Alexander Pushkin

Birth Name: Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin

Date of Birth: 6 June, 1799

Place of Birth: Moscow, Russian Empire

Date of Death: 10 February, 1837

Place of Death: St Petersburg, Russian Empire

*75% Russian
*12.5% Cameroonian African
*6.25% German
*6.25% mix of German, Norwegian, and Danish

Alexander Pushkin was a Russian poet, playwright, and novelist. Active in the Romantic era, he is considered by many to be the greatest Russian poet, and the founder of modern Russian literature.

He was the son of Sergei Lvovich Pushkin and Nadezhda Osipovna Gannibal. His father was of Russian descent. His mother was of one half Russian, one quarter Cameroonian African, and one quarter Swedish and German, ancestry (with possible Danish and Norwegian roots through the Swedish/German side).

Alexander’s paternal grandparents were Lev Alexandrovich Pushkin (the son of Alexander Petrovich Pushkin and Avdotia Ivanovna Golovina) and Olga Vassilievna Chicherina (the daughter of Vasiliy Ivanovich Chicherin and Lukerya Vassilievna Priklonskaya). Alexander’s father’s family was from the Russian nobility, and traced its ancestry back to the 12th century.

Alexander’s maternal grandfather was Osip Abramovich Gannibal (the son of Abram Petrovich Gannibal and Christina/Christiana Regina von Sheberg/Sjöberg/Sioberg). Alexander’s great-grandfather Abram was an African from the territory of modern Cameroon (previously thought to be Ethiopia), who was brought to Russia, where he became a nobleman, military engineer, and general. Alexander’s great-grandmother Christina was the daughter of Matthias/Mathias Johann/Johan Gustafsson Sjoburg/Siöberg and Christina Elisabet/Elizabeth von Albedyll/D’Albedylle, and had Norwegian and Danish ancestry.

Alexander’s maternal grandmother was Maria Alekseevna/Alekseyevna Pushkina (the daughter of Aleksey Fedorovich Pushkin and Sarra Yuryevna/Georgievna Rzhevskaya). Maria was Russian, and was descended from the Russian nobility.

Sources: Genealogy of Alexander Pushkin –

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