacks have never been and will never be majority in North Africa, and also will never be the ethnicity of the country. North Africans have always used slave labor, of Middle East. The population of Hebrews in North Africa was greater than native people.
            Because were neolithic peoples who settled in North Africa, and for centuries, there were not periods of migration.
            Ah, and Ariana is 100% caucasian race
            Italian and a bit Arab.

          • fuzzybear44 says:

            @ LS

            Oh please, LMFAO. The only thing Neolithic about you , is your intelligent(very primitive). Your math skills are bad, and you can’t comprehend what you read. I have given Laws by the people who saw them (Face to Face),that shows the people of North Africa were Majority black in the past. I have given a Documentary showing that black Berbers ruled Spain and North Africa. I Have proven North Africa Berbers had much contact with SSA (when you said they didn’t).The DNA evidence you yourself plus(Check 7t) put up, shows that Italians have recent SSA ancestry within the last 9 generations. I have proven that black people were in Italy , when you said they weren’t. You have proven NOTHING!!!!. Now you want to do racial insults. Well this only confirms that you’re a sad little racist, that I want nothing to do with. So Say what you want, I want waste my time looking at it.

      • luckystar says:

        Stop trying to make black happen it’s not going to happen.

    • luckystar says:


      Mariah carey can also have a blonde child, because she is black as arabs are.

    • luckystar says:

      The funny thing is: Only Italians with arabs genes can have a little sub saharan in them
      and in those minority, the arabs genes is always higher than sub saharan
      and north italians have none of both lol
      but you say that is something about 200 years ago
      where is the sense? Semites were banned from sicilia long time years ago, thanks Clemente V

      • fuzzybear44 says:

        @ luck

        (The funny thing is: Only Italians with arabs genes can have a little sub saharan in them)

        Well bases on the chart that (Check7t) and you put up, that must be every Italian. Because both chart show Italians with SSA DNA.

        (but you say that is something about 200 years ago
        where is the sense?)

        You can’t understand English, or else you just can’t read. I said (YOUR) last black family member was probably 200 years ago or 9 generations. However looking at your 23&me chart, the people on that page ancestry seems to go back that far to.

        Also black people never stayed out of Italy. African Americans have gone there since the 1800’s. Heck Leone Jacovacci who was half Italian was a middleweight boxer in the 20’s. Michele Amatore who was born Muslim (1826?-1883) was a well respected Italian citizen :

        • luckystar says:


          I dont care about italians having less than 3% of SSA DNA
          the fact is, they are minority. Italians with SSA DNA also have north african in a highter percent than SSA, and most italians are like Ariana grande: Only Italian and North african(ARABS).
          Blacks have never been an epidemic or virus in italy, and North Africans and Middle Easterners were kicked out from sicilia for thousands of years. Thank you thanks Clemente V, #Italiahistory.
          Middle East Arabs had contacts with blacks, Asians… And some procreated with southern Italians, thousands of years ago.

          • luckystar says:

            Middle Eastern people colonized northern Africa, and then north Africans invaded southern Europe.

    • luckystar says:

      Sub saharan people doest even had great civilizations.

  3. Greyface says:

    this man follers is making me anxious! I am Italian and he scares me so

  4. follers says:

    Why is she still on every page? She’s Italian, we get it.

  5. follers says:

    I am tired of seeing her and Leonardo’s faces on the top right (and Amber Rose, who isn’t famous). Ariana and Leonardo would make a good couple, though.

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