Giorgia Meloni

Place of Birth: Rome, Lazio, Italy

Date of Birth: 15 January, 1977

Ethnicity: Italian – Lombard, Sicilian, Sardinian

Giorgia Meloni is an Italian journalist and politician. She has been Prime Minister of Italy, since 22 October, 2022. She is the country’s first female Prime Minister. She has also been President of Fratelli d’Italia (“Brothers of Italy”), a right-wing party, which she co-founded, since 8 March, 2014; and President of the European Conservatives and Reformists Party, since 29 September, 2020. She previously served as Minister of Youth in Silvio Berlusconi’s fourth government, from 8 May, 2008 to 16 November, 2011. She was a member of the Youth Front, a wing of the Italian Social Movement (MSI), and a national leader of Student Action, the student movement of the National Alliance (AN), initially a post-fascist party. Her views have been described as far-right.

Giorgia is the daughter of Anna Paratore, a novelist, and Francesco Meloni, a tax advisor. Her father moved to the Canary Islands soon after she was born, where he managed a restaurant. She was raised in Rome’s Garbatella district. Giorgia has a daughter with her former partner Andrea Giambruno.

Giorgia’s paternal grandfather was radio director Nino Meloni. Nino was from Oristano, Sardinia.

Giorgia’s paternal grandmother was actress and voice actress Zoe Incrocci. Zoe was born in Brescia, Lombard. Her sister was screenwriter Agenore Incrocci, “Age,” who was one of the founders of the commedia all’italiana.

Giorgia’s maternal grandfather was Sicilian, from Messina.

Giorgia’s maternal grandmother was named Maria.

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  1. Vail Calvin says:

    According to 23andMe and other sources (I will list them later), Italians and Sardinians are considered separate ethnicities. Lombard people and Sicilians are listed as Italian.

    Giorgia Meloni’s Ethnicity should say;

    75% Italian [Lombard, Sicilian]
    25% Sardinian

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