Shannon Lucio

Birth Name: Shannon Marie Lucio

Place of Birth: Denver, Colorado, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 25, 1980

Ethnicity: Mexican, other

Shannon Lucio is an American actress.

Shannon is the daughter of Juanita Oliver and David Lucio. She was raised in San Antonio, Texas. Shannon is married to actor Charlie Hofheimer, with whom she has one child.

Shannon’s paternal grandfather was Michael Garcia “Miguel” Lucio (the son of Pedro Lucio and Guadalupe Sanchez). Michael was born in Texas. Pedro was born in Mexico. Guadalupe was born in Texas, the daughter of Esteban C. Sanchez, who was born in Texas, and of Daria Lopez, who was Mexican.

Shannon’s paternal grandmother was named Dorothy Edna.

Source: Obituary of Shannon’s maternal grandfather, Michael G. Lucio –

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