Behati Prinsloo

Behati Prinsloo  at the 'Pink Body' by Victoria's Secret Launch.

Prinsloo in 2009, photo by s_bukley/

Place of Birth: Grootfontein, South-West Africa (now Namibia)

Date of Birth: May 16, 1989

Ethnicity: Afrikaner (Dutch, Frisian, as well as French and German, distant Latvian, Finnish, and Kenyan, remote Portuguese, Norwegian, Belgian [both Flemish and Walloon], Swiss-French, Swiss-German, Danish, Swedish, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Malagasy, and other African [including Angolan])

Behati Prinsloo is a Namibian model. Her father, Louis Francois “Boet” Prinsloo, a Christian minister, was born in South-West Africa (now Namibia). Her mother, Magda (Rossouw), was born in Cape Town. Her surname is Dutch. She is from an Afrikaner family.

Behati is married to American singer, television personality, and actor Adam Levine, with whom she has two children.

Behati is a second cousin, three times removed, of prominent Afrikaner, Colonel Hendrik Prinsloo. She is also a half-third cousin, once removed, of South African president F. W. de Klerk. Behati’s paternal great-great-great-grandmother, Anna Sophia Erasmus, was also F. W.’s maternal great-great-grandmother.

Behati’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to her tenth great-grandfather, Hendrik Prinsloo.

Behati’s paternal grandfather was Louis Francois Prinsloo (the son of Georg Diederick Prinsloo and Cornelia Maria Pretorius). Louis was born in Angola. Georg was the son of Michiel Wilhelm “Giel Prem” Prinsloo and Martha Catharina Jacoba du Preez. Cornelia was the daughter of Louis Frans Pretorius and Martha Sophia van Dyk.

Behati’s paternal grandmother was Isabella Jacoba van Tonder (the daughter of Jacobus Coenraad van Tonder and Isabella Jacoba Mostert). Behati’s great-grandmother Jacoba was the daughter of Johannes Hendrik Mostert and Isabella Jacoba Smit.

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  1. AutisticApe says:

    Afrikaners are perfect examples of European mutts

  2. Manila says:

    Behati’s great-grandmother Jacoba was the daughter of Johannes Hendrik Mostert and Isabella Jacoba Smit.

    Add Frisian as part of her Afrikaner ethnicity, and distant Finnish and Kenyan, which are away from her Afrikaner ethnicity.

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