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Birth Name: Troy O’Donovan Hayden

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: July 7, 1973

*father – Irish
*mother – Dutch, English, Scottish, French-Canadian, around 1/64th Italian, smalls amount of German and Belgian [Flemish], remote Norwegian and Cornish

Troy Garity is an American actor. He is the son of political activist Tom Hayden and actress Jane Fonda (Lady Jayne Seymour Fonda), a grandson of actor Henry Fonda, a nephew of actor Peter Fonda (Peter Henry Fonda), and a cousin of actress Bridget Fonda. Troy is married to actress Simone Bent.

Troy’s father was of Irish descent. Troy’s mother’s roots include Dutch, English, Scottish, French-Canadian, around 1/64th Italian, small amounts of German and Belgian [Flemish], and remote Norwegian and Cornish.

The Fonda surname is said to originate with an Italian man who moved to the Netherlands in the 1400s or 1500s. It is not clear if this has been genealogically verified. One of Troy’s last traceable patrilineal ancestors, Jacob Harmense Fonda, was born in the Netherlands, c. 1515. However, one of Troy’s maternal grandmother’s great-great-great-grandfathers, Giovanni Gualdo, was Italian, from Vicenza, Veneto, making Troy of around 1/128th Italian ancestry.

Troy’s paternal grandfather was John Francis Hayden (the son of Thomas Francis Hayden and Mary Agnes Ducey). John was born in Wisconsin. Thomas was the son of Thomas Emmet Hayden and Alice Foley.

Troy’s paternal grandmother was Genevieve Isabelle Garity (the daughter of Emmet Owin Garity and Ethel Mary Olwell). Genevieve was born in Wisconsin. Emmet was the son of John Garrity and Ann Clinton.

Troy’s paternal grandfather was Henry Jaynes Fonda (the son of William Brace Fonda and Herberta Elma Jaynes). Henry was born in Grand Island, Hall, Nebraska. William was the son of Ten Eyck/TenEyck Hilton Fonda and Harriet/Harriett/Harrite/Hattie/Hettie McNeil/McNeill. Herberta was born in Hudson, St. Croix, Wisconsin, the daughter of Henry Silas Jaynes and Elma/Eleanor L. Lanphear/Lamphear/Lampher/Lanphere.

Troy’s paternal grandmother was Frances Ford Seymour (the daughter of Eugene Ford Seymour and Sophie Mildred Bower). Frances was born in Brockville, Leeds, Ontario, Canada. Eugene was born in New York, New York, the son of George DeVillers Seymour and Frances Gabriella Ford. Sophie was born in Kemptville, Ontario, Canada, the daughter of Harvey Bower and Frances Marcella C. Capel.

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  1. Smellybert says:

    Looks like a darker example of an Ashkenazi Jew, or a typical south Italian.
    Massive numbers of Swarthy Irish like him exist, but the mythology of red hair and blue eyes in Ireland persists in the ignorant imaginations of American idiots.

    In reality a massive number of Irish are of the southern European phenotype commonly found in south Italy and Greece.
    So are a huge number of Scottish and, Cornish and Welsh..

  2. Check7t says:

    Looks Italian.

    • follers says:

      Well, his physical appearance definitely has nothing to do with the fact that he’s of 1/128th Italian descent.

      Especially considering it’s on his mother’s side.

      He looks more like his father, who resembles Adam Sandler.

    • Smellybert says:

      So do millions of fully Irish people.
      As well as millions of Cornish, Scottish and Welsh.
      Not sure why people ignore the massive number of native Mediterranean phenotype in the British Isles?

      Is it some kind of mental disorder that mainly Americans have where they think everyone in northern Europe is a Nordic god, and south Europe is like the middle east?

      • andrew says:

        Man, you have not reinvented the wheel.

        There are several anthopological studies that denote the Mediterranean influence in British Isles.

        Example: “Irishman of Mediterranean type” – Augustus Henry Keane’s Man, Past and Present (1899).

        Big deal

        • Smellybert says:

          I have so reinvented the wheel.
          No backsies, Andy!

          In early 20th century America Irish were depicted as monkeys in comic art from the UK and USA.

          The concept of Irish being white people and fully accepted is from a later period.
          99.999% of Irish in 2024 forget their non white minority roots and being bullied, segregated and denied jobs.
          But Smellybert is here to remind them when they get smug and uppity.

        • Smellybert says:

          Couldn’t reply to your post directly, so I will copy and paste it and totally make you look like a fool.
          Which is an easy task.
          shame on you Andrew.

          Your bull—- reply:
          “Do you actually believe Ashkenazi Jews look like South Europeans. I don’t. It seems that you forget to cite Spaniards and Portuguese in your dissertations, like you have swallowed the red pill thrown by a notorius charlatan still active on social platform thesa days after a decade of misinformation.’

          No clown, my post said:

          “Southern Europeans in Greco-roman Europe have very much the same blend ethnic admixture as Ashkenazim.”

          And yes Ashkenazim look very, very much like south Italians and Greeks of southern Europe, and are mistaken for them constantly.
          I never mentioned Spain or Portugal, I said on autosomal PCA Ashkenazim have massive overlap with south Italians and related Greeks.
          Which is an indisputable scientific fact.
          You’re a lowlife for purposefully mangling my straightforward post with spin and lies.
          I will re-post my entire post below so all can see what a —- poor poster and liar you’re:


          Southern Europeans in Greco-roman Europe have very much the same blend ethnic admixture as Ashkenazim.
          On autosomal PCA Ashkenazim are dead on top of South Italians and Greeks of the mainland peloponnese and especially close to Greeks on Crete.”

        • Smellybert says:

          You suck Andrew, worst poster on here.
          Dumb as dirt and ——-.
          Why don’t you go FOAD, troll someone else you miscreant.

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