Nick Swardson

Swardson in 2007, photo by PR Photos

Birth Name: Nicholas Roger Swardson

Place of Birth: Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States

Date of Birth: October 9, 1976

*50% Swedish
*25% Scottish
*12.5% Norwegian
*12.5% German

Nick Swardson is an American actor, stand-up comedian, screenwriter, and producer. He is known for co-starring in many Adam Sandler and/or Happy Madison films.

Nick is the son of Pamela and Roger Swardson. His father was am editor and journalist, who also founded the Grand Gazette, a Saint Paul community newspaper. His father was of half Swedish and half Scottish descent. Nick’s mother is of one half Swedish, one quarter Norwegian, and one quarter German, ancestry.

Nick’s paternal grandfather was Harold R. Swardson (the son of Charles Erick/Erick Swardson and Ida Marie Lundberg). Harold was born in Illinois. Charles was Swedish, the son of Erick Swardson and Charlotte. Ida was born in Illinois, to Swedish parents, John M. Lundberg and Christine Ellison.

Nick’s paternal grandmother was Lillias Elizabeth Young (the daughter of Hugh Gold Young and Lillias Walker). Nick’s grandmother Lillias was born in Illinois, to Scottish parents. Hugh was born in Airdrie, Lanark, the son of George Grieve Young and Anne Gartshore Gold. Nick’s great-grandmother Lillias was born in Den, Dalry, Ayrshire, the daughter of Robert Walker and Lillias Kilpatrick.

Nick’s maternal grandfather was Carleton Edwin Mills (born Carleton Edwin Mills, the son of Carleton/Carl Edwin Nordale and Jessie/Jesse Elida Hover/Hoover). Nick’s grandfather Carleton was born in Chicago, Cook, Illinois. Nick’s great-grandfather Carleton was born in Minnesota, to Swedish parents, Håkan Henry Olsson/Olson Nordale/Nordel, from Blekinge, and Johanna Mathilda Bengtsdotter, from Kronoberg. Jessie was born in Minnesota, to Swedish parents, John Gustaf Hover and Carrie Anderson.

Nick’s maternal grandmother was Marion Edith Opstad (the daughter of Oscar Jerome Opstad and Edith Louise Schlaak). Marion was born in Minnesota, as were her parents. Oscar’s parents, Kristoffer Olson Opstad and Hulda Kjellrud, were Norwegian. Edith’s parents, David Eduard/Edward Schlaak and Johanna M. Hiller, were German.

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