Bridget Fonda

Birth Name: Bridget Jane Fonda

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: January 27, 1964

Ethnicity: Dutch, English, Scottish, French-Canadian, Irish, around 1/128h Italian, smalls amount of German and Belgian [Flemish], remote Norwegian and Cornish

Bridget Fonda is an American actress. She is the daughter of actor Peter Fonda (Peter Henry Fonda) and Susan Brewer, and the granddaughter of actor Henry Fonda. Her aunt (father’s sister) is actress Jane Fonda (Lady Jayne Seymour Fonda) and her cousin is actor Troy Garity. Bridget is married to composer and musician Danny Elfman, with whom she has a son.

Her father was of Dutch, English, Scottish, French-Canadian, around 1/64th Italian, small amounts of German and Belgian [Flemish], and remote Norwegian and Cornish, descent. Her mother had German, English, Dutch, French-Canadian, and Irish ancestry.

The Fonda surname is said to originate with an Italian man who moved to the Netherlands in the 1400s or 1500s. It is not clear if this has been genealogically verified. One of Bridget’s last traceable patrilineal ancestors, Jacob Harmense Fonda, was born in the Netherlands, c. 1515. However, one of Bridget’s paternal grandmother’s great-great-great-grandfathers, Giovanni Gualdo, was Italian, from Vicenza, Veneto, making Bridget of around 1/128th Italian ancestry.

Bridget’s paternal grandfather was Henry Jaynes Fonda (the son of William Brace Fonda and Herberta Elma Jaynes). Henry was born in Grand Island, Hall, Nebraska. William was the son of Ten Eyck/TenEyck Hilton Fonda and Harriet/Harriett/Harrite/Hattie/Hettie McNeil/McNeill. Herberta was born in Hudson, St. Croix, Wisconsin, the daughter of Henry Silas Jaynes and Elma/Eleanor L. Lanphear/Lamphear/Lampher/Lanphere.

Bridget’s paternal grandmother was Frances Ford Seymour (the daughter of Eugene Ford Seymour and Sophie Mildred Bower). Frances was born in Brockville, Leeds, Ontario, Canada. Eugene was born in New York, New York, the son of George DeVillers Seymour and Frances Gabriella Ford. Sophie was born in Kemptville, Ontario, Canada, the daughter of Harvey Bower and Frances Marcella C. Capel.

Bridget’s maternal grandfather was Chauncey Marble Brewer (the son of Chauncey M. Brewer and Anna E. Gauslin). Bridget’s grandfather Chauncey was born in Berkeley, Alameda, California. Bridget’s great-grandfather Chauncey was born in Michigan, and was President of the California Oregon Power Company. He was the son of Charles Dickey Brewer and Anna Mary/May DeWolfe/DeWolf. Bridget’s great-grandmother Anna was born in Washington, the daughter of Joseph D. Gauslin, whose father was French-Canadian, and of Anna E. Pfligernstofer/Pfligerstofer.

Bridget’s maternal grandmother was Mary Alice Sweet (the daughter of Thomas Ralph Sweet and Ruth B. Patterson). Mary Alice was born in Oakland, Alameda, California. Thomas was born in Sully County, South Dakota, the son of Carl D. Sweet and Mary Cecelia Hartnett. Ruth was born in Oregon, the daughter of Alexander M. Patterson, who was born in Dublin, Ireland, and of Mabel J. Smith.

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  1. Smellybert says:

    She looks part Ashkenazi.
    That must be from her Italian ancestry.

  2. jonasbsjr says:

    a pic update would be good, she is waaaaay different now

  3. Mr. Postman says:

    If her father is 1/64 Italian, isn’t she 1/128 Italian. Also, it states her mother has Irish ancestry but it’s not listed in her ethnicity.

  4. MettaWorkPlease says:

    She was gorgeous in the 90’s. Thought she’d have a Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock like career & bag an Oscar around the way, but she just disappeared

  5. andrew says:

    add a link to her father

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