Amelia Presley

Birth Name: Amelia Anne Presley

Place of Birth: Mobile, Alabama, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 19, 1989

Ethnicity: English, along with 1/8th Finnish, German, Irish, and Scottish

Amelia Presley is an American singer, songwriter, and musician.

Her great-uncle was Sam Davis Presley, a WWII hero after whom USS Presley (DE-371) is named.

She is married to Austin Evans, with whom she has a daughter.

Amelia’s paternal grandfather was Willie Lynn Presley (the son of Willie Lynn Presley and Annie/Ann Katherine Cooper). Amelia’s grandfather Willie was born in Carthage, Mississippi. Amelia’s great-grandfather Willie was the son of Oscar Linn/Lynn Presley and Florence Birdie Waggoner. Annie was the daughter of Albert James Cooper and Essie Lorene Ganann.

Amelia’s paternal grandmother was Anna Ruth Marthaler (the daughter of Otis Charles Marthaler and Fannie/Fanny Elizabeth Thompson). Otis was the son of John J. Marthaler, whose parents were German, and of Harriet/Hattie A. Graydon, whose parents were Canadian, and were of Irish descent. Fannie was the daughter of Finnish parents, Andrew/Antti Thompson/Kantola and Hilma Kaisa Juhontytär Rasinaho/Haaro.

Amelia’s maternal grandfather was named Donald Brian.

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  1. I’m not sure where this information is coming from but some of the grandparent and great grandparent names are wrong. Haha! I got an alert from google letting me know my name was used. Interesting site! I’d love to help you correct some info if you’d like.

    • I think I see what happened. You must have gotten info from my uncle on family search instead of my grandfather. Same name. :)

      • madman says:

        I got the names from the links in the sources. Which grand- and great-grandparents are wrong? I was unsure at first on if I got the right people but when I noticed that Anna Marthaler’s mother was born in Michigan to Finnish parents and moved to Alabama, and also that her own parents matched the ones mentioned in your Wikipedia page, I thought it had to be correct.

        Do you mean that the man listed as your paternal grandfather is your uncle? Because you’re listed as his grandchild in his obituary. I’m kind of confused right now. Or are you talking about your maternal side? If there are any errors, feel free to correct them, it’s highly appreciated!

        • The maternal information is wrong. It’s the lineage of my uncle’s wife instead of my mother. My maternal grandfather was Donald Brian. My mother’s name is Theresa Dawn Brian. A lot of Ancestry sites are confused so you did a great job trying to track it all down! Haha! I hope this helps!

  2. madman says:

    She has said that her grandfather was a sixth cousin of Elvis Presley. I couldn’t confirm it.

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