Arne Næss

Birth Name: Arne Dekke Eide Næss

Date of Birth: 27 January, 1912

Place of Birth: Slemdal, Oslo, Norway

Date of Death: 12 January, 2009

Place of Death: Oslo, Norway

Ethnicity: Norwegian, distant Danish

Arne Næss was a Norwegian philosopher. He coined the term “deep ecology” and was an important intellectual and inspirational figure within the environmental movement of the late twentieth century.

He was the son of Christine (Dekke) and Ragnar Eide Næss. He was the brother of businessperson Erling Dekke Næss, and was the uncle of mountaineer Arne Næss, Jr. (who was the former husband of singer Diana Ross and the father of actor Evan Ross).

Arne had two children.

Arne’s paternal grandfather was Ludolf Johan Eide Næss (the son of Lars Olai Næss and Elsebe Sofie Fredrikke Eide). Ludolf was born in Hanøy, Hadsel, Nordland. Lars was the son of Hans Olai Næss and Davida Olsdtatter Friis. Elsebe was the daughter of Ludolf Johan Eide and Maren Pernille Schmidt.

Arne’s paternal grandmother was Aminda Caroline Bødker (the daughter of Daniel Reutzer Bødtker and Nicoline Marie Møller). Aminda was born in Mandal, Mandal, Vest-Agder. Daniel was the son of Henning Arnt Schønning Bødtker and Dorothea Reutzer. Nicoline was the daughter of Asmus Jacob Møller and Abigael Caroline Pedersen.

Arne’s maternal grandfather was Ananias Christopher Hansen Dekke (the son of Johan Mungaard Dekke and Christine Marie Hansen). Ananias was born in Bergen, Bergen, Hordaland. Johan was the son of Johan Jacob Dekke/Dikke and Anna Engel Bünemann/Bønneman. Arne’s great-grandmother Christine was the daughter of Ananias Christopher Hansen and Gidsche Johanne Nagel.

Arne’s maternal grandmother was Rebecca/Rebekka Arloug/Arlaug Stoltz (the daughter of Erik Christian Arlaug Stoltz and Anna Cecilia Dorothea Friis). Rebecca was born in Bergen, Bergen, Hordaland. Erik was the son of Daniel Stoltz and Rebekka von der Lippe Arlaug. Anna was the daughter of Søren Hielm Friis and Charlotte Lovise Cammermeyer.

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