Birth Names:
-Jamie Jeffery David Harry Sierota
-Noah Jeffery David Joseph Sierota
-Sydney Grace Ann Sierota
-Graham Jeffery David Sierota

Places of Birth:
-Los Angeles, California, United States (Jamie)
-publicly unknown (Noah, Sydney, and Graham)

Dates of Birth:
-April 8, 1993 (Jamie)
-January 1, 1996 (Noah)
-April 21, 1997 (Sydney)
-February 5, 1999 (Graham)

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish, possibly other

Echosmith is an American rock and pop band. They formed in February 2009 in Toluca Lake, Los Angeles, California. The band is composed of four siblings: Jamie (lead guitar and backing vocals), Noah (bass guitar and backing vocals), Sydney (lead vocals and keyboards), and Graham (drums) Sierota. They are the children of Linda Beth (Hassey) and Jeffery David Sierota.

Echosmith were raised celebrating Jewish holidays. Their father is of Jewish heritage. Their mother is possibly of non-Jewish background.

Their paternal grandfather is named Harold Sierota.

Their paternal grandmother is named Jan C.

Sources: Birth record of Jamie Sierota –

Marriage record of Echosmith’s parents –

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    Their paternal grandmother is Jan C.

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    Please, use the present day for living persons such as “is/are”. Thank you.

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